Headmaster's Message

Headmaster's Message

Dear Parents

It has been a mixed bag with the weather this week, but we have enjoyed another week of hard work and endeavour at school, both in the classrooms and out.

I particularly enjoyed spending an hour watching the Year 5s and 6s taking part in their football and hockey house competitions on Wednesday. The children enjoyed the extra edge of having a competitive element to enjoy. There was plenty of determination and will to win on display as well as the usual helping of Crescent fair play. It was great to watch. We are tentatively looking at options for putting on some inter-school fixtures in the near future if we can, so please watch this space as we explore what can be done.

Parents’ evenings have also got underway this week, with more planned before half term. The focus this time round is on settling into the new term and the return to school, with early indications of performance and target areas. These form a key part of the way we communicate with you on progress and achievement. I hope the Teams format has proved successful. They have at least had the benefit for many parents of doing away with the need for childcare on the evening!

Parents will receive a written report before the end of this term, with Year 5 getting theirs in February, as the entrance exams for secondary schools start to appear over the horizon. We are looking at adapting these written reports with a more focused and informative approach that I hope will have the dual benefit of providing accessible information for parents and a manageable workload for staff.

Have a great weekend.

Joe Thackway