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Reception Roundup

Please click on the link below to read all about what the Reception Class have been learning this week.

Reception Round Up - 151119 

Mrs Pullen
Reception Class Teacher
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4M Do Data!

This week, Class 4M have been learning more about data handling. They have been completing frequency charts, totting up tallies and drawing bar graphs.

Today their challenge was to count the number of each vowel in an extract from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. As you can see from our photos, great concentration was needed, but they totted up their totals and will draw a graph of their results.

Well done, 4M.

Mrs Monteith       
Class 4M Form Teacher
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A Big Thank You From Class 5F

A big thank you to the FoC and all those who made or bought cakes and treats in the rainy weather before half term.

Class 5F have spent their proceeds on activities for Privilege Time such as Speak Out, Aquabeads, Hot Potato, Yes/No game, Hot Wires, Rubik's Race, PS2 Cars, DOS and Gubs. It was like Christmas had come early to our classroom!

Ms Forth
Deputy Headteacher
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Class 5F English

Class 5F have completed a unit of work on Goth Girl And The Ghost Of A Mouse by Chris Riddell. The children pretended to be tour guides of the hall, describing the rooms of this stately home, they also developed people who might visit the hall.

From this, last week we pretended that Crescent School was Ghastly Gorm Hall and we toured the people we created and gave talks on the rooms that we focused on. This helped the children recognise the importance of depth of language.

Mrs Webb
Class 5F English Teacher
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Year 6 Maths

This week, Year 6 have been investigating 3D shapes and nets. The open learning task allowed the children to choose their own path and activity; ranging from constructing nets out of ‘Klikko’ to using their geometry skills to draw and make their own nets.

Mrs Yates and Ms Forth
Year 6 Maths Teachers


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Maryn Reports On The Choral Day At Crackley Hall

On the 12 November our Choir visited Crackley Hall School and sang songs that we had previously learned in Choir. It was quite a bumpy journey but we finally got there. When we arrived we had a very warm welcome and got singing straight away. We learned seven songs including Frightfest and River Song.

Jessica said “We made a lovely sound together”.

Holly said “Great food!”

Freya said “A great opportunity to make friends and the cookies were delicious!”

It was such a good experience thanks to Mrs Barnes and Mrs Olden and we all loved it.

Thank you so much Crackley Hall!

Maryn Yates
Choir Monitor
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Co-Currcular Breakfast Yoga

Children in Breakfast Yoga were having fun this morning practising their Yoga moves to Surfing USA.  They could either stand up or sit down whilst 'surfing'.  Much fun was had.

Crescent School