Drama Staffing Changes

I’m delighted to announce that our drama teacher Miss Thompson is expecting a baby later this year. Miss Thompson is intending to keep working until the end of this term before going on maternity leave. We wish her all the very best.

I am also pleased to be able to announce her interim replacement, who will be Nickie Whitehead. Nickie is an experienced actor, director and drama teacher who I know the children will take to very quickly. She currently helps to run the LAMDA programme at Rugby School, working alongside Miss Thompson, and has previously taught in two prep schools in the Bath area.

I know you will join with and me in welcoming Mrs Whitehead to our community when she starts with us at the end of April.

Joe Thackway 

Healthy And Nut Free Snacks

In assembly today, the children were reminded about only bringing healthy snacks into school, unless it is their birthday when sweet treats are permissible. We shared our concerns of children sharing other children's snacks and reinforced the importance of only eating the snack that has been provided for them from home. Please remind your children about respecting this important expectation at home to remove any risks of allergy or poor choices.

Also, in line with our nut free policy, please do not send in snacks that contain nuts. Please check on the labeling of all products to ensure this is the case. Chewy energy bars also need to be checked carefully for their contents.

Thank you.

Mrs Stapleton
Head of Wellbeing

Exhibition Of Young Local Artists 2020

The ‘Exhibition of Young Local Artists’, which is hosted by Warwick School, was established in 1985 and started with just five schools. The exhibition has grown and last year 28 local primary schools took part.

This event brings together local primary schools to celebrate art and showcase young talent. The array and diversity of the pieces exhibited is phenomenal, from ‘Abstract Portrait’ to ‘Quarters’; ‘Felted Poppy Fields’ to ‘Skateboard Deck Designs’.

The following children have been chosen to represent Crescent School in this year's art exhibition at Warwick School. 

They are:

Pop Art

  • Chloe W
  • Harriett G
  • Kyla-Mae
  • Sam S
  • Maryn 


  • Bella D
  • Chloe B
  • Zahra 


  • Darius 
  • Leela

Well done to all.

Mrs Byrne
Head of Art


Affixxius Films

Next week we have Affixxius Films spending some time with us to make a promotional video all about life here at Crescent School. They will be filming the staff and children in various activities, including extracurricular clubs, lessons, sport and music.

Please try to make sure your children are especially shiny and neat next week, it would be much appreciated.

Joe Thackway

School Promise Rule Of The Week

For a two or three week period this year we will be focusing on one of the sayings in the new School Promise. We will talk about this in assembly and in form period. It would be great if you could discuss this with your children at home and support the messages we are emphasising in school.

This week’s promise is in the category of Good Friends.

'We are  gentle and caring'

Mr Webb
Assistant Head