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Class 1E - Christian Belonging - Religious Education

In Religious Education, we have been learning about symbols of belonging in the Christian faith and their importance and meaning. Symbols include the cross, icthus, the church, the bible, a candle and Jesus. The children created great symbols of Christian belonging in playdough.

Mrs Emery
Class 1E Teacher
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Class 1E Science

As part of our learning on the properties of common materials, Year 1 children spent a Science lesson this week examining the qualities of different types of paper.  Could you draw on them well?  Were they strong?  The children came up with some really scientific predictions and conclusions.

Mr Webb
Head of Pre-Prep

Class 4M Make Clay Coasters

Class 4M started making their clay coasters this week. They have designed a theme for their set of coasters and have tried hard to think what each family member would like on their coaster.

Mrs Byrne
Head of Science, DT and Art

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Class 4M Viking Spies

Why were the poor Saxons so frequently attacked by the vicious Vikings? How were they able to travel so effectively to impossible lkanding sites and up narrow rivers? 

4M found out this week, when a Viking longboat was spotted moored nearby. Whilst the guard was asleep they managed to carryout a spy mission and identify some of the key features which make the long boats such successful sailing vessels. 

Mrs Yates
History Teacher

Class 5F DT Club

Class 5F have been designing and making paper straw towers this week in DT club. They needed the towers to be strong and sturdy enough to hold a stop watch!

Mrs Byrne
Head of Science, DT and Art

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Class 5F Discover Tutankhamun's Tomb

Excitement abounded this week in Class 5F's history lesson. As intrepid explorers of the Valley of the Kings they discovered the ancient burial site of King Tutankhamun. 

They were eager to enter the tomb and discover the treasures hidden within. Armed with torches and a strict 10 second time limit, lest the poisonous gases which had built up over thousands of years overcame them, they explored the tomb. Teamwork and communication was key as they had to take it in turns to complete a group sketch of the one artefact they had discovered. 

Once the mission was complete, the ICT room swiftly returned to its usual state and the children were able to research Tutankhamun and the discovery of his tomb. 

Mrs Yates
History Teacher
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Classes 6W and 6Y Finish Invertebrate Houses and Hotels

Classes 6Y and 6W finished making their invertebrate houses and hotels this week. Here they are putting them outside hoping they attract lots of creatures, that they will be able to look at.

Mrs Byrne
Head of Science, DT and Art
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Class 6Y Men’s Tour of Britain

On Friday 13 September we had an early lunch before heading off to watch the Men’s Cycling Tour of Britain as it passed through Bilton. After a short walk across to Alwyn Road, we saw police motorbikes setting up for the race. We all thoroughly enjoyed cheering and waving at them and the support vehicles as they sounded their horns and sirens at us.

The first cyclists to pass us were the breakaway group of Dylan Van Baarle from Holland, riding for Team Ineous, number 22. Closely followed by Cameron Meyer from Australia riding for Team Mitchelton Scott. They were 2 minutes and 16 seconds ahead of the peloton when they passed us. The peloton raced passed us in a straight-line group followed by ambulances and sponsor cars. As we waved our flags and cheered, some cyclists threw us their bags and water bottle. We were lucky enough to receive 7 different items which we drew names out of a hat for when we arrived back at school.

This was so much fun, thank you to Mrs Byrne, Mr Thackway and Mrs Yates for taking us on this amazing experience.

Quotes from our classmates about this experience:

  • Ariana - I’m really glad we went to see the cycling tour. I got a Wanty Gilbert team water bottle
  • Arabella - It was cool seeing the Belgian cyclist throw his water bottle
  • James - I really enjoyed watching the police motorbikes whiz past
  • Sam - I won the Movistar team bag in the hat draw – I’m really pleased with it!
  • Ewan - There was a great atmosphere

Factfile by Harry Barnwell

Leaders Number Nation Weight Height Age
Dylan Van Baarle 22 Dutch 78kg 1.87m 27
Cameron Meyer 46 Australia 69kg 1.81m 31

Report by

Freya Somerset and Joseph Yates
Class 6Y

Co-Curricular Cookery Club

This term we are continuing to be creative with our cookery and our youngest members of our school are taking part.  Cookery club which runs on a Tuesday is led by Mrs Lusty from Bayleaf Cookery and she is bringing each week a new recipe for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children to make and try.  This week we have been making a delicious salad using rice.

Mrs Olner
Teaching Assistant
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Lunchtime Craft Club

In craft club this week we were using different textures and papers to create lion collages. The children enjoyed, cutting, ripping, sticking and drawing to make each of their lions unique.

Mrs Dowling
Teaching Assistant
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Reception Roundup

Please click on the link below to read all about what the Reception Class have been learning this week.

Reception Round Up - 200919 

Mrs Pullen
Reception Class Teacher
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