Black History Month - Mary Seacole

As part of Black History Month, we have been learning about the life of Mary Seacole in our assemblies this week. Mary was a remarkable woman in many ways. She was originally from Jamaica and from a young age made it her life’s ambition to help others. She set up a hostel for wounded soldiers in the Crimea during the war of the 1850s and became a national hero for her extraordinary efforts.

Throughout her life she had the additional challenge of facing racial prejudices, but she never let this stop her achieving her goals.

Joe Thackway

Super TA

Mr Thackway undertook the role of Super TA this week listening to readers in Class 4M.  Senior members of staff have been working alongside classroom teachers this term, focusing on Maths and English in Years 4 and 5. 

Here is Mr Thackway with Chloe reading her Harry Potter book.

Crescent School

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Harvest 2020

Here is a photo of Year 1 rehearsing their contribution for our Harvest Service 2020. Last week, in the Courier, I outlined the plans for the service as well as the opportunities for families to pledge their support to the Rugby Foodbank in alternative ways.

In the hall, Mrs Nelson has been busy creating our Tree of Thankfulness, and your children will come home today with a family leaf sticker. We encourage you to either pledge to add some food to an existing supermarket collection or to go online and donate via their Virgin Money site.  Once your family has committed to support this important cause, the children can bring their leaf back at any point from Monday 15 October and add it to our visual representation.

The link can be accessed at:

Next Friday, we shall update you all with how the tree is looking - hopefully, fully of generous family leaves which have been added!

As for the Harvest Service, we shall celebrate in school with the children watching it online on Thursday 15 October and the link will be sent for you all to enjoy at home. 

Rugby Foodbank and Rugby Youth for Christ have produced a video to explain the alternative provision of Harvest Festival and their gratitude for all our donations here...

Mrs Stapleton
Head of RE
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Winter Uniform To Be Worn After Half Term

After the half term break all children are expected to be in full winter uniform.  Parents can use their discretion as to whether blazers or the school coat are more appropriate for the weather at the time.

When it does get really cold we do need all the children to have their coats in school so we can make a decision on outdoor break times. As per my previous message in the Courier please send in school hoodies and tracksuit tops each day so the children can layer up, as we are keeping the school well ventilated to comply with our Covid19 risk assessment.

Click here to view the winter uniform requirements.

Thank you for your cooperation with these guidelines.

Joe Thackway




Xmas4schools Christmas Cards

This year we are purchasing our fundraising cards from a new company that has a different system. Please look out for your child bringing home an order card that has the ordering details on one side and the actual space where the design must be on the other.

Please fill in details and keep the class name as RP, RE, 1S, 2W, 3S, 4M, 5F or 6W. Also, there is a price guide as to what products you will also be able to buy when the design is complete. 

The design guidelines are: 

  • Do not go too near the edge as the printer will cut it off- you must be 1cm away all around.
  • Do use felt tip, ink, pencil crayons, gel pens - brighter the better- pale does not show up.
  • Do use collage if you want - but well stuck down.
  • Do use glitter glue if you want.
  • Do not use sprinkle glitter- it falls off!
  • Do not use large areas of metallic finishes- it will not look shiny.
  • Do cover up as much of the white space as you can.
  • Do make any text big as the process will reduce the size of the design.

The design card with details, must be returned as soon as possible. The deadline is Friday 16 October 2020, the last day before half term. We cannot accept or send any late orders after this date.

FoC will receive a donation for every product ordered, so do get designing! Please note that this is not the Crescent School Christmas card competition, but items just for yourselves.

Please click on the photos in the gallery which provides information.

Season's Greetings!

Ms Forth
Deputy Head teacher
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Miss Thompson And Baby Henry

Miss Thompson popped it school with baby Henry today.  Pupils were excited to see them and waved from a social distance.

We miss you Miss Thompson but glad you are loving being a Mummy.

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Co-Curricular Clubs

The children have really enjoyed the range of co-curricular activities we have offered this term and the teachers enjoy working with the children on other areas of interest.

Next week you will be sent the link for the next half term's activities.  Clubs will remain at 30 minutes and will be held either before school, lunchtime or after school. We will continue to review this provision with the hope to bring in outside providers when it is safe to do so. 

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Scholastic Book Fair

I am sorry to say that there will be no book fair this year due to the Covid19 restrictions.  We heavily rely on the fair to supplement our class libraries.

We would really appreciate your support with reading and books and would ask that you take the time to look at the scholastic digital book club. We receive 20p for every pound spent that we then use of purchase additional reading material for your children. There are some great deals and brilliant ideas for Christmas.

Please go to to browse the latest books and order online. For every £1 you spend on this month’s Book Club, our school will earn 20p in Scholastic Rewards.

Please place your order online by Tuesday 1 December 2020 and your order will be delivered to school before the end of term.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Individual And Siblings Photographs Proofs

Photo proofs have been sent home with children today. This year due to Covid19 we are not allowed to handle money so please order all photographs online at  

All details can be found on the proof card with your unique security code. The deadline for orders to ensure free delivery to school is Friday 23 October 2020.

Please do contact Mr Lloyd if you have any queries, his details are on the proof card.

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