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It's another bumper packed edition, full of the wonderful Home Learning the children have been doing. 

Please do keep sending in your pictures and articles as we love seeing them.

Sophie is our cover photo star this week, having just joined the school its lovely to see that she thinks its great!  

Wishing you a wonderful half term break.

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Headmaster's Message

Headmaster's Message

Dear Parents

It has been a half term like no other but I am pleased to say we have all come through unscathed. As an administrator on Seesaw I am able to access data about the number of interactions taking place between pupils and staff. We are currently running at around 40,000 for the term which gives you some indication of the levels of engagement from pupils with their learning. With the restrictions seemingly in place for some time to come everything that we have learned up to this point will stand us in good stead as we face the challenges ahead.

Finding creative solutions to these challenges has been one of the highlights of the term so far. This week we have seen the great success of our children in the Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire online games competition as well as the very first virtual Crescent music concert. We are currently working on the format of this and it will be with you all next week.

Last week we all shared in the VE day celebrations with competitions and special activities and today the children have enjoyed an afternoon of house challenges. Pupils and parents have found innovative and fun ways of interacting online and it has been great to receive group messages as well as individual ones from the children and the classes. From a teacher's point of view, it is lovely to see the children’s happy faces and to know that they are all well and not struggling too much with the unusual times that we live in.

As things stand, we are fully prepared for the return of Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 after the half term break, although of course we know things can still change and the government will be looking closely at the criteria they have in place over the coming days. I have written today to the parents in those year groups and I hope this gives all the detail that they require. For those children who are not returning at this stage, as I said in my assembly this morning, we have not forgotten you and our commitment to your home learning remains as strong as ever.

I expect many of your holiday plans for next week have been ditched and you will be instead planning some nice days at home and in the local area exercising with your children. This of course can be just as pleasurable as anything and it has begged the question in my own mind as to just how much we really need all of the holidays that we treat ourselves to. I do hope you all can enjoy some relaxation in the company of your nearest and dearest.

With my very best wishes

Joe Thackway

School Promise Rule Of The Week

In Monday's assembly Mr Thackway spoke about the School Promise Rule of the Week. 

This week’s promise is in the category of Good Learners and focuses on the theme of listening.

This is such a key attribute for learning. A pupil who really listens actively, takes on advice and feedback and takes action on what they have heard, genuinely does demonstrate the learner profile that makes such a difference in the classroom.

‘We listen and don’t interrupt’

It would be great if you could discuss this with your children at home and support the messages from our School Promise.

Joe Thackway


Crescent Hosts Its First Virtual Concert

Our Crescent family always enjoys our school concerts, with so many wonderful performances by our young musicians. So, although the country may be in lockdown, Director of Music, Julie Barnes, was determined that Crescent’s music lovers weren’t going to miss out on their termly treat.

So thanks to her dedication and with a bit of help from technology, the Crescent School will shortly present 22 talented young musicians in its first ever ‘Socially Distanced Virtual Concert’.

Each of the children has pre-recorded their concert performances at home and sent the video through to Mrs Barnes. The individual clips have been put together into a programme of pieces. They include musicians from Year 2 through to Year 6 and a mix of traditional and contemporary pieces, and we think this concert is going to be inspiring and amazing.

Comments Mrs Barnes “The lockdown was certainly not going to stop us having our concert. They are always such a highlight of the term. The children were all incredible, they really pulled out all the stops and put together in the one video, well we could just be performing in the school hall. Our first ‘virtual’ concert will capture everyone’s imagination.”

Introduced by Mrs Barnes, the concert includes instantly recognisable favourites such as The Pink Panther, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Fly Me To The Moon, Dr Who and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

A link to the concert will be shared with parents next week. Well done to all of the participants, it is going to be wonderful entertainment for us all!!

House Eco Challenge

It has been great to see the examples the children and families have been sending in from our House Eco Challenge this afternoon, what an environmentally creative bunch we have at Crescent school.

Please can all entries be in by Wednesday 28 May 2020 to homelearning@crescentschool.co.uk  stating your child's name and House in the message title.  

