Crescent Celebrates World Book Day

What a wonderful and wide range of book characters bounded into school this morning to celebrate World Book Day as Crescent School jumped at the chance to take part in this annual literary-loving homage, rising superbly to the creative costume challenge.

Characters from the Harry Potter stories, Where's Wally, Mary Poppins, The BFG, Sleeping Beauty, The Cat in the Hat, The Selfish Crocodile, Fantastic Mr Fox, Gangsta Granny, Cleopatra, Einstein, Sherlock Holmes, The Boy in the Dress and many many more filled the classrooms, corridors and playground of the school. It really was a sensational sight. The teachers were resplendent in their own costumes too and there were even reports of a Dementor taking assembly this morning.

The joys of reading and the pleasure of sharing a book are enjoyed by all here at the Crescent. Huge thanks to the parents for helping their children with their utterly amazing costumes. 

Junior School Orchestras Put On An Impressive Show

On Tuesday 3 March, Crescent School welcomed musicians from fellow Foundation junior school, Crackley Hall, for an orchestral workshop. It was a great opportunity for the young virtuosos to play together, as 16 members of Crackley Hall’s Orchestra joined 16 Crescent instrumentalists for a day designed to develop and stretch their music and performance skills.

Pupils from both schools worked under the guidance of Directors of Music, Julie Barnes and Susan Olden, to prepare and rehearse a mixture of pieces ready for an afternoon performance for parents.

The children enjoyed a busy morning and afternoon of rehearsals, they relished making music together, especially in such a big group. They worked hard to prepare three challenging pieces, including the instantly recognisable I Am Sailing by Rod Stewart, two complicated movements, Woody’s Round Up and When She Loves Me, from Toy Story 2 and the catchy big band number In The Mood by Glen Miller. All of the pieces tested the players’ technical and music-reading ability to the limit.

The afternoon concert was super, a sensational symphony of sound. As well as featuring the full 32-piece orchestra playing their now near perfect pieces, it included four solo performances, two from each school. Thomas Zanyi played The Hunter’s Choice on cello, Jasper Nicholls played Mr Creek on alto saxophone, Holly Delaney-Waugh played Somewhere Over The Rainbow on violin and Henry Corbin played Theme and Allegro Brillante from Grand Fantasia.

Mrs Barnes, Director of Music at Crescent, commented, “It was another very successful day and the pupils enjoyed working and collaborating together. They achieved a very high standard of performance, and this was due in no small part to the preparation and practising that went on in the weeks beforehand”.

Mrs Olden, Director of Music at Crackley Hall, agreed commenting, "The children had a brilliant day, it was fantastic for them to play with different instruments and with so many other talented musicians."

It was a great to see the young musicians enjoying learning and working together!

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Goodbye Miss Wren

At the end of this term we will say goodbye to our longest serving member of staff. Alice Wren has been with the school since 1992 and has worked in a range of capacities, most recently as our resident Pre-Prep reading expert. Not all of you will know that Alice is actually the daughter of Mr Ian Wren, a previous headmaster here. When Mr Wren retired Alice stayed on as a teaching assistant and has been a really valuable TA and much-loved colleague at the school ever since.

Many children here, both past and present, have benefited enormously from Alice’s kindness, patience and expertise. I know many people will be very sad to see her go. However, Alice has decided, with the full support of the school, that the time has come for her to move onto the next phase of her life and she will be moving down to Cardiff to be nearer to her family.

We have planned some farewell treats for Alice, and she is particularly delighted with the naming of the new Wellbeing space after her, which will be known as the ‘Wren’s Nest’. You will be hearing more about this initiative in the next few weeks.

The move will happen during the Easter holiday so Friday the 27 March will be Alice’s last day at school. We wish her all the very best for the future.

Joe Thackway

Wellbeing Day

Well, well, well!! 

What a fantastic day we had last Friday! 

Our first Wellbeing Day was well planned, well executed and well received by everyone in our school community!

There was a real buzz about the school and when I spoke to the children during my lunch duty, they could articulate the activities they enjoyed and remembered the session it related to as well, so the outcomes were noticeable too!  A huge THANK YOU to our teaching staff for their carefully planned sessions (and their improvisation too!) which enabled the children to recognise the Five Ways to Wellbeing.  

