We hope everyone had a good half term break and is well-rested for the term ahead. Signs of spring have begun to appear and the crocuses on the green are looking stunning.

Well done to all our cross-country runners who took on the British weather this week as well as the challenging courses at Twycross House and The Revel School. Our Year 1 children also had plenty of fun as they marked Shrove Tuesday with pancakes. Do read on to see what else has been happening in school this week.

Our cover photo this week is Isabella having fun with mud in the Forest School.

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Headmaster's Message

Headmaster's Message

Dear Parents


I hope your you and your children have got back into the routines of school again following a relaxing half term break.

I had to write to you at the beginning of the week with updated guidance on COVID
procedures in school, which are not dissimilar to last half term’s, despite the relaxation of government requirements. I myself got caught out with that over the half term when I contracted a mild bout of COVID which has since kept me isolated for the full 10 days as I was unable to shrug off the last remnants of a positive test. Luckily, I have not felt too bad and continued to work from home throughout the first three days of this week. Doing my assembly from home on Wednesday on Teams, to all of the children sitting sensibly in their classrooms, was a somewhat bizarre experience, I must say.

Of course, overshadowing this, and most other things in our day to day lives, have been the awful events occurring in Ukraine. We have addressed this with the children with some gentle, non-political prayers and sharing of thoughts, care and compassion in our assemblies throughout the week. The understanding of a child in Reception is vastly different to that of a near adolescent in Year 6, so we always have to be mindful of that when talking about these issues. I am sure you will have found them equally difficult to discuss with your own children at home. At the same time, it's not right to ignore such enormous events and in time we all hope we can find a way to support in some way those people affected, either within the Ukraine or those now living as refugees in nearby countries.  Please read the full details on these events in the Courier and in our separate ISAMS message. 

Going back to my assembly on Wednesday, the theme was from St David who was famous for his saying ‘don't forget the little things in life’. By this he meant, I think, small things such as showing kindness and respect for one another, good manners and helpfulness, which can make such a big difference to those around us. When you see the kindness of neighbours welcoming refugees into their country this is perhaps one positive human message that we can share with the children following a harrowing week.

If you want some sound advice on talking to your children about the events in Ukraine, you may find this link helpful. It is based on the expert guidance of leading Child Psychologist Dr Alison McClymont and Dr Jane Gilmour, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital. I hope you find it helpful.

Best wishes

Joe Thackway


Ukraine Emergency Appeal

Over the last week, it has been very upsetting for everyone to see the scenes from Ukraine and in particular the many tens of 1000s of people who are now made refugees and have moved to neighbouring countries.  

As a school, we would like to do something to offer our support to those suffering in this humanitarian crisis.

With this in mind we will run a a non-uniform day next Friday 11 March to raise money for the International Disasters Emergency Committee, who announced their fundraising campaign on television and radio yesterday evening. There will be a suggested donation of £2 per child for this day.

This money will go to help provide food, water, shelter, healthcare and protection to those most in need. You can find out more about their work here:


On the following Wednesday, 16 March we are also asking families to provide non-perishable items that will be taken directly by lorry to the troubled region.

The list of required non-perishable items is below:

  • Blankets/duvets
  • Wet wipes/toilet rolls
  • Baby food/nappies/bottles
  • Flashlight/Torches
  • Batteries
  • Toiletries (toothpaste, shower gel, soap etc)
  • Sanitaryware
  • Tents/Camping Equipment
  • Disposable tableware

Please bring your items directly to the playground on that day, where they will be loaded onto our minbuses. We will provide further details on drop off arrangements in next Friday’s Courier.

We will arrange for all items collected to be taken from here to Ashlawn School, who are coordinating the local collections, before the drive across the continent.

Please do contribute what you can.

