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After the excitement of last week’s residentials it was back to the classroom this week but that didn’t stop the fun. What with the Inter-House Geography Quiz, Open Evening, the Music Technology Workshop and the next round of our Learning Mentor meetings there has been plenty going on.

Do keep an eye on the Events section, for updates for the term ahead and read on to find out what else has been happening in school this week.

Our cover photo this week is of The Friendship Circle being held outside in the warm weather.

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Headmaster's Message

Headmaster's Message

Dear Parents

I hope you have enjoyed a productive week at work and at home, as we have done here at school.

We have focused this week on the theme of sun care, with the summer beckoning and warmer temperatures hopefully not too far away. The children have taken on board these messages really sensibly and I am grateful to Mrs Noyce and Mrs Webb in particular and the children in Year 6 for being so proactive in putting this message out to the children.

Each year in my Year 6 Geography classes we spend time learning locations of cities, countries, mountains, seas, rivers, oceans and so on in our Geography lessons. This culminates in the annual interhouse quiz which was an exciting affair this year with the children showing superb levels of knowledge and confidence. Well done to St Andrews house for their ultimate success and warm congratulations should also go to the other teams who took part.

There is much to look forward to next week with an assembly on the latest Bwengu fundraising as well as the celebration breakfast for the Year 6 children following their exam successes. The Year 5 Taster Day at Princethorpe College is always an enjoyable one for the children involved and I will go over there to meet them when they are picked up by parents at the end of the day.

Finally, of course, we have the Summer Fete planned for next Friday and I do hope you are able to come along at least for some of the time to support the event and enjoy the activities with your children.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Joe Thackway



Year 4 Explore Music In Technology Workshop

Crescent School’s Year 4 took part in a half-day music technology workshop at Princethorpe College on Thursday 12 May. Hosted by Director of Music, Gil Cowlishaw, the session took place in the College’s dedicated Music Technology suite. The children were introduced to computer music production concepts such as sequencing and arrangement and then encouraged to experiment. Using the technology software Soundtrap, the children enjoyed creating music in a completely new way. Starting with drum machine patterns and loops and adding texture through the addition of bass, keyboard and even vocal lines the children each created their own unique piece.

After a short break and an obligatory Princethorpe cookie, the children moved on to explore the concept of harmony. This time using online song writing software Hookpad, the children built a pattern of major and minor chords and overlaid their own melodies. Finally, the children listened to their music in a variety of music styles including rock, pop, jazz and even reggae.

The Year 4s clearly enjoyed the workshop and exploring music in a new way and everyone was able to save their creations to their OneDrive accounts to take home to share with their families.

Mr Cowlishaw, commented, “We had lots of fun in our music technology taster, the children were all fantastic to work with and created some amazing pieces.”

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St Andrew’s Crowned Champions Of The Inter-House Geography Quiz

Crescent School’s annual Inter-House Geography quiz took place this week, on Tuesday 10 May, and as always it was a hotly contested affair. Pupils in Year 6 have been working hard all year learning the mountains, seas, rivers, countries and capitals of the world. In their lessons they have participated in regular quizzes with the highest scorers earning themselves the right to represent their House in the final. The quiz took place in the school hall with the added pressure of an audience of pupils from the upper school.

It was a closely fought competition with the three Houses neck and neck throughout and hardly a mark dropped between them. Not many Year 6 children across the country can locate St George’s Channel or the River Danube and Elbe on a map, or name the capital of Ecuador, but Crescent’s did with some ease. Their geography knowledge was just incredible.

In the end it was St Andrew’s House that were delighted to be crowned champions, a victory that was all the sweeter as it was the first time the blues have lifted the trophy.

Many congratulations to all who took part; competitors, scorers, and adjudicators, it was a super event, and the best of luck to Year 5 when your turn comes around next year!

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Latest Learning Mentor Review Meetings

Pupils participated in review meetings for our 'Learning Mentor' initiative today, taking stock of the progress they have made. They met with the same member of staff and reviewed the academic targets they set for themselves at the beginning of the year. They have been regularly reviewing their progress against their targets in their classes but this was another opportunity to reflect on their progress, self-assess where they are now and where they want to be at the end of the year.