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Daniel And Drew Are Remarkable Readers

Last year, Year 6 pupil, Daniel Ovens Gibbs, read an impressive 6 million words and 65 books. This year 11-year-old Daniel has gone one step better. By the beginning of May, Daniel was at an amazing 7 million words from an astonishing 89 books and he just keeps ploughing on.

Determined not to be outdone Daniel’s younger brother 9-year-old Drew is getting in on the act. So far Year 4 pupil, Drew has clocked up 3 million words from 39 books.

Assistant Head, Sarah Webb, who leads on literacy at the Crescent School, explains, “We have a very positive reading culture here at Crescent, it is cool for boys to read, many of our boys in Year 6 have the reading age of a 16-year-old. There are just so many good books out there for boys to read these days.”

The Crescent’s approach to literacy is supported by Renaissance’s Accelerated Reader system. Children take a quiz after reading each book that tests their understanding. Its approach promotes reading for pleasure whilst ensuring the children read appropriately challenging books. It also totals up the books and words read.

Sarah, continues, “Pupils from Year 3 onwards take part in the reading challenge and can quiz daily on the computers before school. We find the boys respond really well to the competitive nature of the challenge. We like to get parents involved too and hold a week every term when parents can come in and quiz with their children. It is wonderful that the boys are so enthusiastic about their reading. Daniel is our top reader again this year and the first ever to reach seven million words.”

What an awe-inspiring achievement - really remarkable reading boys!


Whizz-ard Kid Ellie Has Nearly Read Two Million Words

Year 3, Ellie is a simply, sensational reader and at the tender age of 8-years-old has just finished JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. In the last three months Ellie has devoured the wonderful wizarding stories, that can often be found on the reading lists for children in secondary school.

On Accelerated Reader Ellie has quizzed on all the books achieving an average pass rate of 90% which is way above the target set by her teacher Sam Stapleton. Whizz-ard kid Ellie has read so many words during lockdown that she is now close to becoming a double millionaire.

Reading is so important for children, supporting the development of their language and literacy skills as well as enabling their imaginations and helping to enrich their lives.

Ellie’s reading achievement is absolutely amazing, and we are all super impressed with her wizardry literacy skills.

Year 5 11 + Grammar School Registration Reminder

A reminder for Year 5 Parents.

You will need to register interest in your child taking the 11+ in September by 29 June 2020, please do not worry as this does not commit you in anyway:


Shortly after half term you will be invited for an extended consultation meeting with Ms Forth and Mrs Webb. This will focus on your child's attainment up to this point and a realistic discussion on entrance tests and secondary school destinations.

The dates for these meetings are the afternoons of Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 June. They follow the Year 5 report that will be published Friday 12 June 2020.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Learning Support - Dyslexia Strategies

For those dyslexics amongst us who are finding home learning tricky, I thought I would share some useful strategies! 

I hope you find this poster of interest. 

Mrs Brazier
Learning Support

Virtual Assembly Links

Please find below the links to all the 'virtual' assemblies that have been sent to Pupils during Home Learning.

Monday 23 March 2020 Assembly 23 March 2020
Friday 27 March 2020 Assembly 27 March 2020
Monday 20 April 2020 Assembly 20 April 2020
Friday 24 April 2020 Assembly 24 April 2020
Monday 27 April 2020 Assembly 27 April 2020
Friday 1 May 2020 Assembly 1 May 2020
Monday 4 May 2020 Assembly 4 May 2020
VE Day Assembly  VE Day Assembly
Thursday 7 May 2020 Assembly 7 May 2020
Monday 11 May 2020 Assembly 11 May 2020
Friday 15 May 2020 Assembly 15 May 2020
Monday 18 May 2020  
Friday 22 May 2020 Assembly 22 May 2020


Crescent School



First News

We receive First News in school every week for the children to peruse. As they are currently unable to deliver printed copies, they are sharing the newspaper as a PDF: 

15 May 2020

I hope you are all enjoying this great newspaper, even as an adult, I enjoy reading it.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Mrs Webb's Philosophy Tips

The Philosophy man has updated his page, take a look for some interesting riddles and questions to share over half-term:


Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Teachers' Favourite Books

We thought you would all enjoy some book recommendations from your teachers. As a special half term treat this week four teachers share their favourite books.  Have you read any of them? If not why not give them a try.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head 


Mrs Stapleton:
The Faraway Tree Series by Enid Blyton
My childhood was full of Enid Blyton books - especially The Faraway Tree series where I immersed myself in the different lands and adventures at the top. My favourite characters were Saucepan Man and Silky the fairy and I always wished I could have a go on the slide that went down the middle of the trunk! 

