A huge well done to everyone for an excellent half term of learning. We wish all our Crescent community a great half term break and hope you enjoy the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Our cover photo this week is of the victorious U9 Cricket team who won the Hallfield Prep Cricket Sixes tournament on Tuesday.

Do keep an eye on the Calendar and Events sections, next half term is a busy one, so do put the dates in your diary now. Read on to find out what else has been happening in school this week.

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Headmaster's Message

Headmaster's Message

Dear Parents

I have spent the last three days of the week down in Devon accompanying the Year 6 children on their residential trip. I hope everyone back at school has enjoyed their final week of an action packed half term. In all my assemblies over recent weeks I have focused on the idea of making the most of opportunities when they come along. I very much hope your children have done this throughout the half term and enjoyed the combination of challenge, play and fun that school offers.

There is still plenty to look forward to on our return on 6 June, with sports days, concerts, plays and Jubilee celebrations planned. If you have a trip away over the half term week, I hope it goes well and you are able to spend some quality time with your children. I look forward to meeting up with everybody again on our return.

With my best wishes from sunny-ish Devon.

Joe Thackway



Show And Tell Shares Reception’s Learning Journey

Reception teachers Mrs Emery and Mrs Pullen have welcomed parents into school this week to share the children's learning journeys this past year. Our youngest pupils greeted their visitors excitedly and took great delight in proudly talking their mums, dads and grandparents through their journals.

The Learning Journals are a very special record of the children’s experiences, development and learning journey during their first year at Crescent School. Nurturing a love of learning is one of Crescent’s goals, and seeing the children talk with passion and enthusiasm about all that they’ve learned filled their teachers with pride.

Parents were asked to add their comments to the journals too, so that their voices would also help celebrate the children’s achievements.

They have all come such a long way since they started Reception back in September, thank you for helping us celebrate all their wonderful accomplishments.

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Individual And Siblings Photographs Proofs

Photo proofs were sent home with the children this week (we are still awaiting 1SS proofs). All photographs should be ordered online at www.pics4schools.com.  

All details can be found on the proof card with your unique security code. The deadline for orders to ensure free delivery to school is Wednesday 8 June 2022 (please ignore date on the card).

Please do contact Mr Lloyd if you have any queries, his details are on the proof card.

Crescent School


Year 3 - 6 Sports Day

Tuesday 7 June 2022 - 10.00am to 12.00pm

We are all very much looking forward to our Sports Day for Years 3-6 on Tuesday 7 June. This is being held within the school day so normal drop off and collection times from school apply.

Please note that all pupils are to wear PE kit to school, blazers are not required but tracksuit tops or hoodies are to be worn. Please ensure that your child(ren) comes to school with the following:

  • sun cream, applied before school
  • a school sunhat (these can be purchased from the school office)
  • a refillable drinks bottle of water (snacks will be provided)

Sports days are always very much anticipated by the children and really enjoyable for all involved.

Parents are invited to come and support, please book your tickets via the link below so we are able to advise Princethorpe of numbers attending and car parking. 

Year 3 - 6 Sports Day

Mrs McCollin
Head of PE and Games

Princethorpe College Summer Open Evening

Wednesday 8 June 2022 - 6.30pm to 9.00pm

The College Summer Open Evening is a great opportunity for prospective families, for Year 7 to 10 and Lower Sixth entry, for September 2023 and beyond, to look around the school and to meet members of staff and pupils. As part of the evening, there will be two opportunities to hear from Ed Hester, Headmaster, 6.45pm or 7.30pm, allowing families to explore the College before and after. So, families do not miss out, we are encouraging visitors to book their place and time slot.

Click here to book your place.

If you have any questions please contact the Admissions Team on 01926 643201/262/297 or email admissions@princethorpe.co.uk.


Queen's Jubilee Celebration

We will be marking Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee in school on Friday 10 June. 

