Around The Classes

Iris Visits The School Office

We had another lovely visit to the Office this week,  Lilah showed Evelyn how to find Mr Thackway's office so she could collect a Junior da Vinci for creativity for her artwork named 'Iris'.

Crescent School

Class 1E – Storytelling And Drama

Class 1E have worked with partners this week in English to sequence the story of ‘Not a Stick’. They then practised retelling the story before performing it in front of the class. The children were a little nervous before their first presentation but we talked about using nerves positively and the feelings of pride when you have finished. The children did an amazing job and were all, quite rightly, proud of themselves and their classmates.

A link will be sent to parents of Class 1E of the performances to watch.

Mrs Emery
Class 1E Form Teacher
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Class 2W Scientific Experiment

Year 2 children have extended their scientific enquiry this week.  They predicted which ball would bounce best, they tested and measured before reaching their conclusions.  We also love it when unplanned learning about shadows happens too!

Mr Webb
Class 2W Form Teacher

Class 2W Pupils Enjoy Library Club

Class 2W pupils decided to make the use of five minutes before the end of lunch for a spot of reading in the Library. After a quick selection of books they all had a quiet read.

Crescent School

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Class 4M Have Fun With Fractions!

This week, 4M have been learning more about fractions. They each contributed a line of fractions to a fraction wall, which enabled them to see equivalent fractions. What is the same as one half? Is anything the same as two-thirds? Which is bigger, three-eighths or two-sixths?

They asked each other questions and they all found answers, and we are now ready for the next stage which is placing fractions on a number line and simplifying them. 

Mrs Monteith
Class 4M Form Teacher
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Class 5F History Homework Projects  

It has been lovely to see the variety of Ancient Egyptian homework projects coming into school over the last couple of weeks. 

A reminder that all of 5F need to have their project in school on Tuesday 14 October so that we can share them as a class.

Mrs Yates
Head of History

Year 5 Half-Term Reading

I am starting to give out the holiday read for Year 5 as they finish their present reading book. Each child will be given a copy of Goth Girl and The Ghost of a Mouse to read over half term. You can read this with them, listen to it on audio and of course get them to read it to you. This does need to be finished by the end of half-term so we can can do some work from it when we return. The children will quiz on it in class.

Thank you for your support on this, reading books together and developing a love of reading is very important.

Mrs Webb
Senior Teacher