Mrs Yates:
Enid Blyton Books
I enjoyed all the Enid Blyton books. Also, there was a series of horse stories which I loved reading but can't remember the name of them now. Unfortunately, my collection of them didn't survive my mum and dad's house move!
Mrs McCollin:
Giraffe's Can't Dance by Giles Andrea and Charlotte's Webb by E. B. White
My favourite book to read with my children when they were little was Giraffe's Can't Dance by Giles Andrea. My favourite book as a child was Charlotte's Web, which both of my children have read whilst in lock down.
Mrs Forth:
101 Dalmatians by Dodie Smith
I must have read this ten times since about 10-15 years old. It's so good I cannot watch the films as they are nowhere near as detailed. I have the same 1967 copy I found in a jumble sale for 30p, the price and my name and address are still in the front so I didn't lose it!

National Book Tokens And Puffin Big Dreamers Writing Competition

Take a look at another competition for you budding writers.  

Ask your child to write a story of up to 300 words, using the theme BIG DREAMS. Submit it by midnight on 28 May. They can interpret the theme however they like: an epic fantasy inspired by a dream, an amazing adventure that takes place in another world, or a true-to-life story set in an imaginary school. 

More details here:

National Book Tokens and Puffin Writing Competition

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

National Book Token Competition

Children can win a £10 National Book Token for themselves and each of their classmates – and surprise them all when schools reopen! 
While children are at home, encourage them to create a National Book Token design for our competition. Whether it's the school crest doodled in ink, a pencil drawing of the entire class, or something completely different, the competition organisers will choose one child's design to put on a National Book Tokens gift card every week for seven weeks. 
When schools open up again, the young designer and their classmates will each receive a £10 National Book Token – emblazoned with the winning artwork – to inspire them to choose their next favourite book from their local bookshop.

Please follow this link to enter:

Book Token Competition

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Birmingham Museums - Inspire 20 Art Competition Now Open!

This is the fifth year of Birmingham Museum's popular Inspire Art Competition.

With the current lockdown they want to put some positivity back in our lives and, working online, they are still welcoming submissions. They can’t wait to see what you come up with at this time, including all the different art-forms that are possible even while most of us are staying at home.

This year the competition is called What I Can See, it is designed to help us all think about things in our homes, gardens, skies, views, and even in our imaginations and thoughts. So what might this mean to you?

Your art submission could be a poem, still life response, a painting in the garden, portrait, photo, digital drawing or video, a mud sculpture, a pen drawing … there is no right or wrong. What I Can See is a way of sharing and communicating your ideas and energies to others at a time when it is needed the most.

Click here for further details and do let me know if you submit an entry.

Mrs Byrne
Head of Art

Times Table Rockstars Competition

TT Rockstars have got in touch with GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS about how fast some of our times tables rockers are getting. After some conversations they have created a new title - "the highest score achieved on ‘Times Tables Rock Stars in one minute!"

Full details how to enter can be found here.

Art Frizzmeister aka Ms Forth
Deputy Head

Home Learning

Reception Names With Nature

We had a lot of fun in outdoor learning this week. The class were set a task of forming their name using natural pieces they found outside. All sorts of lovely things were used with lots of creativity. Different textures and colours were explored and arranged to form some beautiful natural ‘writing.’

Mrs Pullen
Reception Class Teacher
View Gallery

Reception The Gingerbread Man

'Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man!’

All sorts of gingerbread man figures were created this week in our expressive art and design work. The children were very creative with plasticine, cardboard, paper, sand – even real gingerbread was prepared and baked!