The children will be encouraged to attend wearing red, white and blue and will take part in a carousel of activities throughout the day. We will also gather together for a jubilee themed picnic lunch on the field. 

We are looking forward to celebrating this momentous occasion.

Mrs Yates
Head of History

Summer Concert Upper School

Monday 13 June - 2.15pm - 3.15pm

All the musicians in the Upper School - and there are many of them - have been working hard preparing for our Summer Concert after half-term.

Choir, Orchestra, Brass Group, Flute Group, Wacky Music, and soloists will perform for your delectation and delight. Doors open at 2.15pm with refreshments in the Library.

Do come and support all the hard work that has been going on this term.  Book your tickets here:

Upper School Summer Concert

Mrs Barnes
Director of Music

Summer Concert Pre-Prep

Tuesday 14 June - 9.15am - 10.00am

Pre-Prep are starring in their very own Summer Concert on Tuesday 14 June. All classes in the PrePrep, Mini Brass and some soloists will be very excited to show you what they have been learning in Music. 

Refreshments will be served in the Library from 8.45am.  Book your tickets here:

Pre-Prep Summer Concert

Mrs Barnes
Director of Music

Move It For Birmingham Children's Hospital

On Friday 17 June, a member of the fundraising team from Birmingham Children's Hospital will be visiting to deliver an assembly. The children will then be involved in the Move It initiative to raise funds for the hospital. All the children will come to school dressed in sportswear of their choice and will take part in a range of 'move it' activities during the afternoon. This will include as a class, running 90 laps of the field to recognise the 90,000 poorly children who are helped by the hospital each year.

More details are to follow after the half term. 

Mrs Yates
Class 3Y Form Teacher

Years 1 and 2 Sports Day

Tuesday 21 June 2022 - 2.00pm to 3.30pm

We are all very much looking forward to our Sports Day for Years 1 and 2 on Tuesday 21 June. This is being held within the school day so normal drop off and collection times from school apply.

Please note that all pupils are to wear PE kit to school, blazers are not required but tracksuit tops or hoodies are to be worn. Please ensure that your child(ren) comes to school with the following:

  • sun cream
  • a school sunhat (these can be purchased from the school office)
  • a refillable drinks bottle of water (snacks will be provided)

Sports days are always very much anticipated by the children and really enjoyable for all involved.

Parents are invited to come and support, please book your tickets via the link below:

Year 1 and 2 Sports Day

Mrs McCollin
Head of PE and Games

Reception Sports Day

Monday 27 June 2022 - 2.15pm to 3.15pm

We are all very much looking forward to our Sports Day for Reception on Friday 27 June. This is being held within the school day so normal drop off and collection times from school apply.

Please note that all pupils are to wear PE kit to school, blazers are not required but tracksuit tops or hoodies are to be worn. Please ensure that your child(ren) comes to school with the following:

  • sun cream 
  • a school sunhat (these can be purchased from the school office)
  • a refillable drinks bottle of water (snacks will be provided)

Sports days are always very much anticipated by the children and really enjoyable for all involved.

Parents are invited to come and support, please book your tickets via the link below: 

Reception Sports Day

Mrs McCollin
Head of PE and Games

Around The Classes

Reception Roundup

Please click on the link below to read all about what the Reception classes have been learning this week. 

Reception Round Up - 27 May 2022 

Mrs Pullen and Mrs Emery
Reception Class Teachers

Year 1 Bark Rubbing

Classes 1LS and 1SS have been learning about plants including trees this week. The children were out in Forest School measuring and observing the different parts of a tree. They took bark rubbings to then make their own detailed drawings.

Mrs Johnson
Science and DT Teacher
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Class 1LS Maths Detectives

Class 1LS became Mathematics Detectives this week. The children investigated how many ways we could move around three Compare Bears without duplicating a colour sequence. It required strategic thinking and lots of careful observation.