Joe Thackway


Reminder - Year 5 Taster Day At Princethorpe College - Thursday 19 May 2022

Year 5 are warmly invited to a taste of senior school life at Princethorpe College on Thursday 19 May 2022. The taster day will begin at 9.30am when the children will be transported to the College by mini-bus from Crescent. Pupils will experience a variety of classroom sessions, a tour of the school and a question and answer session with our current pupils. Break and lunch will be provided and there is no charge for this day.

At the end of the afternoon, parents are invited to join their children at 4.15pm for an informal Parents’ Information Session, offering information on entry to the College for September 2023. Light refreshments will also be served. Ed Hester, the Headmaster, along with other key members of staff will be available to talk to families about the College and to outline the admissions process. Children will also have the opportunity to trial the online CEM test, one of the exams that prospective pupils complete during the Entrance Examinations day, which will take place on Saturday 5 November 2022.

Please click here to access the online booking form for the Year 5 Taster Day. Please complete and submit the form by 9.00pm on Monday 7 March to secure a place for your child.

For those parents who are unable to attend the Parents’ Information Session, your child will be transported back to Crescent for 3.30pm.

For more information about the admissions process. please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Team on 01926 634201/262/297 or by email at admissions@princethorpe.co.uk.


Safeguarding - Pupils Arriving At School And Collection

Please ensure that you wait with your child(ren) at drop off until the school's opening at 8.15am.  It is only at this time that school becomes responsible for all children's safe care. Before this time it is a parental duty.

Please note, however, that all children can be brought to the front door at any time from 7.45am - 8.15am where they will be welcomed and looked after by our Early Bird staff as appropriate for their age. This does not need to be booked in advance.

Also please let the school office and/or your child's form teacher know if someone else will be collecting your child at the end of the day. We cannot release pupils without this information.

Many thanks

Mr Webb
Designated Safeguarding Lead 

RSPB Pin Badges Thank You

Nature is in big trouble, but the RSPB has big plans to save it!

I wanted to say thank you to all who contributed so generously to the RSPB Pin Badge appeal.

A total of £130 was raised.

This money will go to supporting the RSPB. Their work ranges from species recovery and large-scale conservation, to policy-influencing and inspiring change or action.

If you would like to find out more visit www.rspb.org.uk/

Thank you!

Year 6


Trinity Term Uniform Requirements

Summer uniform is to be worn after the Easter break.  Below you can find the requirements:


  • Grey blazer 
  • Green and white striped dress
  • Green school cardigan
  • White knee-high socks
  • Green school sun hat/cap


  • Grey blazer 
  • White short-sleeved shirt with collar and tie
  • Green school pullover
  • Grey short trousers or long grey trousers
  • Grey knee length socks
  • Green school sun hat/cap

Please order Summer Dresses and sun hats via the uniform form below by Friday 18 March 2022:

Order Form

Crescent School

Pokemon Cards - Reminder

Dear Parents

Over recent days we've experienced some distress in the children over Pokemon cards. This subsequently impacts too upon classroom learning time. As such, please could we request that these cards are left at home and do not come into school again.  

With many thanks for your understanding.

Mr Webb
Pastoral Head

World Book Day Vouchers

All children will have received a World Book Day voucher to spend on a book of their choice, in addition to this Hunts Bookshop in Rugby have given every child a golden ticket to spend in their shop. A big thank you goes out to them, please do support them by visiting and spending your vouchers there.

I do hope you all managed to celebrate World Book Day by enjoying a book together.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Reading Books Wanted

Dear Parents

We know that many of you read widely with your children at home alongside the regular and significant investments we make into our reading resources in school. 

We are always looking to add depth and variety to this so if any of you have books at home which your children have outgrown and would support our school reading schemes, we're always very grateful to accept donations.  

Many thanks

Mr Webb (Pre-Prep)
Mrs Webb (Head of English)


Parent Consultation Evenings For Pre-Prep

Monday 7 March 4.00pm to 6.30pm and Wednesday 16 March 6.00pm to 8.30pm

We are looking forward to meeting with parents over the next couple of weeks. You are welcome to park in the playground for your meeting, then please come to the door at the front of the school, where you will be welcomed with refreshments.