Our Learning Mentor programme gives responsibility for their learning to the children from Year 1 up to Year 6. Staff do not tell pupils if they feel they have achieved their targets, instead they guide pupils through their books, feedback, comments and reports. The initiative empowers the children and gives them the responsibility to strive to achieve their own set goals.

The sessions were very positive, and we look forward to the final review at the end of the school year.

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Sun Safety Assembly

Year 6 delivered a Sun Safety Assembly to the whole school. They were all dressed up ‘sun safe’!

The assembly ended with the Slip, Slop, Slap Song, which the whole school had been learning in Hymn Practise.

  • Reception Class watched the George The Sun Safe Superstar animation and then had fun with The Splash of Colour and Colouring Fun sheets. They also completed drawings of themselves as Sun Safe Superstars.
  • Year 2 created some fantastic Sun Safe Super Star Posters which have gone on the display boards.
  • Year 3 completed Sun Safe crosswords, Sun Safe word searches and the Eye Spy Sun Safe worksheets.

We have also created two displays in the school. One is all about how to stay safe in the sun and the second is about UV monitoring – we have appointed a UV Monitor to change the figures daily.

All of this will lead to the school gaining Sun Safe accreditation.

Mrs Noyce
Teachning Assistant

Class 6W Final Report

Today, Friday 13 May, you will be able to access your child's final Report on 'My School Portal'. Other Class reports will be published later this term.

Staff have spent much time gathering evidence and writing these reports to keep you informed of your child's progress, achievements and wellbeing in school. This is of course, the last report from Crescent before 6W leave us and we wish them well. We do hope you enjoy reading them and sharing comments.

A change to our reporting system allows you to access which Junior da Vinci awards your child has received, why and from whom. To do this a 'Rewards' tab will appear on your screen for each 'My child' tab and build up over the year. JDV totals are reset every year on 1 September. The attached screenshot illustrates this.

Ms Forth
Deputy Head - Curriculum
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Open Evening Thank You Class 6W Helpers

Class 6W did an excellent job at Open Evening this week when they toured our visiting prospective parents. They had been given some training by Mr and Mrs Webb and learnt how to welcome visitors, ask questions, answer questions and talk about all aspects of Crescent School.

We had great feedback from our visitors and they made us proud.

Mrs Webb
Class 6W Form Teacher


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Slapton Sands Reminders

Class 6W children are reminded to bring in your money in a named purse/bag/envelope on Monday to Mr Adkins. Remember they need to be in £1 and £2 coins.

Any personal medicines or supplementary inhalers etc with the correct form stating dosage must be in on Monday too. Please give to Mr Adkins.

If you have any final questions, please get in touch.

Mrs Webb
Class 6W Form Teacher



Digital Safeguarding Meeting

Monday 16 May 2022 - 7.00pm to 8.00pm

Thank you to all families who responded to the questionnaire sent out in March. The analysis of these responses has enabled us to tailor an information session for all parents which we hope will be informative as we all endeavour to support the children in safely navigating the complexities of the digital world. This session will be a face to face event in school from 7.00pm to 8.00pm. 

Please book tickets via the link below by Friday 13 May 2022.

Digital Safeguarding Meeting

The meeting will be recorded for those who are unable to attend. 

Mr Webb
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr Adkins
Head of Digital Learning

Class 6W Celebration Breakfast

Wednesday 18 May 2022 - 9.00am to 10.00am

The celebration breakfast for 6W is this week. We will be eating around 9am, so the children in 6W will only require a light breakfast at home (and no snack required) so they can fully enjoy all the treats that Mr Moore will be laying out for us.

Mrs Webb
Class 6W Form Teacher

Reminder - Year 5 Taster Day At Princethorpe College - Thursday 19 May 2022

Year 5 are warmly invited to a taste of senior school life at Princethorpe College on Thursday 19 May 2022. The taster day will begin at 9.30am when the children will be transported to the College by mini-bus from Crescent. Pupils will experience a variety of classroom sessions, a tour of the school and a question and answer session with our current pupils. Break and lunch will be provided and there is no charge for this day.