Some were given names - Graham sticks in my mind. I don’t think any of ours managed to run away though but I’m certain the baked examples weren’t around for long!

Mrs Pullen
Reception Class Teacher
View Gallery

Reception Music

Amber and Isabella sent in some lovely photos from learning the song 'Let's make a cake for Grandma' as part of their 'Little Red Riding Hood' series.

Mrs Barnes
Director of Music


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Reception 2020 Mrs Pullen's Craft Activity

As rainbows are currently symbols of thanks and hope, I shared the story of ‘Elmer and the Rainbow’ with the children.

My creative challenge was to make a rainbow butterfly that could be displayed at home. The children were encouraged to use bright bold colours and shown how the two sides of a butterfly can be created by only painting one!

Some beautiful butterflies have been shared.

Mrs Pullen
Reception Class Teacher
View Gallery

Class 1E Learn All About The Patron Saints

In RE we have been learning about the four Patron Saints – who they were, their stories, which country they represent and their representation in churches today.

The children looked in close detail at the Patron Saint that represents the house that they are in at Crescent School so that they understand more about our school house system and feel a stronger loyalty to their house. Some fantastic representations of learning have been created.

We saw puppet shows, lego re-enactments, cake and biscuit baking, flag making (Sophia’s flag made out of blue over-shoe covers was particularly creative), models out of card and paint, hama beads, digital art, wonderful drawings.  A fantastic display.

Mrs Emery
Class 1E Form Tutor
View Gallery

Class 1E London Geography Project

As part of geography, learning about the UK, Class 1E have brought their learning to life and created some wonderful, creative projects about our capital city, London.

We have had models, news reports, a transport museum, power points, fantastic drawings, a 3D map, presentations and lots of photos of the children themselves at the famous landmarks.

Such a high standard of work and clearly lots of learning has taken place as well as lots of fun.

Well done Class 1E.

Mrs Emery
Class 1E Form Tutor
View Gallery

Class 1E And 2W Art

Class 1E and 2W children have been designing and making instruments in art and design. Here are just a few of the wonderful wind, string and percussion ideas from Shaylan, Zac, Maxi and Fred in Class 1E and Ollie, Roisin, Shiv and Shayla in Class 2W.

Mrs Byrne
Head of Science, DT and Art
View Gallery

Class 2W Music

I had a lovely piece of writing from Timi telling me how much he enjoyed this week's song 'Fe-Fi-Fo Fum' from Jack and the Beanstalk:

'The music made my day. It made us record it on our iPad. It made me think of giants stomping everywhere. I really like this Jack and the beanstalk series Mrs Barnes.'

Thank you Timi.

Mrs Barnes
Director of Music

Class 3S Music

Erin and Esme enjoyed their Music activites this week which involved labelling percussion instruments and naming musical symbols.

Mrs Barnes
Director of Music


View Gallery

Class 3S Poems

Class 3S have been reading and analysing animal poems this week. By the end we have all created our very own Animal Anthology book which we can enjoy and share with our families.

Mrs Stapleton
Class 3S Form Teacher
View Gallery

Class 3S And 4M Art

Both Class 3S and 4M took to their gardens in their art lesson this week to find some natural treasures to create a piece of nature art.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy from Abigail, Eva, Rory, Rosina, Stephanie (Class 4M) and Annalise, Grace C, Tegan, Yash and Zahra (Class 3S).

Mrs Byrne
Head of Science, DT and Art
View Gallery

Class 4M Leap Into Limericks!

As part of our new topic, 'Nonsense Poetry', Class 4M have been studying and enjoying limericks this week. They have looked at examples, analysed the structure and rhythm and thought about the rhyming patterns within them. Inspired by Edward Lear, who made them famous, they have created some of their own and here are some examples.

Mrs Monteith
Class 4M Form Tutor
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Class 4M Music

Below are some particularly descriptive pieces of writing from Class 4M about the song and the music they studied this week. The song was about Thor, God of Thunder, and the music was the opening of Janacek's Sinfonietta.

