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Introducing Crescent's Courier Kids

Welcome to our very first edition of Crescent School’s Courier Kids. Our team of reporters have been meeting every Tuesday morning to produce articles that we hope the children at Crescent will find interesting and fun to read.

We wish you all a wonderful half term holiday and look forward to hearing what you think about our section of the Courier when we return to school.

Courier Kids Team

What To Do Over The Holidays!

Here are the top 10 things…

  • See your family
  • Play a game with your family
  • Teach your Mum or Dad how to play a video game
  • Watch a movie with your family
  • Go on a day out or a walk
  • Find a new recipe and help cook it
  • Do a good deed
  • Go to someone’s house
  • Ask someone to recommend a book for you and read it
  • Have fun!

 Courier Kids Team

Super Member of Staff

The children at Crescent School have been nominating members of staff who they feel have stood out as being especially super this half term.

This half term’s super member of staff is….

  • Miss Wrzesniacka aka Miss V

Miss V was nominated because…

“She makes everyone laugh. She always works her hardest all day long and she always smiles and is happy.”
Well done Miss V!
Courier Kids Team

My Book Review

What is it about?

Queenie is an amazing book. It’s about a young girl called Elsie, whose nanny had a disease called T.B.. Shortly after, she caught a different sort of T.B, but was still hoping to go to the Queen’s Coronation.

This book brings a smile to my face. I rate this 5 star and it was written by the bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson.

Courier Kids Team

Macmillan Coffee Morning

On Friday 25 September 2019 Crescent School hosted our first ever Macmillan Coffee Morning. There was tons of cake scattered all around the hall and all you had to pay was 50p a cake.

Everyone donated cakes and we made £575. Parents and friends of Crescent came into school during the morning and bought cakes too.

All of the children had cakes for break instead of their snack!! 

There were a lot of spare cakes so we sold them at pickup time and in the evening to Bilton Silver Band.

Macmillan Coffee Mornings raise money to provide helpers and support for people affected by cancer.

Thank you to everyone at Crescent for raising so much money to help support this great charity!    

Mrs Webb said, “I have never seen so many cakes outside of a supermarket. The support from FOC, parents, grandparents and children was brilliant - all for a fantastic charity . THANK YOU ALL.”  

Charlotte and Dorrit
Courier Kids Team                                                                          


Why did the cow cross the road?
To get to the udder side
What do you call a dinosaur that is sleeping?
A dino-snore!

What does a cloud wear under his raincoat?

What do kids play when they can’t play with a phone?
Bored game

What did the policeman say to his tummy?
Freeze. You’re under a vest.

Why did the teddy bear say no to dessert?
Because she was stuffed

Why was 6 afraid of 7?
Because 7, 8, 9
When will the little snake arrive?
I don’t know, but he won’t be long
Why didn’t the dental hygienist like her award?
It was a plaque  
Courier Kids Team

Comic Greek

Please see my comic of Greek Life below:

Comic Greek

Courier Kids Team

An Interview With Mr Thackway

1.   What were you like in school?
      I did get in trouble sometimes and loved football. I was good at English.
2.   What was your favourite subject in school?
      My favourite subjects were Games, Geography and English.
3.   Biggest fear you have faced?
      The biggest fear I have faced was climbing a mountain and not letting a fear of                  heights stop me.
4.   What inspired you to be a teacher?
      It’s fun working with children and my mum was a teacher.
5.   What was your biggest challenge?
      My biggest challenge is making Crescent a great school.
6.   What do you like least about your work?
      When parents complain and when I have to work late.
7.   What was your first job?
      My first job was a paper boy and I also worked in a delicatessen shop with my Dad.
8.   Do you have any pets?                    
      I have a cat called Mallory who we all love.
9.   What is your favourite food?
      My favourite food is curry.
10. If you were a celebrity who would it be?
      I used to want to be Zico but now I would be Jack Grealish (they are both footballers)!
By Eve and Tumi