Accelerated Reader Achievements

Word Millionaires this week are:

  • Sofie (3Y) 
  • Poppy (4M)

500k word achievers are:

  • Maisie (3Y)
  • Alex T (3Y)
  • Harry (4M) 
  • Tegan (4M)

All badges will be saved and awarded when we return to school.

Top Quizzers:

  • 3Y James 
  • 4M Ava 
  • 5F Caspar 
  • 6W Isla 

Word Wizards:

  • 3Y Alex G
  • 4M Chloe 
  • 5F Abigail 
  • 6W George R
Mrs Webb
Assistant Head
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Times Table Rockstars

Landmark Levels 

Pupils who have reached Landmark Level on automatic training mode in the Garage and Gigs are awarded JDVs for Maths Practice, apologies to Shayla for missing her out last week:

Landmark Level Class Name
100+ 3Y Shayla 
  5F Harriet
200+ 5F Caspar

Weekly battle 8 - 14 January 2021

  • Boys scored 8,748 points
  • Girls scored 5,648 points

Well done, Boys' Team, again! Good to see some new names competing this week!

Most Valuable players contributing the most points to their teams are:

  1st 2nd 3rd
Boys Bryson - 4M Hany - 6W Kai - 5F
Girls Shayla - 3Y Harriet - 5F Grace M - 4M
Improve your levels rehearsing in the Garage at least three times a week, before you play your next 'Gig'. The computer will give you bespoke questions depending on your answers and speed.
Go to Arena and play against classmates only - all have to be logged on at the same time at the same Arena.

Each class can have the speediest TT Rock Star and that gets you up the status board on the poster. To get on this board you must tackle the single player game in the 'Studio', multi-player does not count for these. These also earn more coins than the multiplayer games too. 

Plenty of action so last week's most improved speedsters in each class are:

Class  Name  Title
2W Matthew Rockstar
3Y Roisin Wannabe
4M Poppy Unsigned Act
4M Yash Headliner
4M Bryson Rock Legend
4M Tegan Support Act
5F Harriet Unsigned Act
5F Stephanie Rockstar
6W Hany Rock Hero
6W Alyssa Rock Legend
6W Michael Rockstar
Please see the cover photo which shows the status levels.
I have also set up a 'Battle' from Friday 15 - Thursday 21 January 2021, 'Girls Vs Boys' for the whole school. 

Battles add up any points at all as you play! I will let you know who wins in the next Courier.

Please note only the children should play on their account or it influences the level appropriate to them.

Stay Calm, Stay Home, Save Lives and Rockdown!

Art Frizzmeister 
Deputy Head