At the end of the afternoon, parents are invited to join their children at 4.15pm for an informal Parents’ Information Session, offering information on entry to the College for September 2023. Light refreshments will also be served. Ed Hester, the Headmaster, along with other key members of staff will be available to talk to families about the College and to outline the admissions process. Children will also have the opportunity to trial the online CEM test, one of the exams that prospective pupils complete during the Entrance Examinations day, which will take place on Saturday 5 November 2022.

For those parents who are unable to attend the Parents’ Information Session, your child will be transported back to Crescent for 3.30pm.

For more information about the admissions process. please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Team on 01926 634201/262/297 or by email at admissions@princethorpe.co.uk.


Reception Show and Tell

Wednesday 25 May 2022 or Thursday 26 May 2022

This is an opportunity to share your child's learning journey through Reception. Come and join us at one of the two available sessions. (1 parent/guardian per child)

We look forward to seeing you.

Tickets can be booked here:

Wednesday 25 May 2022

Thursday 26 May 2022

Mrs Pullen and Mrs Emery
Reception Class Teachers


Quiz With Your Child Week - Upper School

Monday 6 June to Friday 10 June - 8.15am to 8.40am

During the week commencing Monday 6 June parents are invited to come in to school from 8.15am to 8.40am to watch and support their child in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 while they quiz on their reading books.

The quiz platform is not available at home so it is a super opportunity for parents to share the experience.

Half-term is a great time for your child to finish reading a book and that will give you an extra excuse to see your child at work.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head


Princethorpe College Summer Open Evening

Wednesday 8 June 2022 - 6.30pm to 9.00pm

The College Summer Open Evening is a great opportunity for prospective families, for Year 7 to 10 and Lower Sixth entry, for September 2023 and beyond, to look around the school and to meet members of staff and pupils. As part of the evening, there will be two opportunities to hear from Ed Hester, Headmaster, 6.45pm or 7.30pm, allowing families to explore the College before and after. So, families do not miss out, we are encouraging visitors to book their place and time slot.

Click here to book your place.

If you have any questions please contact the Admissions Team on 01926 643201/262/297 or email admissions@princethorpe.co.uk.


Around The Classes

Reception Roundup

Please click on the link below to read all about what the Reception classes have been learning this week. 

Reception Round Up - 13 May 2022 

Mrs Pullen and Mrs Emery
Reception Class Teachers
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Year 1 Create Teddy Assault Course

Year 1s created a an assault course for a teddy bear looking at the use of positional vocabulary whilst also developing their 5 Cs:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Cohesion
  • Compromise
  • Co-operation
Mrs McCollin
Head of PE and Games
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Year 1 Mini Brass Taster Sign Up - Reminder

Year 1 enjoyed a Mini Brass taster session last week. It’s always a popular activity and the children had great fun finding out about brass instruments and playing the hose-a-phones!

Mrs Fisher has been running Mini Brass Club for Year 2s for a few years now and it is a great introduction to future musical opportunities in the school. Many of our talented brass players first picked up their instruments in Mini Brass.

To sign your child up for Mini Brass in September, please complete the form below:

Mini Brass

Crescent School

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Class 1SS Chocolate Maths!

Class 1SS spent time revising their doubling skills to 20 by decorating their virtual cookie with real chocolate chips! We recited our doubling and spotted patterns in our answers before being rewarded by enjoying our chocolate chips at the end of the activity.

What makes a good friend?

As part of our PSHE Jigsaw objectives, we were prompted to think about what we look for in a good friend. We drew around Elliott and filled his outline with all our ideas about what makes a good friend. We then competed a sorting game so we could discuss what are good friendship behaviours and those that aren't. 

Mrs Stapleton
CLass 1SS Form Teacher

Class 2W Sun Safe Posters

Children in Class 2W created posters to encourage themselves and others to make safe sun choices.

Mr Webb
Class 2W Form Teacher
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Class 2W DT

As part of Design & Technology, Class 2W have been learning about nutrition. They designed and made pizzas which included ingredients from the different food types and used healthy ingredients such as wholemeal flour for the dough. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their lesson and the use of flour!