  • It is very slow at the start and it has bursts of different instruments here and there. Then the tone starts going up and down and so are the notes. At one bit the trumpets made a really high bit which got the piece a bit more interesting. Then it switches between two notes going up and down to add more momentum. Then it has a big crash of instruments and then it stops suddenly. Then it goes back in quite a weird tone. Later on in the video the orchestra plays in quite a mysterious tune which adds more suspense. Then even later on, the flutes and piccolos start playing in a nice but frantic tune. Then some more instruments play a bit more of a frantic tune. Then it is the ending. The ending builds up and then fades away and then has one more big crash then silence. - Caspar 
  • I have just watched the BBC episode of the saga songs and this is how I think of it I thought it was very demanding and powerful I loved it because it was very dramatic and I loved the story about were he lost to an old lady and a cat it is so funny and I think the BBC really put a lot of effort into making the song very meaningful and enjoyable - Charlotte 
  • The music at first was quiet and then it gradually got louder. Then there were drums πŸ₯ in the background, and there was a fanfare. Then there were other trumpets 🎺 joining in with the fanfare, and then it got even louder and scary & dramatic. There is lots of Brass. At the end it got quieter and quieter until you couldn’t hear itπŸ‘‚πŸ». It made me feel like I was at a Royal event; something grand was going to happen and it made me feel like I wanted to just jump up and salute.🀴🏻🀴🏻🀴🏻. I enjoyed the music. - Faris
  • The music made me feel quite intimidated because it was very loud and grand. It featured brass instruments the most and the drums. It was quite a slow piece of music that sounded like a fanfare. I liked it because it sounded like an important person arriving somewhere. - Grace S
  • The music featured brass instruments like trumpets and french horns. There were also drums The music was a bit slow at the beginning but got faster. The music was quiet at the beginning then it got louder when more instruments started playing. The music made me feel grand and happy. The fanfare is used to make a grand entrance. - Katherine
  • This music makes my blood freeze at parts. Sometimes, at parts, it makes me want to clap my hands and shout at the top of my voice; THUNDER BANG AND CRASH!!!!! It would sometimes send a shiver down my spine if I look at the picture on the screen. Some bits were nice though, like the part when the pictures go a little bit softer, and I don't have to go ;crash crash crash boom. So that is a bit of my opinion, but now I am going to tell you WHY. So this is it, I think this is because the music makes really loud noises, which go down not very well. So I think that the music goes either loud; [e.g.crash bang boozle woozle] or either a BIT quiet. - Liana

Lovely to read thank you all.

Mrs Barnes
Director of Music

Class 4M Geography

Class 4M are studying an environmental topic this term, 'Improving our Environment'.

This week they needed to explain their reasoning for their thoughts on the question, 'Which method do you think is better for the disposal on non-recyclable waste, incineration or landfill?' The class really were split on opinion after they had heard the facts like incineration saves space, but produces damaging fumes and landfill can be made into green spaces, but produces toxic liquids into the soil.

I was very pleased with how they embraced this current issue so articulately. Some, like Grace and Sophie chose to voice their ideas as a speech which is and excellent skill to practice.

Ms Forth
Deputy Head

Class 4M Are Super Storytellers!

We brought our fiction topic on David Walliams to a close last week and the children wrote their own stories inspired by the themes in Mr Stink. They were wonderful to read and a few of them are shared here.

Mrs Monteith
4M Form Tutor
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Class 5F Art

Class 5F were given an open-ended task this week in art to conclude their nature topic. As long as it included something from nature they could do anything they liked. Interestingly both Amy and George chose to draw their dogs while Asha chose to draw a super bridge over a river.

Mrs Byrne
Head of Science, DT and Art
View Gallery

Class 6Y Phoebe's DT

Phoebe in Class 6Y has certainly been working very hard on her DT bridges project. Not only has she been doing the set work of researching different types of bridges and designing her own, she has also been out in the garden trying out ideas before she moves onto making one for herself.

Mrs Byrne
Head of Science, DT and Art


Princethorpe College Virtual Open Evening

Wednesday 3 June 2020 – 6.30pm onwards

Prospective pupils and their parents are warmly invited to the College’s first ever Virtual Open Evening on Wednesday 3 June from 6.30pm.

