School Promise

Class 1S Evelyn's Act Of Kindness

Last April/May during the first lockdown Evelyn was inspired by the different story themes each week in Reception class home schooling and she directed (her little sister Iris) and co-starred in acting out the story of the week including The Gingerbread Man and Goldilocks And The Three Bears, always with full props and a variety of voices! These short videos kept family and friends entertained from afar.

Last week Evelyn was inspired once again by an English activity for Mrs Stapleton and has started up the drama school again. We’ve had Rapunzel and Cinderella this week. These 2-3 minute videos keep grandparents laughing and they can re-play them, adding to the usual FaceTime calls. To quote Evelyn “my singing and acting will keep Nanna and Grandad happy while they are stuck at home”.

What a lovely thing to do Evelyn.

Mr Webb
Assistant HEad 

Mrs Yates And Amelia Receive A Wonderful Act Of Kindness

We were thrilled to receive such a thoughtful act of kindness from Class 3Y families last week when Amelia was unwell in hospital. It really cheered us both up and we felt so supported and cared for by this wonderful gesture.

Thank you so much Class 3Y!

We're pleased to report Amelia is feeling much better now.

Mrs Yates and Amelia

Acts Of Kindness - Let Us Know

The Courier often, rightly, reflects excellent learning that has taken place during the week but as we proceed through the upcoming weeks of lockdown, we'd love to dedicate a section to small acts of kindness which Crescent children and families have committed to, to simply and safely enhance the lives of someone else.

Please do send examples/pictures to for inclusion next week and onwards.

With all best wishes.

Mr Webb
Assistant Head