Your child's books will be available for you to see; you have a 5 minute booking for specialist teachers and 10 minute booking for the form tutor. You may find it easier to discuss progress without your child being present.

If your child is in after-school, please collect in the normal manner. 

We look forward to meeting with you.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head



Parent Consultation Evenings For Years 3 and 4

Wednesday 9 March 6.00pm to 8.30pm and Monday 14 March 4.00pm to 6.30pm

We are looking forward to meeting with parents over the next couple of weeks. You are welcome to park in the playground for your meeting, then please come to the door at the front of the school, where you will be welcomed with refreshments.

Your child's books will be available for you to see; you have a 5 minute booking for specialist teachers and 10 minute booking for the form tutor. You may find it easier to discuss progress without your child being present.

If your child is in After School, please collect in the normal manner. 

We look forward to meeting with you.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head



Open Morning

Saturday 19 March - 10.00am to 12.00pm
Our Open Morning will be held on Saturday 19 March 2022 from 10.00am to 12.00pm. The format of the morning has changed this year,  with this now being a time for prospective parents to tour the school and see some of the Upper School children engaged in a few activities through the morning, for example music, drama, science, art and sport.
You will have received information if your child is to be involved and what this entails. 
Parents are not expected to attend but parents of children in Year 5 and 6 may like to watch the House matches between 11am and noon.

Thank you for your support.
Mrs Webb
Assistant Head 

Non-Uniform Day In Aid Of International Disasters Emergency Committee - Ukraine

Friday 11 March 2022

We will run a a non-uniform day next Friday 11 March to raise money for the International Disasters Emergency Committee, who announced their fundraising campaign on television and radio yesterday evening. There will be a suggested donation of £2 per child for this day.

This money will go to help provide food, water, shelter, healthcare and protection to those most in need. You can find out more about their work here:

More can be read here.

Crescent School


Year 4 And 5 Destination Meeting

Tuesday 17 March 2022 - 7.00pm TEAMS

The focus of the evening is to go through with parents the potentially daunting process of finding the right school for your son or daughter when they leave us at the end of Year 6. 

You will be told about how and when to apply for maintained and independent secondary schools, the type of standardised scoring that the maintained schools use and there will be advice from members of staff on preparing your child for the exams they will be sitting. The evening will clarify the timeline involved and explain a bit more about how we can help you navigate the process without too much anxiety. 

This meeting will be held via TEAMS and a link will be sent out on the day.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Crescent School Spring Concert - Upper School

Monday 4 April 2022 - 2.30pm to 3.30pm

We will be presenting our annual Spring Concert on Monday 4 April. It will feature Upper School children only, including the extra-curricular music groups and some soloists and will start at 2.30pm.

Because of the large number of children involved we are having to limit attendance to one ticket per family, but we are intending to film the concert for those unable to attend.

Booking instructions will be sent in due course, please book your ticket and come to hear the results of this term’s music hard work and effort!

Mrs Barnes
Director of Music

Crescent School Easter Service

Tuesday 5 April 2022

All friends and family are invited to our Easter Service in the School Hall on Tuesday 5 April. The service will include a telling of the Easter story by the Choir and 5F, also prayers led by members of F.R.O.G.

We do hope you will join us for the most important festival in the Christian year, please enter via the front entrance from 2.15pm.  There will be a retiring collection in aid of Bwengu Projects Malawi. Refreshments will be served prior to the service. Because of the large number of children involved we are having to limit attendance to one ticket per family.  Booking instructions will be sent in due course.

Please note that the school calendar states that the service starts promptly at 2.30pm and is due to finish by 3.30pm, school will finish at normal time.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Around The Classes

Class 1LS Forest School

It was our final Forest School session today and we had a great time. The children loved seeing the larger site (we have enlarged our forest school area) and rolling around in the grass. All the children have grown in the last six weeks and it is has been great watching their progress.