Mrs Johnson
Science and DT Teacher
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Class 3Y Record Breakers

In English, 3Y have been studying information texts using the Guinness World Records and The World's Laziest Duck and other records. For the homework, the children attempted records suggested on the GWR Kids website. These included how many socks you could put on one foot in 30 secs and the number of teddies caught whilst blindfolded.

Following on from this, pupils decided on some of their own records to break. We took to the field and attempted records such as; most skips in 1 minute, number of push ups in 30 seconds and most football penalties scored in 1 minute. The children will now be writing recounts of their record-breaking experiences.  

As you can see from the photographs, much fun was had by all.

Mrs Yates
Class 3Y Form Teacher
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School Promise

School Promise Rule Of The Week

This week’s promise is in the category of Good Learners and focuses on the theme of listening.

This is such a key attribute for learning. A pupil who really listens actively, takes on advice and feedback and takes action on what they have heard, it genuinely does demonstrate the learner profile that makes such a difference in the classroom.

‘We listen and don’t interrupt’

It would be great if you could discuss this with your children at home and support the messages from our School Promise.

Mr Webb
Assistant Head


Junior da Vinci Students

This week has seen a bumper crop of learners attaining full Junior da Vinci student status, with five children becoming double da Vinci students. These are:

  • Faris, Rosina and Stephanie in Class 6W in Geography and Felicity and Max in Class 1LS in English

The following have received full Junior da Vinci student status this week:

  • Katie, Eve, Evie, Flora and Alice in Class 1LS receive their badges in English, along with Sophia, Edward M and Toni in Class 3Y and Harry Class 5F
  • Kai and Eva in Class 6W receive theirs in Geography
  • Maisie in Class 4M receives hers in History 
  • Katherine in Class 6W receives hers in Mathematics

What an amazing week for great learning!

Mrs Symons
Junior da Vinci Lead

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Accelerated Reader Top Quizzers And Word Wizards

This week's Accelerated Reader Superstars are:

Top Quizzers are:

  • 3Y   MingYi
  • 4M  Emily
  • 5F   Ava
  • 6W  James

Word Wizards are:

  • 3Y  Matthew
  • 4M  Alex T
  • 5F  Harry
  • 6W Stephanie
Mrs Nelson
Teaching Assistant

Accelerated Reader Achievements

This week's reading superstars are:

  • 500,000 – Shiv

  • Millionaire – Sophie 

Congratulations to both of you.

Mrs Nelson
Teaching Assistant

Pre-Prep Reading Certificates

Pre-Prep reading certificates have this week been awarded to:

  • Charlotte W
  • Esme
  • Eve
  • Jonelle
  • Juliette

Well done to you all.

Mr Webb
Head of Pre-Prep


Times Table Rockstars

Garage and Gigs are the most important games to show your progress.

Pupils who have reached landmark % on automatic training mode in the Garage and Gigs are awarded JDVs for Maths Practice:

  • Tomisin 4M completed 24%, 48%, 72% and 100% 

Results for last week's battle - well done 2W:

  • 1st place - Class 2W with 31,412 points
  • 2nd place - Class 3Y with   4,104 points
  • 3rd place - Class 4M with   2,410 points

 Most valuable players in the whole competition:

  • 1st Tomisin 2W
  • 2nd Alfie 2W
  • 3rd Kian 2W

Last week's most improved speedsters in Studio are:

Class 2W
Tomisin - Rock Star!
Alfie - Rock Legend!
Kian - Gigger!
Class 3Y
Maya - Headliner!
Barnaby - Breakthrough Artist!
Akaal - Breakthrough Artist
Class 6W
Liana - Rockstar
New 'Battle' 12 - 19 May 2022 all classes against each other. Please note only the children should play on their account or it influences the level appropriate to them.

Stay Calm and Rock On!!

Art Frizzmeister 
Deputy Head


Stephanie Swims In The Midlands Regional Championships

Many, many congratulations to Stephanie who swam in the Midlands Regional Swimming Championships at The Alan Higgs Centre in Coventry, over the last two weekends. Stephanie, who trains with Rugby Swimming Club six days a week, swam in the 50m and 100m Backstroke. It will have taken Stephanie such a lot of hard work and dedicated training to achieve the qualifying times and just qualifying for the event is such a super achievement.

