Welcome to the final edition of The Courier for this academic year. 

We are so proud of you all for how you have embraced the new style of home learning and we wish everyone a relaxing and happy summer holiday.

A ‘mini’ Courier wil be produced just before term begins on Friday 28 August 2020.

The cover photo is Mrs Dowling being 'soaked' by Year 6 in their water fight on Thursday!

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Headmaster's Message

Headmaster's Message

Dear Parents

I hope you enjoy this final version of the Courier for the term. I know that for many people this newsletter has provided a vital link with the school over the last few months. In fact, we have been more dependent on electronic communications than ever before. Each week the Courier has provided a colourful and entertaining combination of news and stories that I hope has kept you all fully in the Crescent picture. Many thanks indeed to everyone who has contributed to the newsletter over the last few months, with a very special mention to Mrs Tucker who takes such pride in the quality of everything that goes into this production.

The last week has been a busy one for me as we have prepared for the end of term assemblies and the leavers’ service today. We have battled with the weather and the forecasts, but I hope you all enjoy the finished product when we share the leavers service Vimeo link next week. Over the last two weeks all of the children have had the opportunity to be in school at some point and it has been great to see their response. The best word I can think of to describe their feelings on the return to school is quite simply ‘happiness’. This has been truly lovely to see.

As I wrote in my letter regarding the return to school, I will be back in touch over the holiday period with more detail on the exact details of our provision. Let us hope that we are all together again in September and we can rediscover that positive, purposeful feeling that a day and week in school gives to us all. In the mean time I wish you all a safe and peaceful summer holiday and I look forward to renewing our acquaintances, in person, next term.

Joe Thackway

Year 6 Leavers Service Speech 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, staff, teachers and everyone listening at home, welcome to this year's leavers’ service. 

It has been a year like no other. The normal life of the country, of children going to school and receiving their education with their teachers as well as the normalities of work and leisure have not been affected as drastically as they have been in the last few weeks since the end of the last war. This has been a massive challenge to everyone in every walk of life right across the country and I dare say right across the world.  

When you are presented with challenges of this nature there is a choice. You could throw up your hands and say I can't do this, it's impossible, woe is me, I give up. Or, you could quickly try to reassess the situation and do the best you can from the new set of options that you have. This sounds simple but in fact it requires a great deal of fortitude and resilience. Well those are the first two words I'm going to use to describe the children in this fine year group.  

Fortitude means strength of purpose and strength of will. It means you can keep on going when the going gets tough. Perhaps some of you didn't think you had this quality, but I can assure you that you all do and you have all shown it not only in the last few months but in the last so many years in school.  

Resilience. That is all about the ability to bounce back and not be downhearted from setbacks. Again, Y6 you have shown this in abundance and if you could pick a life skill that will see you through your life and keep a smile on your face at the same time, then I suspect that is it. 

Okay so let's put those two in the bank. Fortitude and resilience. 

How else should I describe this year’s leavers? You have always shown such empathy towards newcomers and care towards younger children. Does anyone know good word for empathy and care? Tricky one. I'm going to go for the obvious one - Kindness. Looking after other people, taking care of those less fortunate than yourselves and not making them feel small because of it. 

It is a year group of leaders who take responsibility. You have welcomed new children without question and even when things have gone wrong you've had the courage to put them right. Not only have you shown kindness and care towards younger children you have also shown responsibility and a mature understanding of when to join in with their fun and when to remind them to be sensible. So I'm going to a add leadership to the list. 

Where have we got to? 

  • Fortitude, you have shown great strength 
  • Resilience, you haven't let circumstances get the better of you 
  • Compassion, you care for one another and you care for others as well 
  • Leadership, you take responsibility and you set a great example to others 

You are only part way through your time in school and when you get to be really old, let’s say 21 or something ancient like that, and you finally look back on your education it might not be your primary years that seem the most important. Yet everything that you are about to achieve and everything that you are about to build in your lives will be built on the foundations you have laid whilst you have been here with us and growing up with your families.  