The evening will consist of a link to a pre-recorded video comprising an address by our Headmaster, Ed Hester, short video clips of some of our pupils from Year 7 to Sixth Form and fun, interactive subject activities for children to participate in at home. The evening will also provide information as to the admissions process.

The pre-recorded video will be followed by a live streamed Q & A session with Mr Hester, Mrs Rooney, the Registrar, and the senior team from 7.30pm, which parents will be able to submit questions to in advance or on the evening via a chat function.

To sign up for the Virtual Open Evening, please complete the short online form here by Wednesday 27 May.

You will then be emailed the link to the Virtual Open Evening and instructions for the Live Q & A Session on Wednesday 3 June.

If you have any other questions related to the admissions process or Princethorpe generally please contact Mrs Rooney, the Registrar, at admissions@princethorpe.co.uk or call her on 07930 601877.


Pastoral Message From Mr Webb

Dear Parents

As we enter May half term week, the thoughts of many of us are turning towards the prospect of returning to work and school.  For some this will be very welcome but for some a time of increased anxiety.  For children there will be a natural mixture of feelings too as some year groups potentially return in the near future while others await further Government updates.

There has been significant news lately of the potential impact of the lockdown on the mental health of children and so I attach here a useful NSPCC/childline calm zone link which children (and parents!) may like to think about/explore/play over the next few days.


Wishing you all a safe and calm week ahead.

Mr Webb
Crescent Safeguarding Lead
Head of Pastoral Care

CLANG Of The Week

We have made it to the end of this half term.  This week has been Mental Health Awareness week so it’s been a great chance to check in with some of you in our well-being sessions across the school and also to hear about how you have been kind to yourselves as well. 

Emily in Class 2W sent in her timetable of the week of how she was going to show kindness to others and to herself. Thank you, Emily, it’s always good to have a visual plan! 

As we head into a week off I pray you and your families stay safe and have a chance to relax and enjoy some time outside in the sunshine.

Here is my CLANG for the week:

It has been fun connecting with old university friends and smiling at some of the old photographs they have been sharing online.
I have learnt not to take technology for granted; I have lost at least two videos I have made this week for Seesaw and not been able to upload files as quickly as I’d like! 
In the sunshine we have found new routes to cycle on alongside the canal which has been a lovely change of scenery but also a test of my balance!
I’ve definitely noticed more traffic on the roads when we have been cycling so staying safe and being responsible when out and about is important.
I had a surprise gift arrive yesterday from a very dear friend which was a rainbow glass decoration she had made herself and as the light comes through the window a beautiful rainbow appears on the floor reminding me to thank the NHS and frontline workers as well as the promises that God made to Noah all those years ago.

Have a great half term break and remember, be kind to yourself! 

Mrs Stapleton
Head of Wellbeing
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School Promise

Crescent Good Citizens

Good Citizen is of course a significant strand of the Crescent school promise so please keep sending to me, by email (awebb@crescentschool.co.uk), any examples of your children going above and beyond in this aspect during this lockdown period, so that we can include them in a section celebrating this in the Courier each Friday.

Best wishes

Mr Webb
Head of Pastoral Care

Good Citizen Joshua Receives NHS Medal

This week Joshua received a medal from the NHS charities, for the donation his family made for all the wonderful it has done.

His Dad said: "Josh has been riding his bike everyday and using this as his form of exercise. He has been riding whilst his Mum and Dad walk his grandparents dog because his grandparents have had to stay inside so Molly needed a walk. He’s really enjoyed all the miles he has been riding".

Keep up the good work Joshua.

Mr Webb
Assistant Head

Good Citizen Eleanor Helps Mum

Mrs Stern, sent me a message:

"We listened to Mrs Stapleton's video this morning and it really resonated with me.

Since lock down I've not been able to access the things that help me with my fibromyalgia. I normally have physio every week and acupuncture which helps me keep on top of my symptoms. Since lockdown my symptoms have worsened as time has gone on but Eleanor has quietly added things into her day to help me such as emptying the dishwasher,  making her special potatoes to give me energy, vacuuming, changing her and her brothers beds, helping with lunch. She has been doing these things without being asked and without any fuss. 

