FoC - Contact Information

Below are the details of the FoC Year Group Representatives. These reps will communicate with you on all our events via email, whatsapp or facebook. 

Year Group 1st Rep 2nd Rep
Reception Vicky Morley Lisa Millward
Year 1 Sanda Mocanu Fatima Masood
Year 2 Inez de Koning Karen Williams
Year 3 Emilie Crowfoot Claire Brosnan
Year 4 Semma King Anita Somerset
Year 5 Kal Mistry Amy Sarkies
Year 6 Emma Wells Victoria Akbik


Chairperson Zara Corbin
Treasurer Nick Brosnan
Secretary Amy Sarkies
Pre-Loved Uniform Louise Symons
Staff Reps Ms Forth and Mrs Webb
FoC email address:
FoC Facebook:
Zara Corbin
FoC Chair

FoC - Payment Information

From January 2020 the FoC is no longer be accepting cheques as a form of payment. 

We have purchased a card payment system and will now be accepting bank transfers or cash only.

Many thanks

Nick Brosnan
FoC Treasurer