Promise Badge Awards Lent Term

We were delighted, in our final celebration assembly of the term, to award our Promise Badges.  

They are very special and are awarded at the end of each term to one child in Pre-Prep (PP) and one child in the Upper School (US) for each of the three promise strands: Good Friends, Good Learners, Good Citizens.

The children listed below have embodied the qualities of the promise this term and can wear their new badges with pride.

Good Friends
Hermione- PP
Amy - US
Good Learners
Akaal - PP 
Orla - US
Good Citizens
Sophie G - PP
Grace O'C and Dorrit - US
Mr Webb
Assistant Head

School Promise Certificates Lent Term

In our Good News Assembly this morning we awarded School Promise certificates to recognise the children’s excellent behaviour as Good Friends, Good Learners or Good Citizens. 

Congratulations go to:

  • Elliott 
  • Nellie 
  • Katie
  • Evie
  • Isabella 
  • Evelyn
  • Patrick
  • Maya
  • Timi
  • Emily
  • Esme
  • Ellie
  • Stephanie
  • Freya
  • Ayla
  • Asha
  • Eden

Keep up the good work.

Joe Thackway
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House Point Winners Lent Term

In the Celebration Assembly on Tuesday 30 March, the housepoint winners for each class were awarded with a book token for first and second place. 

Congratulations to the following children:

Class  First Place Second Place
1S Aria Amber
2W Akaal Matthew
3Y Maisie Sam O
4M Esme Charlie
5F Faris Charlotte
6W Alyssa Ayla

Well done to all.

Joe Thackway

House Trophy Lent Term

In the Celebration Assembly on Tuesday 30 March, Mr Thackway announced St David's House was the overall winner for the housepoint trophy for Lent term.

Pictured are St David's House Captains Amy and Emme with the trophy. 

Well done to all.

Joe Thackway

Lunchtime Supervisors Top Table Lent Term

Unfortunately we cannot celebrate Top Table at the moment in the usual style.  However, we can reward those children who have shown excellent conduct at lunchtimes this half term.

The lunchtime supervisors have chosen the following children and they will be rewarded with a goody bag:

  • RE - Felicity
  • RP - Lucas
  • 1S - Theo M
  • 2W - Max
  • 3Y - Remi
  • 4M - Lara
  • 5F - Rohan
  • 6W - Sahana

Well done to all of you.

Joe Thackway


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