In the 50m Backstroke Stephanie finished in 23rd place out of 34 swimmers in a time of 38.70 seconds then in the 100m Backstroke Stephanie pulled herself up the field to finish in 13th place out of 31 swimmers in a time of 1.21.05 minutes.  

We are really proud of you Stephanie - what a fantastic effort!

Bablake & King Henry's Swimming Gala

Year 6 swimmers travelled to King Henry's School on Thursday 5 May for a long awaited and rescheduled gala against Eversfield, Balsall Common and Bablake King Henrys.  All the swimmers were very excited to get into the pool and represent Crescent and they did not disappoint with each student swimming their heart out whilst being encouraged and motivated by their team mates on the side lines.  

"Everybody swam exceptionally well, trying their hardest and doing the school proud. 
With Crescent finishing in 2nd place for the Year 6 competition. " 

Swim Captains Stephanie and Caspar 

Well done to all, you were a pleasure to be with and a credit to the school. 

Mrs McCollin and Mrs Webb 

Swimming Captain, Stephanie has written a full report:

On Thursday the 5th of May, 12 of the year six pupils took part in a swimming gala at KHB against: KHB, Balsall Common and Eversfield Preparatory School.

This gala required four boys and four girls from both year five and six. Unfortunately for us, our year five teams were away (having a brilliant time) on their residential, meaning we were two teams short when it came to overall points.

In the year six girls team we had Katherine, Sophie, Steph, and Harriet. Katherine and Harriet both swam brilliantly, coming close second in the backstroke and freestyle races. Sophie and Steph both won their races, Sophie in the breaststroke and Steph in the butterfly. All outstanding results for the year six girls team.

Our second Year 6 girls representatives pushed themselves to their limits to gain our team even more points, with another impressive result. They really gave it their all, with Liana swimming in the backstroke coming third in a very close heat, and Sophia, Evie and Eva all coming second in the Butterfly, Breaststroke and Freestyle races.

The year six boys races were also incredibly tight heats, showing the fantastic overall performance of the school. Ro swam very well in the Breaststroke, Caspar in the Butterfly both finishing in 2nd place with Sachin in the Freestyle and Faris in the Backstroke coming home home 3rd, all scoring valuable points for the team.

We started and ended the day with the best bit – relays! There is always such a good atmosphere and team spirit, as everyone cheers their teams on throughout. Crescent came second and third in these helping us to place second overall.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in this gala, all of our swimmers did Crescent School proud.

Steph Bolton 6W
Swimming Captain



U8 Rounders v Crackley Hall

We had our first rounders match of the season with Crescent Year 3s taking on Crackley Hall. 

Crackley went in to bat first giving Crescent a chance to warm up their fielding skills. Some quick reactions in the field saw a number of Crackley players stumped out and made scoring hard, keeping their rounders to 2 1/2 after 30 balls. 

Crescent went in to bat with some fantastic energy seeing our score quickly move up to to 6 1/2 rounders with Ed, Herbie and Akaal gaining full rounders.  

In the 2nd innings Crackley managed to make more contact with the bat adding 4 rounders to their total and unfortunately Crescent couldn't quite make any of their hits count. 

Final score 6 1/2 - 6 1/2 draw. 

Player of the game Akaal. 

Mrs McCollin
Head of PE and Games
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U8 Cricket v Crackley Hall

Crescent mixed U8s cricket team started their season with a very dominant display away at Crackley Hall.

Batting first, Crescent reached the super total of 99-1, running and calling well, and hitting three boundaries in the process. Thanks to some very tight bowling and fielding, Crackley could only manage 69-1 in reply, leaving Crescent victors by 30 runs!

Special mentions go to Edward M and Lewis for their excellent bowling (both achieving the only maiden overs of the match) and to Shaylan and Max T for getting our innings off to a flying start with the bat.

Well done to the whole team!

Mr Adkins
Teacher of Boys Games
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Outside School

Saira Makes Acting Debut

Year 5, Saira has made her acting debut in the much-anticipated blockbuster sequel, Heropanti 2, which is being screened in cinemas globally. It stars some of the biggest names in Bollywood. The film is rated 15 so Saira has only seen the scenes of the film she is in, but her Mum has watched the film and says it is amazing.

