Virtual Accelerated Reading Board

Well done to all the children who have been reading over the Easter break. Here are our high achievers from the past few weeks.

Word Wizards of the holidays:

  • Matthew T
  • Harry B
  • Orla 
  • Liana 
  • Zahra 

The children who have read the most books over the holiday are:

  • Daniel 
  • Keshav 
  • Orla 
  • Katherine 
  • Zahra 

Accelerated Reader millionaires so far this year:

  • Over 6 Million: Daniel 
  • Over 3 Million: Matthew T
  • Over 2 Million: Chloe W, Drew, Alyssa, Harry B
  • Over 1 million: Jay, Zahra, Rania, George B, Izzy, Ellie G, Orla, Freya S, Rohan, Liana, Keshav, Katherine 

We will keep recognising new millionaires every week.  Keep up the excellent reading work.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Times Table Rockstars

Results for Battle 26 March - 2 April

Boys 12,038 V Girls 8,834 - well done to the Boys.

Harry 6Y and Eve 5F contributed the most points to their teams.

Each class can have the speediest TT Rock Star and that gets you up the status board on the poster below. To get on this board you have to tackle the single player games - Garage, Studio & Soundcheck, multi-player do not count for these. These also earn more coins than the multiplayer games too.

In the last two weeks, the speediest in each class are:

  • 1E - No one on the board yet
  • 2W- Alex G - Wannabe!
  • 3S- Charlie M - Headliner!
  • 4M- Aryan S - Rock Star!
  • 5F- Isla B - Rock Star!
  • 6W- Sienna M - Rock Star!
  • 6Y - Harry B - Rock Legend!

I have also set up a 'Battle' Thursday 16 to Thursday 23 April, 'Girls Vs Boys' for the whole school. Battles add up any points at all as you play! I will let you know who wins in the nextedition of the Courier.

Stay Calm and Keep Rocking!


Art Frizzmeister aka Ms Forth
Deputy Head