I hope you have learned your times tables and how to use frontal adverbials. You might have learnt that the Magna Carta changed the course of human history and that life for children in the Second World war was difficult and scary. I hope you know that animals adapt to their environments and in science that some changes can’t be reversed, like when you fry an egg, but some can like when you freeze water. If any of you were listening in my geography lessons, some of you might even know the capital city of Switzerland and the name of the longest river in Europe. Most likely you will forget some of the things that you have learned here and then learn them again later on. I know I do that all the time. At least it makes life more interesting.

But those qualities I have described are not ones you can forget. They are ones that are built into you. They are the qualities of the school promise of course and more than anything you have shown us all how to live by that promise and to be Good Friends, Good Learners and Good Citizens.

In fact, most importantly of all You have made my life easier trying to teach younger children the right way to do things because I just have to point at you and say ‘look at Y6, try and be like them.’ Some of you might be thinking I don't have those qualities, he must be talking about someone else. But the truth is you have all got them. We're not all the same but we share a common ethos and we learn from each other. 

Not to beat about the bush, you have been a great Year 6. There are no two ways about it. When I first came to the school you were the class who had just been split and I know that some parents, and probably children, didn't know if it would work out. Well it did work out and that is due to all of those qualities I have described.  You have really made it work and that's a great lesson for life. Where there's a will - there's a way. If you want to find reasons to make something work you can find them, if you want something to fail you can probably do that as well. So as you go I would say to you; if you want good things, if you want them for yourself and for others, if you want happiness for your family and your friends, and if you want a sustainable future for the planet then you can make those things happen – you have learnt the recipe here. 

Joe Thackway
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Foundation Musicians And Vocalists Perform The Climb

Princethorpe College Director of Music, Gil Cowlishaw, and musicians from across the Foundation, including Crescent School, have risen to the occasion with a fantastic finale to the end of the school year. In a third virtual concert, the Summer Sing And Play, the schools’ vocalists and musicians deliver an awe-inspiring performance of Miley Cyrus’ magical and moving ballard The Climb.

Together nearly 90 pupils and staff perform this beautiful song, the lyrics of which describe a difficult but rewarding journey, the challenge to keep the faith so appropriate for the term we have all just experienced.

I may not know it, but these are the moments that I'm going to remember most, just got to keep going.
And I’ve got to be strong, just keep pushing on!

There's always going be another mountain I'm always going to want to make it move,
Always going to be an uphill battle, sometimes I'm going to have to lose
Ain't about how fast I get there, ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb!

We hope you agree that it just says it all. The wonder of virtually sharing music together has been an experience we will remember for years and years to come.

Gil Cowlishaw, explains, “Arranging the piece for the whole Foundation was a huge challenge, as I had to ensure that there were accessible parts for all the musicians across all three schools. The main body of the song has taken a lot more cobbling together, but it has definitely been worth the effort though, as the end result is, frankly, wonderful! There are pupils, from Reception right up to Upper Sixth, and staff representing all three schools including the Head of the Foundation, Ed Hester. The Climb will serve as a heart-warming and inspirational reminder of this singularly unusual term in the Foundation’s history.”

A huge thanks to Gil and the wonderful Foundation vocalists and musicians. What a wonderfully entertaining and inspirational end to the 2019-20 academic year!

You can watch the performance here: https://vimeo.com/434676980

Zahra Has Zoomed Through The Library

Zahra has been zooming through the school library!

Year 3 pupil, Zahra is one of the most eloquent eight-year-olds you will ever meet and she has developed a wide vocabulary and understanding of grammar, from her love of reading.

From fact to fiction, from classics to comedy, Zahra has devoured 143 books this school year, with an astonishing quizzing average of 97%. With a reading age well above her chronological age, she has also been able to complete 34 vocabulary quizzes which have fed into her day to day writing and her superbly structured story writing.

Well done Zahra.

Daniel Is At Nine Million Words And Still Counting

Last year, Crescent School pupil, Daniel Ovens Gibbs, read an impressive six million words and 65 books. This year 11-year-old Daniel has gone one step better. As we approach the last weeks of the summer term, Daniel has just broken through the nine million words mark after reading an astonishing 106 books this school year.

