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Reception Roundup

Please click on the link below to read all about what the Reception classes have been learning this week. 

Reception Round Up - 13 May 2022 

Mrs Pullen and Mrs Emery
Reception Class Teachers
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Year 1 Create Teddy Assault Course

Year 1s created a an assault course for a teddy bear looking at the use of positional vocabulary whilst also developing their 5 Cs:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Cohesion
  • Compromise
  • Co-operation
Mrs McCollin
Head of PE and Games
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Year 1 Mini Brass Taster Sign Up - Reminder

Year 1 enjoyed a Mini Brass taster session last week. It’s always a popular activity and the children had great fun finding out about brass instruments and playing the hose-a-phones!

Mrs Fisher has been running Mini Brass Club for Year 2s for a few years now and it is a great introduction to future musical opportunities in the school. Many of our talented brass players first picked up their instruments in Mini Brass.

To sign your child up for Mini Brass in September, please complete the form below:

Mini Brass

Crescent School

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Class 1SS Chocolate Maths!

Class 1SS spent time revising their doubling skills to 20 by decorating their virtual cookie with real chocolate chips! We recited our doubling and spotted patterns in our answers before being rewarded by enjoying our chocolate chips at the end of the activity.

What makes a good friend?

As part of our PSHE Jigsaw objectives, we were prompted to think about what we look for in a good friend. We drew around Elliott and filled his outline with all our ideas about what makes a good friend. We then competed a sorting game so we could discuss what are good friendship behaviours and those that aren't. 

Mrs Stapleton
CLass 1SS Form Teacher

Class 2W Sun Safe Posters

Children in Class 2W created posters to encourage themselves and others to make safe sun choices.

Mr Webb
Class 2W Form Teacher
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Class 2W DT

As part of Design & Technology, Class 2W have been learning about nutrition. They designed and made pizzas which included ingredients from the different food types and used healthy ingredients such as wholemeal flour for the dough. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their lesson and the use of flour!

Mrs Johnson
Science and DT Teacher
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Class 3Y Record Breakers

In English, 3Y have been studying information texts using the Guinness World Records and The World's Laziest Duck and other records. For the homework, the children attempted records suggested on the GWR Kids website. These included how many socks you could put on one foot in 30 secs and the number of teddies caught whilst blindfolded.

Following on from this, pupils decided on some of their own records to break. We took to the field and attempted records such as; most skips in 1 minute, number of push ups in 30 seconds and most football penalties scored in 1 minute. The children will now be writing recounts of their record-breaking experiences.  

As you can see from the photographs, much fun was had by all.

Mrs Yates
Class 3Y Form Teacher
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