Here's a few of the highlights:

Walking around the school I found Reception creating the longest paper chain I had ever seen, all contributing and connecting their links together. Year 1 were unusually quiet but I soon saw they were playing Chinese whispers and connecting through speaking and listening skills!  Class 3S were making collaborative pieces of art - as the music stopped, they moved to another drawing and added their own details to evolve it. Mrs Monteith was having fun taking photos of group tableaus as the children posed for a photos such as being on a roller coaster and sitting in a car wash!
Mrs Forth gave the upper school a fantastic opportunity to learn some British Sign Language and the children practised hard in communicating with their peers. Mdme. Tatton gave the children a unique experience learning about sticks and what different marks and details mean. They used their senses to broaden their understanding and will probably never look at a stick in the same way again!  In the Science room, Mrs Byrne and Class 6Y were learning about the vast number of different geckos there are all with very intricate detailing - they loved learning and drawing these fascinating creatures.
It amazes me how much fun you can get by throwing balls around in the hope of hitting something - or someone!  Mr Phillips set up a fortress and facilitated a dodge-ball battle in the hall with some year groups, which the children loved! The corridor became a bowling alley for Years 5 and 6 where they polished their skills and cheered each other on with Mrs Byrne.
This way of wellbeing was approached very differently between the year groups which gave a fantastic variety of experiences. Reception and Class 1S were found wandering around school on a colour walk - taking notice of the variety and prevalence on their colour chart and Class 3S enjoyed Minecraft Yoga by following Jaime from Cosmic Kids online.
Mrs Webb fed back about her sessions, " 'Notice' was the area I worked on with the children in Years 5 and 6. This gave them time to stop, giving them space to notice small things. We discussed birdsong, sunsets , breathing and beautiful views, about allowing ourselves time for awe and wonder.

"In class they practised noticing skills with mindful colouring, playing Guess Who and Articulate and describing items small objects hidden in a bag without seeing them. All of this was to develop their sense of noticing the finer detail."

Giving came in different ways and for different reasons - Class 2W made promises over this Lenten period, Class 3S gave compliments and words of affirmation to their class mates and 4M made origami tulips to give to someone special.
Mrs Yates also shared her experiences, "I had the pleasure to deliver sessions on the 'give' aspect of well being to Years 5 and 6. We discussed all the different things we can give to others and the benefits this has not only on the receiver but the giver too. The children produced little notes of thanks or inspirational quotes to give to others. Some chose to be personal in their giving and others chose to be generic and anonymous. The  kind and loving atmosphere this created was palpable. The children were so original and thoughtful in their words, which were so moving and heartfelt.

"There was a very genuine sense of love and empathy in these sessions which all the children benefited from. I felt privileged to be part of it."

I hope you have been able to gain some insight into our day. I was very encouraged by the engagement of the children and their abilities to understand and reflect on their own lives. Each child collected stickers during the day and then created an action plan in one or more of the Ways of Wellbeing where they could make changes for the better. We are all looking forward to another Wellbeing Day next year already!

Sam Stapleton
Head of Wellbeing
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Scholastic Book Club

Our Scholastic Book Club is up and running! Go to Scholastic Book Club to browse the latest books and order online. For every £1 you spend on this month’s Book Club, our school will earn 25p in Scholastic Rewards.

Books can be delivered to School for free.

Please place your order online by 6 March 2020. 

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

JLR Challenge - Crescent Cobras' Raffle Reminder

The Crescent Cobras have been working very hard toward the JLR challenge 2020 since the beginning of January.

They have decided on their roles:

  • Alyssa and Isla are the Graphic Designers
  • Amelia is the Team Manager
  • Jack the Design Engineer
  • Michael the Manufacturing Engineer 

They have been making cars and testing them, writing and delivering letters asking companies, shops and businesses for sponsorship, planning a raffle and recently have been making a starting tunnel for testing the cars and for the team display.

If any parents are interested in supporting this exciting and rewarding challenge, we will be very grateful to receive donations for raffle prizes anytime next week.

The raffle tickets will be on sale every morning starting on Monday 9 March at the pupil entrance at 8.15am each morning. The money raised will go towards buying the team some personalised T shirts for them to wear on the day of the challenge, some cake ingredients and more wheels, axles and card for more cars.

If you would like to see further details about the challenge please take a look at the following link:

Thank you very much for any support.

Mrs Byrne
DT Teacher

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Trinity Term Uniform Requirements

Summer uniform is to be worn after the Easter break.  Below you can find the requirements:


  • Grey blazer 
  • Green and white striped dress
  • Green school cardigan
  • White knee-high socks
  • Straw boater with green band or green school sun hat


  • Grey blazer 
  • White short-sleeved shirt with collar and tie
  • Green school pullover
  • Grey short trousers or long grey trousers
  • Grey knee length socks
  • Green school sun hat

Please click on the linkbelow to order Summer Dresses:

Summer Dresses Order Form

All other items can be ordered by contacing Nicola via the details below:

Nicola Browne, Foundation Shop Manager

01926 634272

Crescent School

Junior Bake Off

The television production company Love Productions, who make programmes such as The Great British Bake Off and The Great British Sewing Bee are delighted to announce that Junior Bake Off is coming back for a sixth series on Channel 4 and applications are now open!

They are looking for talented young bakers between 9 -15 years old. Filming will take place from July 2020, but applications close on Sunday 5 April 2020.

If ther are any budding young bakers in school that would like to apply then please visit the application website

Do let us know if you decide to take part.

Crescent School