Home Learning

Reception Class French

In Reception this term, we are reading La CLasse à l’ours (We’re Going On A Bear Hunt) and this week, the children learnt to name the characters in the story. They made some lollipop stick puppets (or pencil puppets when they had no lollipop stick!) to practise and play with. 

Mme Tatton
MFL Teacher
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Class 2W Exercise

Children in Year 2 understand the benefits of exercise and fresh air alongside their home learning.  Maya enjoyed a long walk in the cold last weekend.

Mr Webb
Class 2W Form Teacher

Class 4M Have Fun With Humorous Fiction!

Class 4M have kicked off their Home Learning in style with a topic on the fiction of popular author, David Walliams. Using his novel Billionaire Boy as inspiration, the children have thought about an imaginative idea for a school and created a dynamic timetable for it. Ideas include 'Aquatic School', 'Sport School' and 'Phenomenally Fun School'.  Some of their super work can be seen here.

Well done, 4M!

Mrs Monteith
Class 4M Form Teacher
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Class 6W Pets

Class 6W love talking about their pets, so I took the opportunity to meet them in our PSHE Teams catch up. The picture only shows a few of them.  We had:

  • dogs who did tricks and danced
  • cats who looked cute
  • a tortoise, who I thought should be asleep
  • even stick insects

We are all finding that pets are very much part of our home-learning and I think help our well being too.

Mrs Webb
Class 6W Form Teacher

Science Round Up

Class 5F

  • Charlotte has been recording her evaporation experiment where she left a salty solution and a sugary solution on the windowsill to see what happened.
  • Grace produced some super examples of irreversible changes.
  • Caspar (and his dad!) and Aryan and his brother set out to predict and then test how you can produce more carbon dioxide when mixing bicarbonate of soda with vinegar. They found stirring, adding more of both mixtures and heating all produced more gas.

Class 6W

  • Hattie S and Isla both did some fabulous work comparing the contents of a variety of snacks whilst Ayla produced a super poster to promote the sport of trampolining.
Mrs Byrne
Head of Science
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