Junior da Vinci Students

This week has been a fantastic week, with so many children achieving their full Junior da Vinci student status:

  • Rohan, Liana, Chloe and Charlotte in 6W have been awarded theirs in Science.
  • Hattie and Grace in 4M have theirs in History
  • Shiv in 4M is has his in Geography
  • Felicity in 1LS and Matthew in 3Y have theirs in English

What a great week on our return to school. Keep it up everyone. 

Mrs Symons
Junior da Vinci Lead

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Accelerated Reader Achievements

This week's Accelerated Reader awards go to: 

  • 500k words - Edward G-H
  • Triple Millionaire - Drew

Congratulations to you all.

Mrs Nelson
Teaching Assistant

Which Class Topped The Reading Polls This Month?

And now for the highly contested ‘Class Word Wizards’ and ‘Top Quizzing Class’ for this month.

Top Quizzing Class Trophy
This month is awarded to Class 3Y who quizzed on an astonishing 118 Books! Matthew was the overall Top Quizzer having contributed 21 books to the 3Y total.
Class Word Wizards Trophy
And for this month’s hotly contested Word Wizards trophy, having read a whopping 3.1 million words, our winners are Class 4M.

Many congratulations and well done to all.

Mrs Nelson
Teaching Assistant

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Accelerated Reader Top Quizzers And Word Wizards

This week's Accelerated Reader Superstars are:

Top Quizzers are:

  • 3Y   Matthew
  • 4M  Hattie
  • 5F   Tegan
  • 6W  Rosina

Word Wizards are:

  • 3Y  Edward M
  • 4M Sofie
  • 5F  Zara
  • 6W Harriet
Mrs Nelson
Teaching Assistant

Times Table Rockstars

Garage and Gigs are the most important games to show your progress.

Pupils who have reached landmark % on automatic training mode in the Garage and Gigs are therefore awarded JDVs for Maths Practice:

  • Chloe 5F over 24%

Results for last week's class battle - well done 3Y:

  • 1st place - Class 3Y with  7,574 points
  • 2nd place - Class 4M with 3,293 points
  • 3rd place - Class 6W with 1,543 points

Most valuable players in the whole competition:

  • 1st Aryaan 3Y
  • 2nd Lewis 3Y
  • 3rd Liana 6W

Last week's most improved speedsters in Studio are:

  • 3Y- Aryaan - Headliner!
  • 3Y - Sophia - Headline!
  • 3Y - Lewis -Rock Star!
  • 3Y - Roisin - Headliner!
  • 3Y - Henry - Support Act!
  • 3Y - Edward W - Wannabe!
  • 3Y - Sophie - Busker!
  • 3Y - Shaylan - Wannabe!
  • 3Y - Zac - Support Act!

Please note only the children should play on their account or it influences the level appropriate to them.

Stay Calm and Rock On!!

Art Frizzmeister 
Deputy Head