Yesterday she showed real kindness towards me. My pain levels meant I couldn't move around much and after school she sat with me on the sofa till I fell asleep and then she made dinner for us all whilst leaving me to sleep." 

This is so lovely Eleanor.

Mrs Webb
Class 6W Form Teacher

Good Citizen Kian's Acts Of Kindness

I received this lovely email from Kian in Reception this week:

We’ve been so warmed by watching Kian during this quarantine period. Here are a few examples of kindness;

  • Checking on our elderly neighbours - speaking to them and making them laugh. Writing them notes and leaving it at the top of their drive.
  • He’s been a writing letters and making drawings and posting them to my mother who is living alone and missing her grandchildren terribly (she’s also a social worker for vulnerable children).
  • He’s been taking care of his little sister, teaching her to ride her bike and reading to her in the mornings.
  • He had a clear out of his toys and made a ‘take it if you need it’ box outside our house of all the things he wanted to give away.
  • Always picks me flowers and thanks us for everything.
  • Says hello with a smile to anyone we see on our walks.

Kian you are a Good Citizen.

Mr Webb
Assistant Head



Good Citizen Mya Tidies Up

Mya in Class 3S has been a Good Citizen this week as she took it upon herself to tidy the whole house on her own. Mum was very impressed and found this very helpful! 

Keep up the helpful work Mya.

Mr Webb
Assistant Head

Good Citizen Noah Helps Builds Corona Cabin

Noah has been a great help over the last couple of weeks as I have been building a shed. We have decided to call it "Corona Cabin'.

Please see attached photos of Noah helping with the roof and fascia boards which his Dad sent in.

Good work Noah.

Mrs Webb
Class 6W Form Teacher


View Gallery

Good Citizen Oliver Looking After Ducks

Class 2W Oliver is being a good citizen looking after six ducklings on his farm at home.

Mr Webb
Assistant Head


Good Citizens Roisin And Annalise Thank You

Roisin and Annalise have created another wonderful design this week saying thank you to all the Staff at Crescent School for making home learning fun.

Thank you Roisin and Annalise it is very kind.

Mr Webb
Assistant Head
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Accelerated Reader Achievements

Well done to these prolific readers:

  • Drew has now read 3 million words
  • Ewan has read 1 million words
  • Liana has read 2 million words

Now we have half-term, try and read and quiz, some of you are very near your first or next million and it would be great to mention you in the Courier after half-term.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head
View Gallery

Virtual Accelerated Reading Board

It great to see so many of you accessing reading from home.  We work out these totals over each week working from Monday to Monday, so there is still time for next week.

Word Wizards of the week:

  • Harry B
  • Jay
  • Katherine
  • Milly
  • Tegan


Children who have read the most books this week:

  • Harriett G
  • Harry B
  • Katherine
  • Orla
  • Yash

Keep up the excellent reading work.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Accelerated Reader Certificates

The following children have been awarded (virtually) certificates for Accelerated Reader this week:

3S 4M 5F 6Y










Grace S




Hany x2







Well done to you all.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Times Table Rockstars

Weekly battle 14 May - 21 May results:

Boys Girls
6,407 points 5,033 points

Boys are the winners!

Special mention to Aryan in 4M and Sahana in 5F for contributing the most points to their teams. 

In the Class 4M and 6W battle:

Class 4M Class 6W
4,713 points 0 points
Class 4M won the battle with Aryan being the most valuable player!

Each class can have the speediest TT Rock Star and that gets you up the status board on the poster. To get on this board you have to tackle the single-player games - Garage, Studio & Soundcheck, multi-player games do not count for these. The single-player games also earn more coins than the multi-player games too.

In the last weeks, most improved speedsters in each class are:

  • 3S - Bryson - Rock Legend
  • 4M -Aryan - Rock Star!

  • 5F - Isla - Rock Legend!

  • 6Y - Ranier - Headliner!

I have also set up a 'Battle' for Thursday 21 May - 4 June  'Girls Vs Boys' for the whole school. 

There is also Class 3S V 6Y battle too.