Mrs Symons
Class 1LS Form Teacher
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Super Science Club

In Super Science club, pupils from Years 1 and 2 have been enjoying experiments using lots of different colours. They have set up and observed how coloured water can move by absorption from one cup to another making colours of the rainbow and how the colours of skittle sweets (in water) have different properties which make barriers and creates super rainbow patterns.

It's been lots of fun learning about chemistry!

Mrs Johnson
Science and DT Teacher
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Class 5F Make Burgers

Class 5F have researched the nutritional value of different burgers from well-known fast-food chains. Some of the results were quite shocking! Motivated by their findings, Class 5F wrote persuasive letters to the chains to ask that the fat and salt content be reduced. The children designed and planned their own burger that was a much healthier and balanced meal. They made their own sauces too! 

Mrs Johnson
Science and DT Teacher
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School Promise Certificates Trinity Term

In our Good News Assembly this morning we awarded School Promise certificates to recognise the children’s excellent behaviour as Good Friends, Good Learners or Good Citizens. 

Well done to:

  • Charlie
  • Esme
  • Oliver
  • Albert
  • Herbie
  • Akaal
  • Theo Mc
  • Evelyn
  • Feranmi
  • Anaya
  • Flora
  • Alice
  • Sophie
  • Keevie
  • Jed
  • Tara

Keep up the good work.

Joe Thackway
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Junior da Vinci Students

This week Kian in 2W has achieved his full Junior da Vinci student status in English and Mya in 5F has achieved hers in mathematics.

Well done to both of you. 

Mrs Symons
Junior da Vinci Lead

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Class 3Y Pen Licence

It is always an exciting time for the children when they gain their pen licence, enabling them to make the move from writing in pencil to pen.

For this rite of passage, the children have to show that they can write neatly and consistently in cursive, joined handwriting in all of their work, not just handwriting tasks.

The following children have shown pride in the presentation of all of their learning tasks and have been awarded a Pen Licence and their first handwriting pen:

  • Aryaan
  • Barnaby
  • Lewis
  • Max 
  • Shaylan
  • Sophie

Well done!

Mrs Yates
Class 3Y Form Tutor
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Accelerated Reader Top Quizzers And Word Wizards

This week's Accelerated Reader Superstars are:

Top Quizzers are:

  • 3Y   Sophia
  • 4M  Remi
  • 5F   Bella

Word Wizards are:

  • 3Y  Edward W
  • 4M Sofie
  • 5F  Zahra
Mrs Nelson
Teaching Assistant

Pre-Prep Reading Certificates

Pre-Prep reading certificates have this week been awarded to:

  • Isla
  • Keevie
  • Lilah
  • Max
  • Theo Mc
  • Tilly
  • Uma

Well done to you all.

Mr Webb
Head of Pre-Prep


Lunchtime Supervisors End Of Term Award

Thank you to Keevie (awarded at end of Lent Term), Isla, Lily, Dudley, Charlotte, Barnaby, Shayla and Finlay for their good conduct, good manners and respect for others during lunchtimes.

The lunchtime supervisors decided that you are this half term's recipients of the end of term award goodie bags.

Joe Thackway


Times Table Rockstars

Garage and Gigs are the most important games to show your progress. Pupils who have reached landmark % on automatic training mode in the Garage and Gigs are therefore awarded JDVs for maths practice:

  • Kian 2W completed over 24%
  • Thomas 2W completed over 24%

Results for last week's battle - well done 2W:

  • 1st place - Class 2W with 1,638 points
  • 2nd place - Class 4M with   345 points
  • 3rd place - Class 3Y with    102 points

 Most valuable players in the whole competition:

  • 1st Theo Mc 2W
  • 2nd Alfie 2W
  • 3rd Tomisin 2W

Last week's most improved speedsters in Studio are: 

Tomisin - Rock Star!
Thomas - Garage Rocker!
Kian - Support Act!

Lewis - Rockstar!
Sophia - Rockstar!

New 'Battle' 26 May - 9 June 2022 all classes against each other. Please note only the children should play on their account or it influences the level appropriate to them.