We have gone from not wanting to touch mud in week 1 to making mud piles and rolling in it in week 6. The children have been busy looking for wildlife under the tree stumps. We found worms, woodlice, a centipede and worm eggs! Some of the children created their own game using pine cones. Others spend the whole session building a pine cone sculpture for our bird and squirrel friends.

We all made some smelly cocktails out of water, mud and other natural objects. Some of the children enjoyed looking at the flowers that have grown over the past few weeks and used the flower ID guide book to try and work out what they are. We ended our six weeks covered in mud and they couldn’t have been happier.

Miss Humphreys
Teaching Assistant - Forest School
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Class 1SS Pancakes

To acknowledge Shrove Tuesday, we learned about where the traditions of pancakes come from and why it is a special time leading up to Easter. The children also enjoyed creating their own delicious pancakes to celebrate!

Mrs Stapleton
Class 1SS Form Teacher


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Class 1LS Pancakes

On Tuesday, 1LS celebrated Pancake Day. The children learned about using up ingredients from their pantry, prior to Ash Wednesday and of course, they then had to try a pancake. They could choose from lemon, sugar or chocolate sauce for a topping.

They went down a treat!

Mrs Symons
Class 1LS Form Teacher
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Class 4M Grateful for Games

Class 4M were thrilled to take delivery of their new games, puzzles, and crafts for Privilege Time. Money raised from their bake sale has been put to good use and they can't wait for Friday afternoon! A special thanks also to Class 4M parents who contributed additional money.

Mrs Monteith
Class 4M Form Teacher

Class 5F Science

Class 5F have been learning about forces and how mechanisms such as pulleys, levers and gears help to move loads with less effort. As part of Design & Technology lessons, pupils took part in a Practical Action Project to design a pulley system, for farmers in Nepal, who needed a new system to move tomatoes from the top to the bottoms of the mountains. There were some excellent designs...and some squashed tomatoes!

Mrs Johnson
Head of Science and DT
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FROG (Fully Rely On God)

This week we enjoyed pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday and discussed about the things we could do to give up or do less in Lent.  We also used it as an opportunity to plan our part of the upcoming Easter service and the children are looking forward to being part of such a special celebration here at school.

Mrs Stapleton
Head of RE
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British Science Week

As part of British Science Week, pupils (Years 1 to 6) will have the opportunity to design and create a poster around the theme of 'Growth'. It will be linked to their current science topic and posters that show creativity, informative content and clear communication will be selected and entered into the British Science Assocation Poster Competition 2022. 

British Science Week

Mrs Johnson
Head of Science and DT

School Promise

School Promise Rule Of The Week

For a two or three week period this year we will be focusing on one of the sayings in the School Promise. We will talk about this in assembly and in form period. It would be great if you could discuss this with your children at home and support the messages we are emphasising in school.

This week we are looking at the idea of being a calm and sensible pupil. The school council chose this one in the category of Good Learners as all children know that they learn best when they are focused in class and there is a determined, hardworking atmosphere.

‘We are calm and sensible’

Joe Thackway


Junior da Vinci Students

This week has been a fantastic week, with so many children achieving their full Junior da Vinci student status:

  • Rohan, Liana, Chloe and Charlotte in 6W have been awarded theirs in Science.
  • Hattie and Grace in 4M have theirs in History
  • Shiv in 4M is has his in Geography
  • Felicity in 1LS and Matthew in 3Y have theirs in English

What a great week on our return to school. Keep it up everyone. 

Mrs Symons
Junior da Vinci Lead

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Accelerated Reader Achievements

This week's Accelerated Reader awards go to: 

  • 500k words - Edward G-H
  • Triple Millionaire - Drew

Congratulations to you all.

Mrs Nelson
Teaching Assistant

Which Class Topped The Reading Polls This Month?

And now for the highly contested ‘Class Word Wizards’ and ‘Top Quizzing Class’ for this month.

