A Warm Welcome To Our New Reception Class

It has been a fantastic first few weeks at Crescent School for our brand new Reception class.

They have been making friends, playing outside, sitting down for lunch together, getting changed for PE, hanging up their blazers on the right peg and of course – enjoying plenty of fabulous new lessons. Already the seven boys and ten girls in this class of bubbly, bright youngsters are becoming familiar with their daily routine and whilst it might be tiring at first, it is clearly so much fun.

Under the ever-present care of Mrs Pullen and Mrs Noyce, the girls and boys have settled in well and have happy smiles on their faces. What an exciting adventure they have ahead of them over the next few years.

This week they had yet one more momentous event – their first class photo – and don’t they all look adorable in their new uniform, and how well they all behaved as we mustered the class. They are a perfect addition to our wonderful school community.

And whilst our camera was out we thought why not take a photo of all of Crescent's classes, so here we all are at the start of the 2019-20 academic year.

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OVO Tour of Britain Cycling Tour Cheered On By Crescent School

Crescent School’s Class 6Y went out to welcome the OVO Energy Tour of Britain cyclists as they raced down Alwyn Road near the school today Friday 13 September, on Stage 7 of the event. It was super exciting for the children who were lined up along the road, with flags at the ready. Everyone cheered enthusiastically as the leaders and then the peloton flew past followed by their accompanying cars and police out-riders. The cyclists even dropped water bottles and snack bags close to the class that the teachers helped the children collect up afterwards. They are going to make wonderful souvenirs!

Class 6Y are writing up their own report - watch out for it in the Courier next week!

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Bwengu Projects Malawi Update from the Melias

Dear Mrs Forth and all children at Crescent School

This update is a report to tell you what we did in Malawi with the fantastic amount of money you all worked so hard to raise and donated to us in June 2019.

We did in fact complete three projects with this money and these were:

  • Orphan care food project for six months until Jan 2020
  • Teachers class room furniture project in Jombo Junior school
  • Girls dormitory solar lighting project

Attached are some pictures to show you what happened with these projects.

Tony and Sue Melias
Bwengu Projects
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School Promise Rule Of The Week

For a two or three week period this year we will be focusing on one of the sayings in the School Promise. We will talk about this in assembly and in form period. It would be great if you could discuss this with your children at home and support the messages we are emphasising in school.

This week’s promise is an excellent one to start the year with and is in the category of Good Friends:

‘We are kind to each other’ 

Mr Webb
Head of Pastoral Care

Information Booklet 2019/20

A copy of the newly published Crescent School Information Booklet 2019/20 will be coming home with your child tonight (one per family).  Please do read through it as it contains information regarding the school.

Uniform expectations for the different year groups can be found on pages 18-19.

Crescent School

Pupil Collection From School

Please let the School Office and/or your child's form teacher know if someone else will be collecting your child at the end of school. We cannot release pupils without this information.

Many thanks

Mr Webb
Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Year 6 Destination Information

Year 6 will be bringing home with them today a request for information that Mrs Yates and I require for helping to prepare the children for their next steps and writing their references. Please complete with as much detail as possible with your child and return it to us by Tuesday 17 September, this will be set as Year 6 homework on Monday 16 September.

We are happy for it to be emailed to us if this is easier.  The more information we receive about what your child does in and out of school, the more it will inform the references.

Your help is much appreciated.

Mrs Webb and Mrs Yates
Year 6 Teachers

Year 6 Pupils Undertake Playleader Training

Year 6 Blue House pupils are all set to start Play Leader activities at lunch time next week with Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 following their training on Monday 9 September.

Leaders had to learn about the skills and attributes of good leaders, drawing upon their own knowledge of examples of good leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama.  They then analysed their own areas of strength and development as a leader so they were aware of what skills they need to work on.  We then went on to look at the different methods of communication, and the need to be clear and concise with their instructions, before heading outside for the physical aspects of the course, playing and leading.

Pupils had the opportunity to lead their peers through a variety of warm up games before planning and adapting their own games and activities to run.  Pupils were very creative when it came to making games that are suitable and fun for the younger children, basing games around favourite television characters and Disney stars.   The leaders showed maturity and were focused throughout their training and I am positive they are going to have a great term running their activities with the youngest members of our school.  

Mrs McCollin
Head of Girls Games
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Milk Distibution

Milk is given out to the children (who have signed up for milk) at lunchtime for all the classes except Reception, who have their milk in their classroom with Mrs Pullen and Mrs Noyce.

Several cartons are being left at the end of lunchtime not collected, please can you advise the school office if your child no longer wants milk.

Many thanks

Crescent School Office

Foundation News: Anti Fraud Reminder

Cyber-crime – please be vigilant

Parents are asked to be vigilant when reading emails relating to the payment of school fees and any other items to the Foundation.

We continue to receive reports regarding spam emails being sent to parents of independent schools asking them to pay future fees to a ‘new’ school bank account.

Please be advised there has been no change to the bank details of either Princethorpe College, Crackley Hall or Crescent and there is no intention to make any changes in the foreseeable future. Any electronic notification that appears to be from any of the Foundation schools changing these details may be fraudulent.

Our bank details are available on the Parent Bills, the Online Payment Portal and for Princethorpe in the Princethorpe College Information Booklet 2019 – 2020, and only those details should be used.

Parents are asked to be vigilant in respect of any communications purporting to be from the Foundation requesting money that does not match our normal procedures.

Please note:

  • invoices are only available through the on-line parent fee portal;
  • our bank account details will NOT change during the academic year 2019-20;
  • if you receive an email purporting to amend our bank details, do not make any payment and please contact us by telephone immediately to clarify;
  • we do not email details of unsolicited discounts for payment of funds.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or my colleagues in the Bursary if you are have any doubts about the correct details or indeed if anything appears suspicious.

Please contact the Bursary if you have concerns about any communication you receive and in particular if you receive any request for payment of funds outside our normal routines.

Please note we do not accept payment in cash for the fee bill.

Eddie Tolcher
Foundation Bursar