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Reception Roundup

Please click on the link below to read all about what the Reception Class have been learning this week.

Reception Round Up - 181019 

Mrs Pullen
Reception Class Teacher
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Class 1E - Celebration Of Diwali

Class 1E have been learning about the Hindu and Sikh celebration of Diwali, meaning ‘Festival of Light’. We have listened to the famous story of Rama and Sita and discovered traditional Diwali celebrations, comparing the similarities with the Christian celebrations of Christmas. We have decorated our own Rangoli patterns, discussed and written about our favourite parts of the Rama and Sita story and made and decorated our own diyas out of clay. 

Happy Diwali.

Mrs Emery
Class 1E Teacher 
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Class 2W Create Silhouettes

Class 2W have been creating silhouette paintings. They started with a colour wash last week and added their black silhouettes of trees, fences and birds this week, to make stunning pictures. 

Mrs Byrne
Art Teacher
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Class 2W - Hats Off To Leela!

As next half term approaches, Class 2W are getting very excited about their next history topic of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. 

On Thursday, Leela brought in a hat she had made, just like the Gunpowder Plotters might have worn in 1605.

Well done, Leela.

Mrs Monteith
Class 2W History Teacher

Class 3S Draw and Paint Still Life

Class 3S have been working hard on their still life drawing and painting for the last two weeks.

Mrs Byrne
Art Teacher
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Class 4M - PSHE - Enjoying a New Book

Earlier this week, Mrs Monteith was given a wonderful present to share with Class 4M - a book called 'Judge Brenda and the Supreme Court.' It will fit in beautifully with our PSHE work on decisions, the Children's Charter, taking responsibility and what happens in Parliament as part of our 'Being Me in My World' topic. It is full of colourful illustrations and talks about how judges decide what is fair and equal and why it is important to have laws which protect everyone.

Mrs Monteith
Class 4M Form Tutor

Year 5 and 6 Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club involves thinking. It may be about questions, it may be puzzles, it may even be about ourselves.

The children learn they are not always correct, they learn they are allowed their own opinion - if they can support it well.

This week I set them challenges, they needed to work together but also think differently about a problem to create a solution. There was frustration, a lot of thinking faces and bewilderment at how easy the answer was in the end.

Mrs Webb
Class 6W Form Tutor
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Year 6 Pop Art

Class 6Y and 6W have been looking into Pop Art. They have researched, drawn and applied what they learnt to create their own Pop Art cube. 

Mrs Byrne
Art Teacher
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Year 6 Show Their Understanding Of Empathy

Year 6 enjoyed getting together for PSHE last week to explore empathy through role-play. The children created mini dramas with empathy and without empathy. This helped them concrete the knowledge that as a class we strive to make good choices, put ourselves in the position of others and show empathy towards the feelings of all.

This was an important lesson to learn as they start receiving their exam results - the way to react to them and to support each other.

Mrs Webb Mrs Yates
Year 6 Teachers

DT Club Paper Folding

Members of DT club were making paper swans last week to practise their paper folding and artwork. 

Mrs Byrne
DT Teacher
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