What a fantastic opportunity for Saira!


Roisin Helps Her Team Win The Cup Final

We know Roisin loves her sport as she is always so enthusiastic in her Games lessons especially when it's Girls Football. So we were delighted to hear that Roisin and her team mates won the U9 Cup Final on Sunday 8 May and that Roisin was awarded referee's Player of the Match. She brought her trophy and medal into school to share with her classmates.

Well done Roisin, it is good to see you enjoying your sport.

Ed And Aria Busy Outside School

Ed worked really hard last Saturday to help clear and prepare the allotment with his Dad before planting vegetable seeds in his own planting bed.

Aria helped her Daddy bake a fabulous Thomas cake for her brothers’ 4th birthday and also independently made them some Rice Krispies cupcakes. Aria will have put these skills to use in the DT lesson today making pizza bases!

Good work both.

Crescent School

FoC Events

FoC - Summer Fete

Friday 20 May - 3.20pm to 5.00pm

We are getting ready for the Summer Fete coming up later this term. This will include lots of fun games and activities for the children and we are now asking for donations for the raffle and tombola.

Below are some suggestions of what we can use for the hampers for the raffle and small gifts ideas for the children’s tombola.

Board games
New DVDs
Craft kits

Mini Lego sets
Toys, kits etc.
Craft items
Sweets etc
We are going to host a nearly new stall selling donated Books, Teddys, Puzzles and Games and would welcome donations also for this stall. All items brought to the sale must be clean and of good quality, with instructions where possible. They should be in full working order with no broken parts, sharp edges or tears.
We also would like cake donations that we can sell on the day. 

Any donations will be gratefully received and please could we ask that you drop these items at the FOC table before 17 May.  Cakes can be dropped up to and on the day.

Can you get involved on the day? We need more parents to support the games please.
Raffle tickets:
As per the Christmas Bazaar the raffle tickets will be sold online only. Tickets will be £1 each, with an unlimited number for sale.
Please use the link below to purchase tickets, we’re happy for your friends and family to use the same link. Tickets will also be on sale on the day. 
Raffle Tickets
Fete Entry
When parents purchase Fete activity cards there is an option to select a card for siblings not yet at Crescent.

Fete Entry Link

Nick Brosnan
FoC Chair


FoC Groups And Contact Information

Below are the details of the FoC Year Group Representatives and group links. 

Year Group Representatives
Reception RE Emily and Becky
Reception RP Sarah and Alison
Year 1 Hannah and Zainab
Year 2 Vicky and Nicole
Year 3 Ash and Sally
Year 4 Inez and Karen
Year 5 Emilie and Laynie
Year 6 Semma and Anita
Chair Nick  chair@friendsofcrescent.co.uk
Secretary Laura secretary@friendsofcrescent.co.uk
  Facebook: FoC Facebook Group
  Whatsapp Comms FoC Whatsapp Comms
  Easyfundraising Easy Fundraising
  Pre-Loved Uniform Pre-Loved Uniform
More information can also be found on Crescent School website by clicking here:

Nick Brosnan
FoC Chair







Weekly Calendar

Weekly Calendar

Please click on the link below for next week's calendar. 

 Weekly Calendar 16 May 2022

Please note:
Year 6 DT - Great British Crescent Bake Off - Friday 20 May
Mrs Johnson will supply all ingredients to make the actual victoria sponges the indivdual teams will purchase and bring in the additional items for decorating their cakes. 

Each team had made a list of the items they require for decoration. The ingredients/items need to be brought in next Friday morning 20 May.  They will have about one hour for decoration so their ingredients need to simple and easy to use. Any queries do contact Mrs Johnson.
Outdoor Learning Clothing:
For Outdoor Learning children should have long trousers, long sleeved top and their coat if it is raining or a waterproof jacket.  Click here to read the previous article.
After School
Provision can be booked through My School Portal selecting the sessions you require.  Please ensure bookings that include tea are made by 10.00am each day.  


