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Holiday Round Up

In my end of term assembly, I talked about my five top tips (reading, drawing, baking, gardenng and writing a diary) for the holiday period and thanks to those of you who have already sent in examples. 

Please read on to find out what children have been up to: 

  • Roisin and Annalise have been busy sowing seeds... the children love looking at their little pots each day to see how much progress they’ve made overnight. It’s amazing the time we can now give to the little things!
  • Aryaan M has started his own diary, he made it from card and paper and decorated the front cover. He is planning on doing a family tree, a dinner menu for a week and writing a story of going for a play date to his friend's house. Great ideas to keep his days occupied.
  • Fred has been using his holiday time to increase his knowledge of space.
  • Edward W has enjoyed a walk in Cawston spinney; helped to re-lay the path in front garden and made a cardboard crocodile. He has also been inspired by Indiana Jones to hunt for fossils and dinosaur bones in the gardens.
  • Charlie and Alfie have had a lovely relaxing Easter. They have been on lots of walks, and found a local nature reserve and have managed to find a few frogs and fish and secret hidden dens. We baked Easter biscuits and made Easter cards to post to our family and even tried (unsuccessfully) to make their own Easter eggs. We have made the most of the weather with water fights! The boys miss their friends, but we have made the most of video calling where we can. We are not natural gardeners but have planted a few bulbs and decorated our front garden with our crafts so people have things to look at when they are walking past. 
  • Alice has planted some seeds and is looking forward to watching them grow.
  • Alex B has learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers over the holiday and is very proud. We have been going on daily bike rides and he has been enjoying the freedom of riding with his big brother and sister Alyssa! We have also been enjoying puzzles and colouring a huge world map.
  • Joseph, Amelia and Samuel have been gardening over the holidays and have painted plant pots!
Joe Thackway
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Good Citizens Harry And Emily Create Pictures For Nightingale Hospital

Harry and Emily saw an article asking for children to provide drawings for the Nightingale Hospital, to brighten up the walls for any patients that may have to stay there.

They spent a busy morning creating and colouring beautiful pictures.

Well done both - what 'Good Citizens' you are.

Mr Webb
Assistant Head
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Good Citizen Asha's Chocolate Treats

I wanted to put a smile on my neighbours' faces so I handed out an Aero chocolate bar to 30 houses.

Next day I received lots of lovely messages.

Well done Asha, you definitely are a 'Good Citizen' and a 'Good Neighbour'.

Mr Webb
Assistant Head

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Good Citizen Edward W

Edward W created a banner for the front garden gate to say thank you to the NHS.

Well done Edward, we are sure this made lots of people smile.

Mr Webb
Assistant Head

Good Citizen Maya Litter Picking

Whilst out on a morning walk in the woods, Maya saw plastic litter thrown around and she knew it was not good for the environment.

She asked her Mum if they could return later in the afternoon with a bag and glove to pick up the litter.

Great consideration for the environment Maya and definitely worthy of being a ‘Good Citizen’. 

Mr Webb
Assistant Head

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Reception Class 2020

Reception children starting at Crescent School in September have been having fun, whilst spending time at home with their families:

  • Joshua had a lovely first week at home learning with brother Zac and playing in the sunshine. He has drawn a pet lizard, been on a ladybird hunt, and has made a spring picture from things he has discovered in the garden.
  • Sophia has been making dinosaurs from Playdoh
  • Flossie has made a beautiful rainbow to display in the window.
  • Hermione and sister Lilah have used some time this week to help train their new puppy Doris.
  • Alice has been helping to take care of her family garden.
  • Eve has been wonderfully creative building a play house from recycled items.
  • Jonny and his big sister Issy have been enjoying some sunshine in the garden.
  • Henry has been helping his Dad on the farm. He is proudly declaring himself a "key worker" and now wants to be a farmer when he grows up.
  • Flora and Fred have been looking after their new puppy Poppy.

You have all been very busy and we love seeing the photos of your efforts. Well done!

Mr Webb
Head of Pre-Prep
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Class 3S - Holiday Update

Class 3S have embraced their home learning over the Easter break and I’ve loved reading their stories based on the structure of our text, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’! I hope you do too – here are some of them:

Over the break 3S had a couple of projects to do. One was to read our new text, ‘The Hodgeheg’ by Dick King-Smith, and to produce a creative project exploring the nature and behaviour of these fascinating animals. As you can see we’ve received everything from posters to cake making and even Charlie presenting on his own YouTube channel! Amazing!

In preparation for our adventure writing I also asked the children to choose a favourite toy animal and to take photos of them doing things over the last couple of weeks. As you can see, a couple of them have been very busy!

The rest of us have been happy to share their love of reading, Zooming in with their classmates and enjoying all the baking and crafts Easter brings. Thanks for all the smiles you have given us over this last couple of weeks 3S!

Mrs Stapleton
Class 3S Form Teacher
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Sam and Evie Went Glamping

When Sam and Evie couldn't go on holiday to Cornwall they were treated to a night of luxury camping in a Yurt in their garden with Mum and Dad. 

Much fun was had by all despite the 6am wake up with the dawn chorusand sunlight streaming in!

It looks like you have had a wonderful time!

Crescent School

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Class 6W Pupils Skype To Work On IT Project

Euan, Marco, Theo and Daniel are still working hard on their IT project.

Skyping is the way forward for these guys!

Well done I am impressed.

Mr Phillips
Head of ICT