Stay Calm and Rock On!!

Art Frizzmeister 
Deputy Head

Which Class Topped The Reading Polls This Month?

And now for the highly contested ‘Class Word Wizards’ and ‘Top Quizzing Class’ for this month. 

Class Word Wizards Trophy
In 4th place, having read a whopping 1.6 million words, is 3Y
In 3rd place, having read an impressive 2.2 million words is 6W
In 2nd place, having read an astonishing 2.5 million words is 5F
Leaving 4M as our worthy winners, having collectively read over 2.8 million words
Top Quizzing Class Trophy
3Y then came away with the ‘Most Books Read’ trophy, having successfully quizzed on 86 books.

Well done to all our avid readers here at Crescent School.

Mrs Nelson
Teaching Assistant


Crescents U9s Win The Hallfield Prep Cricket Tournament

After a thrilling afternoon, Crescent School claimed victory in the U9 Hallfield Prep Cricket Sixes Tournament. The event took place on Tuesday 24 May at Hallfield Prep School in Birmingham with eight teams from the Midlands region taking part. Playing for Crescent were Shiv, Alex G, Alex T, Sam B, Timi and Edward GH.

The team played three matches using a Kwik Cricket format where everyone bowls and bats.

Crescent faced the hosts in their opening match but excellent bowling and fielding restricted Hallfield’s opportunity to score and the boys won by 91 runs to 65 runs taking six wickets along the way.

Match two was incredibly exciting. Crescent faced Abberley Hall School and both teams played well. At the end of the game the teams were drawn on runs and wickets taken, so there was a bowl-off to decide winner. Shiv and Sam B both hit the stumps, so Crescent progressed to the final.

There, Crescent faced West House School. The boys were focused and there was plenty of great batting and bowling in a very tight game. Crescent was ahead by one run with one ball to go and Alex G calmly defended the ball to take the tournament win.

It was an outstanding afternoon with boundaries scored by every player and wickets taken by four of the six boys. There was standout captaincy from Shiv, managing his field, showing great leadership and manners, but all the boys are to be commended as the children worked extremely hard at their cricket and deserved the success on the day.

U8s A & B Teams At Hallfield Sixes Cricket Tournament

The U8s travelled to Hallfield Prep School on Thursday, with both the A and B teams having near identical results! Both sides narrowly lost to Warwick Prep in their opening games, learning valuable lessons along the way. The second game saw the teams beaten by a very strong and well-drilled Hallfield side (the eventual winners in both groups), but Crescent improved and never gave less than 100%. In the final game, both Crescent sides were able to put all that they learned into practice, bowling and fielding superbly, being brave with the bat and most importantly supporting and encouraging one another. The teams emerged victorious over a strong Solihull team, and finished in 3rd place in their respective groups. Player of the Tournament for the A's was Sam Y for his superb sportsmanship, encouragement and bowling, Player of the Tournament for the B’s was Aryaan for his incredible enthusiasm and electric fielding.

Mr Adkins and Mrs Dowling
Teacher of Boys Games/Teaching Assistant
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ISA Midland Junior Athletics 

Great day in Solihull, all pupils were a joy to be with showing great respect, maturity and encouragement at the event. There were some fantastic performances by all athletes competing against 28 other schools.  We are still awaiting the full results however huge congratulations to Timi who made the 60m finals and came 5th, Ellie G who came 4th in 150m and 8th in the rounders ball throw, Grace C 4th in 600m, Sam M 6th in 600m and the Year 5 Girls Relay team of Grace, Bella, Mya and Ellie who made the final coming 5th.  

You all did the school proud. 

Mrs McCollin and Mrs Calder
Head of PE and Games/Teavhing Assistant

Outside School

Yash Badminton Success

Yash was a part of Badminton squad who represented Warwickshire at North Midway Shire's League at Babington Academy in Leicester on Sunday 22 May. The team did very well and Yash won a Bronze medal.