Top Quizzing Class Trophy
This month is awarded to Class 3Y who quizzed on an astonishing 118 Books! Matthew was the overall Top Quizzer having contributed 21 books to the 3Y total.
Class Word Wizards Trophy
And for this month’s hotly contested Word Wizards trophy, having read a whopping 3.1 million words, our winners are Class 4M.

Many congratulations and well done to all.

Mrs Nelson
Teaching Assistant

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Accelerated Reader Top Quizzers And Word Wizards

This week's Accelerated Reader Superstars are:

Top Quizzers are:

  • 3Y   Matthew
  • 4M  Hattie
  • 5F   Tegan
  • 6W  Rosina

Word Wizards are:

  • 3Y  Edward M
  • 4M Sofie
  • 5F  Zara
  • 6W Harriet
Mrs Nelson
Teaching Assistant

Times Table Rockstars

Garage and Gigs are the most important games to show your progress.

Pupils who have reached landmark % on automatic training mode in the Garage and Gigs are therefore awarded JDVs for Maths Practice:

  • Chloe 5F over 24%

Results for last week's class battle - well done 3Y:

  • 1st place - Class 3Y with  7,574 points
  • 2nd place - Class 4M with 3,293 points
  • 3rd place - Class 6W with 1,543 points

Most valuable players in the whole competition:

  • 1st Aryaan 3Y
  • 2nd Lewis 3Y
  • 3rd Liana 6W

Last week's most improved speedsters in Studio are:

  • 3Y- Aryaan - Headliner!
  • 3Y - Sophia - Headline!
  • 3Y - Lewis -Rock Star!
  • 3Y - Roisin - Headliner!
  • 3Y - Henry - Support Act!
  • 3Y - Edward W - Wannabe!
  • 3Y - Sophie - Busker!
  • 3Y - Shaylan - Wannabe!
  • 3Y - Zac - Support Act!

Please note only the children should play on their account or it influences the level appropriate to them.

Stay Calm and Rock On!!

Art Frizzmeister 
Deputy Head

Digital Learning

Digital Citizenship Guide – Whatsapp

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging service, with around two billion users exchanging texts, photos, videos and documents, as well as making voice and video calls. For most people it has replaced standard SMS messaging completely. Its end-to-end encryption means messages can only be viewed by the sender and any recipients: not even WhatsApp can read them.

The fact that it’s completely free, reliable and so widely used makes it a fantastic online tool, but as with all social media, it is not without its potential dangers and pitfalls. In this guide, you'll find tips on a number of these potential risks such as scams, strangers and location sharing. If you have any further questions or worries, please do get in touch!

Mr Adkins
Head of Digital Learning
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U11’s and U9's Mixed Cross Country At Twycross House

On a very wet, muddy and notoriously hilly course, all ten of our athletes ran a hard fought race against very stiff opposition. Katherine and Evie excelled for the girls, finishing 10th and 11th respectively in a packed field of over 50 runners.

Sophia, Steph and Sophie were not far behind, all contributing valuable points to the team score. For the boys, Sam McCormick ran an excellent race finishing in 15th, with Kai just behind him in 16th. Rohan, Sachin and Caspar all also ran strong races, finishing with good times despite the conditions.

A huge well done to all of our super runners!

Mr Adkins
Teacher of Boys Games
We had some great performances at Twycross House School in the U9 Cross Country Team Event. There were some fantastic individual performances too with Roisin B and Roisin C finishing in the top 10 places of over 50 runners per race. 
All of the pupils had a great time with our wonderful smiles whilst running being commented on by staff from other schools. 
Mrs McCollin
Hea dof PE and Games
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Rugby and District Cross Country

The final Rugby and District Qualifying race took place on Wednesday 2 March at The Revel School, Monks Kirby.  The wet weather had made even getting to the course tricky but the team of Year 5 and Year 6 runners did not let the cold wind, rain or mud dampen their spirits.  An uphill start and undulating ground made it the most challenging of courses so far with all students showing great grit, determination and resilience completing the course with fantastic competitive spirit. 