Daniel is modest about his achievement saying, “I love reading – it takes me into a world of adventure and stimulates my imagination. My favourite time to read is in the evening; it helps me wind down after the day.”

Some of Daniel’s favourite reads this year have included, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, The Earthsea Saga (series of books) and The Lantern Bearers – all great mystery and adventure stories full of drama and suspense to captivate their reader.

Outside of school, Daniel reads most days but, just like any other boy, he also plays sports such as hockey, tennis and sailing and finds time to practise the piano and flute.

Assistant Head, Sarah Webb, who leads on literacy at the Crescent School, explains, “We have a very positive reading culture here at Crescent, it is cool for boys to read, many of our boys in Year 6 have the reading age of a 16-year-old. There are just so many good books out there for boys to read these days.”

The Crescent’s approach to literacy is supported by Renaissance’s Accelerated Reader system. Children take a quiz after reading each book that tests their understanding. Its approach promotes reading for pleasure whilst ensuring the children read appropriately challenging books. It also totals up the books and words read.

Sarah, continues, “Pupils from Year 3 onwards take part in the reading challenge and can quiz daily on the computers before school. We find the boys respond really well to the competitive nature of the challenge. Daniel has been our top reader for several years, but it is an absolutely awe-inspiring achievement that he has read nine million words this year.”

Farewell Mr Phillips

Today we said farewell to Mr Matt Phillips who has been a popular member of staff here at Crescent since 2007. Over the years he has developed his roles from being the Year 3 form tutor and Head of PSHE and Citizenship, to becoming a master of Computing and a force to be reckoned with as Head of Games.

We are all so thrilled that most of us have been in school at some point over the last few weeks to share our thanks, share memories and send him on his way knowing how much he will be missed and what impact he has had on so many here at Crescent.

When such a long-standing teacher leaves his post, it is natural to consider what legacy Mr Phillips will leave behind. I'm sure you will all have your memories and favourite quotes from him and it was evident from the Memory Book that the children have learned such a lot from him, have enjoyed being with him and are so thankful for all the opportunities, experiences and achievements they have had under his leadership.

We wish you well, Mr Phillips and we hope you enjoy reading these messages of good luck and heart felt poems from the children here at school.

Mrs Stapleton
Head of Wellbeing


Year 5 Into Year 6 Holiday Work

All of Class 5F will have received a pack of work to keep their brain working and ready for the 11+ exams early next term.

The pack contains the answers so there is no need to return the work.  Also there is a copy of War Horse by Michael Morpurgo which needs to be read by the start of next Term, if your child has already read it then please read another book based around World War One.

I can't wait to welcome you all back in to Class 6W in September.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Home Learning Books Return And Seesaw

When we prepared for lock down, we distributed books for home learning thinking we would be back in school in a few weeks, take them in and review them for assessment. With the implementation of Seesaw we have been able to to mark and feedback efficiently. However, we would still like to have the books returned in September please. This will enable us to track back if children have any gaps in their learning caused by lock down. Please keep hold of them if you can over the holidays.

Parts of Seesaw will be archived over the summer so if you want to save a copy of your child's journal please see the article in The Courier today.

Pupils' Home Learning Codes will become invalid around the 10 August 2020, we can issue new ones next term.

Thank you for being so supportive of our home learning provision during this unusual time.

Ms Forth
Deputy Head
Head of Curriculum

Book Recommendations

I know many of you are often looking for book recommendation for over the Summer Holidays so please see the websites below for ideas:

Books for Reception – a collection of great picture books for EYFS children aged 4-5 in UK primary schools. Picked by teachers and librarians, this reading list contains stories and poems by Michael Rosen, Steve Weatherill, Jeanne Willis, Oliver Jeffers, Julie Fulton, and more.
BBC Newsround asked what books its viewers have been getting stuck into while they have been at home and they received hundreds of comments and videos.
Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Reading Over The Summer Holidays

We are always trying our best to encourage children to read, hoping to create a life-long love. There are so many distractions in life so I am always looking for ways to motivate children. I have discovered a summer reading challenge and a reading club that some of you may wish to do.  Take a look, have a go and I look forward to hearing how it went.

