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Using Technology To Get Outside – Geocaching!

If you have never heard of geocaching, it is essentially a massive outdoor treasure hunt, using GPS and a smart device to locate thousands of hidden ‘caches’ or boxes all over the world! It has been around for a little while now, but it has never been more popular.

Technology often gets a bad reputation for putting a stop to children playing and exploring outdoors, but this is certainly a great way to combine both, along with some other fantastic educational and developmental benefits.

To get started all you need is a GPS enabled phone and the (free) Geocaching app. From there it's just a case of scanning your local area for caches, then setting off on a treasure hunt! The caches themselves vary from large boxes, to tiny film canisters and even fake rocks with hidden compartments. Often the caches contain a small trinket to take away and most have log books to sign to record your find. If this all sounds like fun, please have a read of some of the websites linked here for a handy starters guide!

A great guide to geocaching with small children -
Top tips for getting started -
The official geocaching website -
The official geocaching app -

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Mr Adkins
Head of Digital Learning