Great runs from all students again with Evie finishing within the top 10 with Katherine, Grace C and Ellie close behind.  We are still awaiting the final results and hearing who has been selected for the Rugby and District team for the County Championships on the Saturday 12 March.  

Well done to all runners who have taken part in the Rugby and District Cross Country runs, Rohan, Kai, Caspar, Aryan, Faris, Sachin, Sam, Charlie, Alex and Finlay, Evie, Eva, Liana Sophia, Sophie, Stephanie, Chloe, Harriet, Ellie, Grace, Lara, Bella and Poppy. 

Mrs McCollin
Head of PE and Games

Outside School

Girls Hockey Success

Year 6 pupils Evie and Katherine were a part of the Rugby and East Warwickshire U12 Hockey team who qualified for the England Hockey In2hockey Midlands Championships last Sunday.

In the Warwickshire round of the competition the girls performed brilliantly showing lots of skill and determination, beating Sutton Coldfield and Stratford in the pool. They lost a hard fought game to Old Silhilians so finished second in their group. As a result they had to play the first placed team from the other group, Khalsa Leamington in the semi-final. In a nail-biting game they scored from a penalty corner in the last play of the game to draw, the girls then faced a penalty shoot-out to decide who makes the final. Three flicks saved by the Rugby goalkeeper meant the girls went through to the final!

They lost the final to Old Silhilians but qualified as Warwickshire County runners up. The next stage of the competition will be held on 20 March at Nottingham Hockey Centre. Other members of the squad include Year 7 Princethorpe pupils and Old Cresentians, Emme, Hattie and Amy, who will join Evie and Katherine in the U12 team to take on the best Club teams in the region.

Well done girls and good Luck!

Mrs Robinson
Teaching Assistant - Sport

Boys Hockey Success

Congratulations to Matthew, Maxi, Alex T and Charlie who have been selected for the U10 boys training squad at REWHC.  We are super pleased for them all and really proud of their effort and commitment and and wish them the best of luck for their up-and-coming In2hockey tournament on the 20 March. 

Mrs McCollin
Head of PE and Games

FoC Events

FoC Movie Night - Pre-Prep

We are looking forward to welcoming Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 ONLY to our film night on Friday 11 March.

There is another movie night this month for Years 3 - 6 

The film will be Paw Patrol: The Movie, a universal certificated movie. Runtime is 1 hour 22 minutes and the film will be paused halfway through for a 10 minute toilet break.

Reception Children will be released by their teacher at the usual time and will be invited to join the film via the main entrance. Children in Year 1 and Year 2 will be taken to the hall by their teacher. Please note, all Reception children must be accompanied by a parent/carer for the entire film.

Children in afterschool unfortunately cannot attend.

Parents of children in Years 1 and 2 are to collect children from the pupil entrance at 5.30pm

The cost is £3.50 for Reception children (as a parent will be in attendance) and £5.50 for all other years. A snack and drink will be provided.

You can send cash in an envelope with your child's name on and movie night (placed into the FoC mailbox inside pupil entrance) OR preferably you can bank transfer to Friends of Crescent, Sort: 30-97-17 Acc: 01174774. REF: Movie + childs name.

​All Reception children / their parents will have access to the Office visitor's toilet only.

The school is a mobile free zone. Parents are respectfully asked to keep their phone out of sight and not used at all times.

Any children going to Afterschool will be accompanied by an SLT member to After School.


Foc - Joules Seconds Sale

Wednesday 6 April 2022

Another Joules Sale is being held at Crescent School. Tickets are now on sale to the general public. Please use the link below to book your 1 hour shopping session on 6 April 2022.

TicketSource (or scan the QR code in the poster).

Please be aware that all attending will need their own ticket, including children.

Men's, women's, children's and home merchandise are available at rock bottom prices. Racks are constantly replenished throughout the day. Ticket sales all go to Crescent Adventure. 

