First News

We receive First News in school every week for the children to peruse. Due to this being unable to be delivered they are sharing the newspaper as a PDF.

Please enjoy this paper with your children, there are some great stories.

17-23 April 2020


Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Reading Websites

Further to the ISAMS email that went out this week regarding reading pointers, a few parents contacted me recommending the following:

You can access books via here if you have a Library card.  Please keep me informed of any tips and I will happily share. 

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Go Team McCollin!

FUND-RAISING members of the Princethorpe Foundation family picked up their tennis rackets for a ten hour match to support the NHS over the Easter holidays.

Neil McCollin, Princethorpe's Assistant Head Co-curricular and his wife Rachel, a teacher at Crescent School spent ten hours in one day playing tennis with their children raising more than £1,000 for NHS charities.

Eight-year-old Ruan wanted to do more to support hospital staff across the country after clapping for the health service and taking part in a nationwide camp-out.

And after talking to mum Rachel, dad Neil and sister Grace they decided to extend the daily tennis games which they have been enjoying, while raising money at the same time.

They started the match on Easter Monday at 9,00am and finished at 7.00pm, taking it in turns to stop for breaks.

Rachel said: “Ruan wanted to do more to raise money for NHS staff who are tirelessly working to help protect the country from COVID-19. During lockdown he has loved playing tennis on the driveway and so we decided that this would be a great way to have fun and raise money at the same time.”

The team originally wanted to raise £50 but they have raised much more. They added, “We only really thought close family would sponsor us but have been overwhelmed by the response and support. Thank you so much to everyone."

Visit to donate.

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Summer Term Cook Along Videos

In the absence of any cookery clubs to run we’ve been putting together some cook-along videos for people to follow at home. Initially we made the recipes we missed at the end of last term (Chocolate and Banana Bread & Butter Pudding and Stuffed Peppers) but we’re now starting to explore a wider range of dishes, trying to use ingredients that are relatively easy to get hold of at the moment - the first one is a really simple no-flour peanut butter cookie recipe.

All these cook-along videos, plus any new ones we make (we’re aiming for one per week) are/will be available to view on Youtube via the link below:

Bayleaf Cookery Videos

We’re also going to be doing short daily cookery themed challenges and other bits and pieces on our Facebook page:

Bayleaf Cookery School

We hope you enjoy!

Bayleaf Cookery School

Fancy Dress Saturdays For The Grove Family

During Lockdown the Grove family have been embracing Fancy Dress Saturday where they dress up to a theme. 

The first week's theme was general fancy dress followed by Olympics, Animals  and the letter L.  As you can see from the photos they had much fun dressing up. 

Alex and Lucas we think you look great.

This weeks theme is 80's films and TV if anyone would like to join in - we would love to see your photos!

Crescent School

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