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Reception Roundup

Please click on the link below to read all about what the Reception Classes have been learning this week.  Please scroll through the gallery of photos attached to this article.

Reception Round Up - 9 October 2020

Mrs Pullen and Mrs Emery
Reception Class Teachers
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Class 1S Maths

This week we have been concentrating on learning the value of teens numbers by partitioning. To help the children practise this, Year 1 have been getting to grips with how a calculator works, and by adding 10 to a single unit: checking to see if their teens numbers match!

This has been a good introduction to understanding number sentences too.

Mrs Stapleton
Class 1S Form Teacher
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Class 3Y Science

Class 3Y has been investigating how to make shadows. They have learnt that opaque, translucent and transparent objects make different types of shadows. They have experimented how to make their shadows bigger and smaller.

Mrs Byrne
Head of Science and DT
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Class 4M French

Class 4M have made an excellent start to the year. This is the year when the children not only listen and speak in French but also learn to read and write in French.

Some children have made such an amazing start that they have been awarded a Junior da Vinci Practice sticker.

In their lesson this week, the children put their newly acquired skills to the test by putting together a jigsaw puzzle matching French and English sentences then writing their own sentences in French.

Well done Class 4M!

Madame Tatton
MFL Teacher
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Class 5F English - Embedding Self-Regulation

One of our whole school targets this year is to embed self-regulation. Class 5F showed they were aiming to meet this whole school target while writing up on the computers a newspaper report about a UFO sighting. Using technology, the children could continually, check and edit by themselves.

Mr Adkins and Mrs Webb were working with the children to answer any questions that arose. Some fantastic work was produced. 

Mrs Webb and Mr Adkins
Class 5F English Teacher and Head of Digital Learning
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Class 5F French Penpals

The letters from our penpals in Lomme, northern France, finally arrived today and the children were brimming with excitement, reading the letters from their new friends and discovering their faces on photos.

We cannot wait for our lesson next week when we can write our replies.

Madame Tatton
MFL Teacher


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Co-Curricular Forest School

Today we played Squirrels - each (child) squirrel hid four acorns in the little woodlands and we then went on a walk, playing games and acting out woodland animals.  This was to distract our minds to see if we could remember where we hid our acorns, as squirrels are famous for being forgetful!

We returned to the forest and after a tense few minutes, all our squirrels were able to find some, if not all, of their acorns. Phew!

All our Crescent squirrels get to live through the winter.

Madame Tatton
MFL Teacher
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Co-Curricular Story Club

In story club the children have had fun designing treasure maps, after reading 'Plunge into the Pirate Pool' we even tried out our pirate voices.

Ooh Aarr!

Mrs Olner
Teaching Assistant
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