Plenty of parking will be available on the playground plus refreshments.

Masks wearing preferred.

Friends of Crescent

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FoC Groups And Contact Information

Below are the details of the FoC Year Group Representatives and group links. 

Year Group Representatives
Reception RE Emily and Becky
Reception RP Sarah and Alison
Year 1 Hannah and Zainab
Year 2 Vicky and Nicole
Year 3 Ash and Sally
Year 4 Inez and Karen
Year 5 Emilie and Laynie
Year 6 Semma and Anita
Chair Nick  chair@friendsofcrescent.co.uk
Secretary Laura secretary@friendsofcrescent.co.uk
  Facebook: FoC Facebook Group
  Whatsapp Comms FoC Whatsapp Comms
  Easyfundraising Easy Fundraising
  Pre-Loved Uniform Pre-Loved Uniform
More information can also be found on Crescent School website by clicking here:

Nick Brosnan
FoC Chair







Weekly Calendar

Below is the link for next week's school calendar.   

Weekly Calendar - Week Commencing 7 March 2022

Please note Choir will run at 8am on Monday not afterschool.

Do check the calendar and SOCS for any updates.

After School
Provision can be booked through My School Portal selecting the sessions you require.  Please ensure bookings that include tea are made by 10.00am each day.  


Crescent School

Changes To Co-Curricular Choir

On Monday 7, 14 and 21 March the Co-Curricualr Choir will take place at 8am instead of after school. This is due to the two parents' meetings and the swimming gala.

Please bring your child to the front door for 8am and they will go straight to the Hall. Any late arrivals after 8.15am should use the Pupil Entrance door. 

SOCS has been updated to reflect these changes.

Mrs Barnes
Director of Music


Lunch Menu Week Commencing 7 March 2022

Please click below to view the lunch menu: 

Lunch Menu - 7 March 2022

Olive Catering Services Limited

Useful School Contact Information

Please see below for useful school contact information:

Crescent School Office
01788 521595
Postal address: Crescent School, Bawnmore Road, Bilton, Rugby CV22 7QH
After School Club
Miss Wrzesniacka (Miss V)
07467 488440
Bills, Fees and Online Payment
01926 634273
01788 523851
School Shop and Uniform
01926 634272
Princethorpe College General Office
01926 634200
twitter:    @CrescentSchRug
facebook: @cres.school

After School - Booking Information - Reminder

Dear Parents

We are very happy to see the increased interest in After School Club. We love to see your children, play with them, help them out with their homework and let them build valuable relationships with other children from different year groups.

Recently the interest in After School has been so high that we have had to recruit more people to our team – we have now an amazing team of lovely staff!

To ensure we take the best possible care of our children, we ask you to make sure you book your After School club slot in advance – 10.00am on the day is the deadline for bookings. This is to ensure we have the right level of supervision. It also allows us to let our lovely kitchen staff know how many children we expect to stay for tea so they can make enough food for all of the children.

Recently we have noticed many children have been booked in after that deadline or not booked in at all. This creates a real challenge for us as we have to either tell children they cannot eat tea with everybody else, or we have to split the food between all of the children, which means the portions are significantly smaller. I think you will agree with us that this is not a good solution at all.  As a result of this, starting this half term, if your child is booked ​into After School later than 10.00am we cannot provide food for them.

Additionally, please make sure your bookings are correct, ensuring the date and type of booking. After School club runs between 3.45pm and 5.45pm, with three options to book:

  • 1st session (with drink and biscuit) 3.45pm to 4.45pm 
  • 2nd session (with tea) 4.45pm and 5.45pm
  • Both sessions 3.45pm to 5.45pm

We serve tea around 5pm.  If you need to make changes to your booking on the day please contact the School Office.

We would also like to remind parents that the After School mobile number is for After School pick up use only. Any other queries should be directed to the office in the office working hours (8.15am to 4.15pm).

Thank you.