Scholastic Kids Club

Love books? Love fun and games? Love freebies? Then you'll love our online Scholastic Kids' Club. It's a place where you can read about books, get your hands on lots of games and activities, see what's hot and grab FREE stuff in our giveaways and competitions

Summer Reading Challenge

Parents and children can sign up to our easy-to-use website and create their own profile at sillysquad.org.uk from 5 June onwards.

  • They set their own challenge to read any amount of books during the Challenge, with children being encouraged to read anything that makes them happy – whether it be comics, joke books, poetry, fiction or non-fiction; in digital or print format; from e-book lending through the public library service or from what they already have at home.
  • Each time they finish a book, they add it to their profile and write a review. They are rewarded with activities and incentives along the way, such as online badges, games and videos. 
  • Families are encouraged to join in and ‘Get Silly’ with downloadable activities, games, quizzes and more. With new content to enjoy each week, the fun will continue throughout the summer to keep families engaged. 
  • They receive a downloadable certificate once they’ve completed their challenge!
Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Learning Support Summer Reading Challenge

During the summer holidays, 10–15 minutes of reading with your child every day is one of the best ways you can help them with their learning. Aside from the educational benefits, regular story time can also be ten minutes of respite from hectic family life to curl up, read and talk together. By all means ask questions and discuss tricky vocabulary, but don’t be afraid to lose yourselves in a good story too.

Helping your child to enjoy reading is an important goal in itself. Attached is a fun colouring activity to fill in as a reminder to show there are various genres of reading materials out there for your child to read and enjoy!

Mrs Brazier
Learning Support
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Seesaw - Useful Top Tips

As we come to the end of the year, here is a link to show you how to download all the work on your child's journal if you would like to keep a copy. Some or perhaps all work will be archived before the start of next term, so you have plenty of time

Archive Student Journal
Ms Forth
Deputy Head

First News

We receive First News in school every week for the children to peruse. As they are currently unable to deliver printed copies, they are sharing the newspaper as a PDF: 

First News

I hope you are all enjoying this great newspaper, even as an adult, I enjoy reading it.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Uniform For Next Term Reminder

Should you require any new uniform items for your son or daughter in readiness for September we are now offering virtual Uniform Shop appointments via Zoom over the summer holidays. Please complete the form for current parents on the Uniform Shop tab on the top menu of My School Portal https://princethorpe.myschoolportal.co.uk/section/270 and the Uniform team will be in touch to arrange a suitable appointment with you.

As normal, items can be added to your pupil account or payment can be made by credit/debit card at the end of the appointment. We will then give you a collection date and time.

Attached is the uniform list for your information, green text items are to be purchased from the school shop. Please note the following:

  • Class 2W will require white trainers for PE   
  • Class 3Y will require various items for sport/PE including the tracksuit and standard ties
  • Girls moving into Class 5F can now wear skirts for winter uniform
  • Gumshields and shin pads are mandatory for PE/Sport in Years 3-6 and we recommend base layers

Nicola Browne
Foundation Shop Manager


Virtual Assembly Links

Please find below the links to all the 'virtual' assemblies that have been sent to Pupils during Home Learning.

Monday 23 March 2020 Assembly 23 March 2020
Friday 27 March 2020 Assembly 27 March 2020
Monday 20 April 2020 Assembly 20 April 2020
Friday 24 April 2020 Assembly 24 April 2020
Monday 27 April 2020 Assembly 27 April 2020
Friday 1 May 2020 Assembly 1 May 2020
Monday 4 May 2020 Assembly 4 May 2020
VE Day Assembly  VE Day Assembly
Thursday 7 May 2020 Assembly 7 May 2020
Monday 11 May 2020 Assembly 11 May 2020
Friday 15 May 2020 Assembly 15 May 2020
Monday 18 May 2020 Assembly 18 June 2020
Friday 22 May 2020 Assembly 22 May 2020
Friday 5 June 2020 Assembly 5 June 2020
Monday 8 June 2020 Assembly 8 June 2020
Friday 12 June 2020 Assembly 12 June 2020
Monday 15 June 2020 Assembly 15 June 2020
Friday 19 June 2020 Assembly 19 June 2020
Monday 22 June 2020 Assembly 22 June 2020
Friday 26 June 2020 Assembly 26 June 2020
Monday 29 June 2020 Assembly 29 June 2020 
Friday 3 July 2020  Assembly 3 July 2020