Battles add up any points at all as you play! I will let you know who wins next Courier.

Stay Calm and Keep Rocking!

Art Frizzmeister aka Ms Forth
Deputy Head


Crescent Is Top Participant In CSW Virtual School Games Week 1

A huge well done to all the children for your enthusiastic participation in Week 1 of the CSW School Games Virtual Challenge. Your super-human efforts have helped us win the Primary School Participation Award.

Organised by Think Active, the Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire School Games Virtual Challenge is an exciting programme of sporting competition running throughout the summer term.

Week 1 focused on Athletics and included two challenges, the Standing Long Jump and a 10 x 5m Shuttle Run. 2924 children took part from 224 schools and we were really thrilled to hear that, across the week, Crescent School had the most participants in the primary school section.

Week 2 is Cricket skills followed by Tennis and then Dance! So plenty more opportunities for everyone to get involved.


FoC - Contact Information

Below are the details of the FoC Year Group Representatives. These reps will communicate with you on all our events via email, WhatsApp or Facebook. 

Year Group 1st Rep 2nd Rep
Reception Vicky Morley Lisa Millward
Year 1 Sanda Mocanu Fatima Masood
Year 2 Inez de Koning Karen Williams
Year 3 Emilie Crowfoot Claire Brosnan
Year 4 Semma King Anita Somerset
Year 5 Kal Mistry Amy Sarkies
Year 6 Emma Wells Victoria Akbik


Chairperson Zara Corbin chair@friendsofcrescent.co.uk
Treasurer Nick Brosnan treasurer@friendsofcrescent.co.uk
Secretary Amy Sarkies secretary@friendsofcrescent.co.uk
Pre-Loved Uniform Louise Symons  
Staff Reps Ms Forth and Mrs Webb  
FoC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/friendsofcrescent/  
Zara Corbin
FoC Chair


Anti-Fraud – Reminder

Cyber-crime – please be extra vigilant

Parents are asked to be vigilant when reading emails relating to the payment of school fees and any other items to the Foundation.

We continue to receive reports regarding spam emails.  The latest scam offers a large discount on fees for the coming academic year if paid immediately.

This is probably trying to take advantage of the fact that some independent schools have offered discounts for this term and that parents may therefore be more open to such a suggestion. You can always protect yourselves by only making payments to us in line with our normal, published methods.

As advised, there has been no change to the bank details of either Princethorpe College, Crackley Hall or Crescent and there is no intention to make any changes in the foreseeable future. Any electronic notification that appears to be from any of the Foundation schools changing these details may be fraudulent.  Our bank details are available on the Parent Bills, the Online Payment Portal and for Princethorpe in the Information Booklet 2019 – 2020 for each school, and only those details should be used.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or my colleagues in the Bursary if you are have any doubts about the correct details or indeed if anything appears suspicious. 

Eddie Tolcher
Foundation Bursar


Useful School Contact Information

Please see below for useful school contact information:

Crescent School Office
01788 521595
Postal address: Crescent School, Bawnmore Road, Bilton, Rugby CV22 7QH
After School Club
01788 523850
Bills, Fees and Online Payment
01926 634273
01788 523851
School Shop and Uniform
01926 634272
Princethorpe College General Office
01926 634200
Pathfinders Nursery
01788 813666
twitter:    @CrescentSchRug
facebook: @cres.school

Term Dates For 2019-20 And 2020-21

Please find below term dates for this academic year and next:


Trinity Term 
Half Term Saturday 23 May to Sunday 31 May 2020
End of Term Wednesday 1 July 2020
Michaelmas Term
Term starts Tuesday 1 September 2020
Half Term Saturday 17 October to Sunday 1 November 2020
Term ends Tuesday 15 December 2020

Lent Term
Term starts Tuesday 5 January 2021
Half Term Saturday 13 February to Sunday 21 February 2021
Term ends Friday 26 March 2021

Trinity Term
Term starts Monday 19 April 2021
May Bank holiday - Monday 30 May 2021 (no school)
Half Term Saturday 29 May to Sunday 6 June 2021
Term ends Tuesday 6 July 2021