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Wonders Of The World Culture Day

The Wonders of the World celebrations have made for a colourful and informative last day of the half term, and it has provided a really positive way for staff and children to share and develop their appreciation of cultural diversity, both at home and in the wider world.

The event tied in with our annual fund raising for the Bwengu project in Malawi that also allowed the children to empathise with their peers living in another part of the world.

There were many superb costumes, a few of which you can see in the Gallery.

Joe Thackway
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Reception Roundup

Please click on the link below to read all about what the Reception Classes have been learning this week.  Please scroll through the gallery of photos attached to this article.

Reception Round Up - 28 May 2021

Mrs Pullen and Mrs Emery
Reception Class Teachers
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Class 1S Water Fun

Year 1 have been learning about measures this week and part of this was a problem solving activity with water! The children were estimating how many cups of water would fill the buckets and then raced against each other to complete the task.

We had so much fun whilst learning what capacity is and it really helped our learning come to life!

Mrs Stapleton
Class 1S Form Teacher
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Class 1S DT

Class 1S have been learning about linear movements. They have designed and made a creature of their choice to show their understanding. Some chose to adapt them and make them into masks too.

Mrs Byrne
Head of Science and DT

It Was Off To Knight School For Year 1 And Year 2

It was off to Knight school for Year 1 and Year 2 yesterday, with Warwick Castle’s very own Sir Jay. Sir Jay is more used to keeping invaders out of the castle but needs must in COVID times and he is getting a dab hand at virtual Middle Ages Teams lessons.

The children were captivated and entranced as Sir Jay took them through their Knight history lesson and he was surprised and impressed with their knowledge of castles, knights, armour and their weapons. Together they debated the advantages of Motte-and-Bailey castles over Stone Keep castles, then considered the pros and cons of Norman, Crusade, Great Helm and Sallet helmets and finally they investigated the serious business of wicked weapons.

It was fascinating to find out that to be a knight you had to be really, really rich, that knights were great big show offs and that young knights began their training at just six-years-old. The children agreed that the Great Sword was, well, really great and that a Bodkin arrow was really dangerous.

It was a fantastic session and we are really grateful to gallant Sir Jay for joining us!

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Class 4M Explore Life As An Evacuee

Year 4 are studying WW2 in History and on Tuesday the children attended school as evacuees. The class took part in a range of activities including listening to war time music, baking carrot cookies from a ration recipe and planning items to pack in their suitcase.

Esme brought in a book which featured her great-grandma's story of evacuation from Coventry to Warmingham, and this really brought this time in history to life for the class.

They had lots of fun and the children looked just amazing – a huge thank you to the parents for your support!

Mrs Yates
Class 4M History Teacher
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Class 4M Soma Cube Challenge

This week the children are studying measurement in Maths, and they attempted the ‘Soma Cube’ challenge. They created specified 3-D shapes using 2-D representations using connectable cubes and then combined these to create other 3-D shapes.  

They enjoyed using their mathematical reasoning to explore their ideas and improve using trial and error methods. Some pictures are attached here. Well done, Class 4M! 

Mrs Monteith
Class 4M Form Tutor
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Class 5F Geometry

Class 5F have enjoyed applying their geometry skills this week in completing the topic by planning, drawing and constructing a 2D net to make a 3D shape. We had some beautifully accurate angles and edges making me think we have some budding designers, engineers and architects in our class!

Ms Forth 
Class 5F Form Teacher
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Year 6 Emmie And Hattie's Football Success

Emme and Hattie’s football team (Rugby Borough Under 12s) finished second in the league last weekend, narrowly missing out on the top spot. 

Final positions were decided in the last game of the season when the team lost 1-0 to the league leaders sadly.

What an amazing result for their first year as a team in the league!

Thanks to Mrs Edge for sending this in for the Courier.

And a huge well done girls!

Crescent School



Our School Council Meeting With Chef Stephen

It was good to gather our School Council together again this week, and we had some important business. The councillors had brought some ideas from their classes about how to be safe and sensible in our washroom areas, and together we drew up some guidelines.

Then we welcomed our catering manager, Mr Moore, to the meeting, where he was keen to hear feedback on school lunches. The children discussed their favourite dishes with him and told him which lunches had been popular. Mr Moore was pleased to hear ideas and suggestions for the future too, and we can look forward to more fantastic food over the coming weeks.

There will be another School Council meeting after half term, where we will be able to discuss Bwengu fundraising so far and talk about plans for the Michaelmas Term 2021.

Mrs Monteith and Mrs Stapleton
School Council Teachers
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