Miss Wrzesniacka (Miss V)
After School Manager


Childcare Vouchers And Tax-Free Childcare - Reminder

Parents are reminded that childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare can be used for costs for a child under their compulsory school age. Once a child reaches compulsory school age – on 31 December, 31 March or 31 August following their fifth birthday (whichever comes first) - these payments can only be used for before and after school care.

Eddie Tolcher
Foundation Bursar

Accessing Your On-Line Billing Account - Reminder

Parents wishing to access their on-line billing account should visit: https://parent.princethorpe.co.uk/api/homepage/.

At the top of your screen you will see a menu that allows you to see your invoices and your statement.

To view your invoices please click 'School Fee Invoices'. This will provide you with a list of all invoices raised for all your children within the Foundation. 

To open an individual invoice, select the pdf icon from the download column and click to open. A box will appear on your screen, please click the box to view your invoice.

To view your statement please hover your curser over 'School Fee Invoices'.  A drop-down box will appear 'Statement of Account'. Please click on this. 

This screen will enable you to see the date, account code and current balance. A list of the transactions made during any given month will appear (any brought forward balance from previous terms will appear under this section).  To change the month you wish to view please click on the 'v' to the right hand side of the box containing month and year.

Eddie Tolcher
Foundation Bursar

Term Dates 2021/22 And 2022/23

Please find below term dates for 2021/22 and 2022/23:

Michaelmas Term
Term starts Monday 6 September 2021
Half Term Saturday 16 October to Sunday 31 October 2021
Term ends Tuesday 14 December 2021

Lent Term
Term starts Wednesday 5 January 2022
Half Term Saturday 19 February to Sunday 27 February 2022
Term ends Tuesday 5 April 2022

Trinity Term
Term starts Monday 25 April 2022
May Bank Holiday Monday 2 May 2022 (no school)
Half Term Saturday 28 May to Sunday 5 June 2022
Term ends Wednesday 6 July 2022
Michaelmas Term
Term starts Monday 5 September 2022
Half Term Saturday 15 October to Sunday 30 October 2022
Term ends Friday 16 December 2022

Lent Term
Term starts Wednesday 4 January 2023
Half Term Saturday 18 February to Sunday 26 February 2023
Term ends Friday 23 March 2023

Trinity Term
Term starts Monday 17 April 2023
May Bank Holiday Monday 1 May 2023 (no school)
Half Term Saturday 27 May to Sunday 4 June 2023
Term ends Wednesday 5 July 2023
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School Uniform Items Stocked At School

The following items are stocked in the School Office and can be added to your account:

  • Winter hats
  • Scarves
  • Gloves
  • Ties
  • Swimming hats
  • Sports socks
  • Hair bands
  • Hair scrunchies
  • Hair clips
  • Sun hats
  • Music group badges - Choir, Orchestra, String, Brass and Wind

Please do contact admin@crescentschool.co.uk in if you need any of the above items.

Crescent School Office

The Princethorpe Foundation Employment Opportunities

The Foundation has the following vacancies:

  • Health and Safety Manager - Princethorpe Foundation

Full details and information on how to apply are available on the Foundation website here:


Should you know anyone who might be interested in these posts, please do share this information with them.

Anti-Fraud - Reminder

Cyber-crime – please be extra vigilant

Parents are asked to be vigilant when reading emails relating to the payment of school fees and any other items to the Foundation. You can protect yourselves by only making payments to us in line with our normal, published methods. Any email offering a large discount on fees for the coming academic year if paid immediately is fraudulent.

There has been no change to the bank details of Princethorpe College, Crackley Hall or Crescent and there is no intention to make any changes in the foreseeable future. Any electronic notification that appears to be from any of the Foundation schools changing these details may be fraudulent. Our bank details are available on the Parent Bills, the Online Payment Portal and in the Information Booklet for each school, and only those details should be used.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or my colleagues in the Bursary if you are have any doubts about the correct details or indeed if anything appears suspicious.

Eddie Tolcher
Foundation Bursar