Crescent School

Co-Curricular Club Information W/C 16 May 2022

Please do look at SOCS as it shows details of the Co-Curricular Clubs that are running each week and any clubs that have been cancelled.  
Please note: 
Choir and Sketching Club - Monday 16 May 2022
Due to Staff Training teachers will be unable to run these clubs. After-school can be booked through the normal process if you require childcare. 
Summer Fete - Friday 20 May 2022
Please note there will be no co-curricular clubs running on the afternoon of the Friday 20 May. The school summer fete is on that afternoon and so many of the spaces we use will be busy.

Any children who are booked into After School will not be able to attend the fete due to staffing ratios and ensuring the safety of your children.

Crescent School

Music Lesson Timetable

Please click on the link below to view the Music Lesson timetable, parents of children having lessons will be emailed the password:

Music Lesson 160522

Mrs Barnes
Director of Music


Calendar Changes For The 13 And 14 June 2022

As a school we like all children to make the most of as many opportunities as possible hence we are notifying you as soon as we knew of a slight calendar change.

Upper School Summer Concert Date Change - Monday 13 June 2022
There is an ISI Rounders competition that has been changed to Tuesday 14 June, we want the children involved to be able to represent the school and for it not to be clash with the planned concert; to do this we are moving the Upper School Summer Concert to Monday 13 June at 2.15pm instead of on the Tuesday. (Please note the Pre-prep summer concert will remain on Tuesday 14 June).
Class 5F Destination Meetings
As many parents will be attending, the Destination meeting times for 5F are changing too: the Monday early session will be early evening 5pm to 7pm and on the Tuesday the session will be in the afternoon 1pm to 5pm - the communication for this will be coming soon.
Please keep an eye on the Courier events as this will continue to make this clear.

Thank you for your understanding.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head


Lunch Menu Week Commencing 16 May 2022

Please click below to view the lunch menu for next week, children are able to have either the Main or Vegetarian option. 

Lunch Menu - 16 May 2022 

Crescent School

Term Dates 2021/22 And 2022/23

Please find below term dates for 2021/22 and 2022/23:

Trinity Term
Term starts Monday 25 April 2022
May Bank Holiday Monday 2 May 2022 (no school)
Half Term Saturday 28 May to Sunday 5 June 2022
Term ends Wednesday 6 July 2022
Michaelmas Term
Term starts Monday 5 September 2022
Half Term Saturday 15 October to Sunday 30 October 2022
Term ends Friday 16 December 2022

Lent Term
Term starts Wednesday 4 January 2023
Half Term Saturday 18 February to Sunday 26 February 2023
Term ends Friday 23 March 2023

Trinity Term
Term starts Monday 17 April 2023
May Bank Holiday Monday 1 May 2023 (no school)
Half Term Saturday 27 May to Sunday 4 June 2023
Term ends Wednesday 5 July 2023
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Useful School Contact Information

Please see below for useful school contact information:

Crescent School Office
01788 521595
Postal address: Crescent School, Bawnmore Road, Bilton, Rugby CV22 7QH
After School Club
Miss Wrzesniacka (Miss V)
07467 488440
Bills, Fees and Online Payment
01926 634273
01788 523851
School Shop and Uniform
01926 634272
Princethorpe College General Office
01926 634200
twitter:    @CrescentSchRug
facebook: @cres.school
Instagram: Instagram Link

School Uniform Information

Please use the link below to order items of School uniform:

Uniform Order Form

The following items are stocked in the School Office and can be added to your account:

  • Winter hats
  • Scarves
  • Gloves
  • Ties
  • Swimming hats
  • Sports socks
  • Hair bands
  • Hair scrunchies
  • Hair clips
  • Sun hats
  • Music group badges - Choir, Orchestra, String, Brass and Wind

Please do pop in if you need any of these items.

Crescent School Office

The Princethorpe Foundation Employment Opportunities

The Foundation has the following vacancies:

  • Drama Teacher - Crescent School
  • Learning Support Assistant - Princethorpe College
  • Estates Assistant - Princethorpe College

Full details and information on how to apply are available on the Foundation website here:


Should you know anyone who might be interested in these posts, please do share this information with them.