Well done Yash.

Flora Is A Good Citizen

Last week, Flora packed up some of her clothes and toys to give to a 6-year-old girl called Julia, who had just arrived from Ukraine with her mum. Julia and her mum, who are staying with a friend of Flora's Mummy, had to leave most of their belongings behind when then fled to the UK to escape the war. Julia especially loves the colouring things, slippers, and cuddly giraffe. Flora wants to learn to speak some Ukrainian so she can be Julia's friend. 

Well done Flora.

Faris Attends Organs For Pianists Event

At the weekend Faris attended the ‘Organs for Pianists’ event, held at Rugby School. 

It was really educational and there were some beautiful recitals from members of the Coventry & Warwickshire Organists’ Association, and two Rugby School pupils. 

The Organ Teachers were amazing and guided Faris through two of his exam pieces (Allegro & Opening Night Jazz) on the wonderful Chapel organ. He experimented with setting the stops for different ‘voices’, and even played using the swell foot pedals. He really enjoyed it! 


FOC Fathers Day

This year we will be offering a Father's Day Coffee Break Gift Box; Recyclable Cup, Biodegradable Coffee Bag and two Treats in a decorated Gift Box for £5 (inc booking fee), better than going to Starbucks! 

If you would like your child to buy this gift for the father figure in their life, for a well deserved feet up moment, please purchase by clicking on the link below by Friday 10 June.

Father's Day

The gift will be sent home by Friday 17 June in time for Father's Day on Sunday 19 June.

Nick Brosnan
FoC Chair


Weekly Calendar

Weekly Calendar

Please click on the link below for next week's calendar. 

Calendar 7 June 2022

After School
Provision can be booked through My School Portal selecting the sessions you require. 
If you require your child to have tea, please ensure bookings are made by 10.00am each day.  


Crescent School

Music Lesson Timetable

Please click on the link below to view the Music Lesson timetable, parents of children having lessons will be emailed the password:

Music Lessons 6 June 2022

Mrs Barnes
Director of Music


Sign Up For Music Lessons - Years 3-6 Reminder

Please complete the form below if your child would like Music Lessons from September 2022.

If your child is currently having music lessons you do not need to complete the form unless they would like to try a new instrument.  

Music Lessons

Any queries do contact me.

Mrs Barnes
Director of Music


Lunch Menu Week Commencing 6 June 2022

Please click below to view the lunch menu for next week, children are able to have either the Main or Vegetarian option. 

Lunch Menu 6 June 2022

Crescent School

Useful School Contact Information

Please see below for useful school contact information:

Crescent School Office
01788 521595
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Term Dates 2021/22 And 2022/23

Please find below term dates for 2021/22 and 2022/23:

Trinity Term
Half Term Saturday 28 May to Sunday 5 June 2022
Term ends Wednesday 6 July 2022
Michaelmas Term
Term starts Monday 5 September 2022
Half Term Saturday 15 October to Sunday 30 October 2022
Term ends Friday 16 December 2022

Lent Term
Term starts Wednesday 4 January 2023
Half Term Saturday 18 February to Sunday 26 February 2023
Term ends Friday 23 March 2023

Trinity Term
Term starts Monday 17 April 2023
May Bank Holiday Monday 1 May 2023 (no school)
Half Term Saturday 27 May to Sunday 4 June 2023
Term ends Wednesday 5 July 2023
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The Princethorpe Foundation Employment Opportunities

The Foundation has the following vacancies:

  • Teacher of Computer Science - Princethorpe College
  • Learning Support Assistant - Crackley Hall School
  • Library Assistant - Princethorpe College
  • Estates Assistant - Princethorpe College
  • Evening Caretaker - The Princethorpe Foundation
  • Nursery Practitioner - Little Crackers at Crackley Hall School
  • Weekend Painter And Decorator - The Princethorpe Foundation

Full details and information on how to apply are available on the Foundation website here:


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