Home Learning

Reception The Very Hungry Caterpillar Puppet Shows

In home learning this week the children were given a template to make their own puppets. They were asked to use their puppet as props to retell the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ that has been our focus text. The shows the children performed were nothing short of brilliant! Children used wonderful expression in their retellings and all displayed excellent understanding of the story.

Mrs Pullen
Reception Class Teacher
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Reception Caterpillar Craft

Our task this week in Expressive Art and Design was to make a caterpillar model as part of our ‘Growing and Changing’ theme. Take a look at our crawlie creations!

Mrs Pullen
Reception Class Teacher
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Reception’s Pizza Party

Pizza - what a wonderful way to end the year in Reception. Mrs Rougeolle (Seren’s mummy) very kindly organised personal margarita pizzas to be delivered to school from Dominoes on Friday lunchtime. Those that couldn’t be with us at school joined the party via Teams and lots of fun was had by all.

Mrs Pullen
Reception Class Teacher

Special Guests In Reception

During home learning Alfie (with a little parental help) created some wonderful work as part of our 'Once Upon A Time' topic. Wayne the Wolf and Graham the Gingerbread Man, two life size creations, visited us in Reception this week. I know they usually take pride of place at home - thank you Alfie for sharing your brilliant creations.

Mrs Pullen
Reception Class Teacher
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Class 1E Finish The Year In Style

What a lovely last day in Year 1! This morning we had our own Sports Day, with the children showing great determination, competitiveness as well as camaraderie. We enjoyed individual running races, relays, an obstacle course, hurdles and galloping horses. Lots of fun! The afternoon was the cumulation of our planning this week for our teddy bears picnic. The children have written invitations, created party plans, made decorations and today brought their teddies in to enjoy our picnic. We had music, games, dancing and some delicious party food. A thoroughly enjoyable end to the most unusual of years that Class 1E have just taken in their stride. You have all been amazing!!

A very proud Mrs Emery!

Class 1E Form Tutor

Year 1 and 2 Trip To The Zoo

In the absence of a real day at the zoo last Friday, Year 1 and 2 children rose to the challenge of completing virtual zoo based activities showing fabulous creativity in designing their own plan for a zoo and an advertisment (poster, video or voice) persuading families that it was the place to go this summer.

Mr Webb
Head of Pre-Prep

Class 1E And 2W French Zoo Day

For zoo day on Friday 26 June 2020, as part of their French lessons, Class 1E and 2W were asked to make either an animal mask or an animal model and to describe its colours in French. Can you guess who is hiding behind the masks?

Mme Tatton
MFL Teacher
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Class 4M Indus Jewellery

The creative talents of Class 4M have been showcased again this week with some super Indus inspired jewellery. They used a range of materials to create detailed and authentic designs.

Mrs Yates
Head of History
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Class 6Y Final Week fun

Class 6Y have enjoyed their final week at Crescent. Whilst it has not been a typical final week at school, there's been plenty of fun and shared time with friends. They have been a brilliant class and it has been my absolute pleasure to be their form tutor for three years. Friday will be a whole mixture of emotions as we try to say our goodbyes at a social distance...without hugs!

Whilst there will undoubtedly be some sadness there will also be huge pride in the wonderful young people who are now fully prepared to fly Crescent's nest and move on to the exciting futures which await them.

Good luck in all you do 6Y!

Mrs Yates
Class 6Y Form Tutor
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Year 6 Tea Party And Water Fight

On Tuesday, Year 6 enjoyed a Tea Party out on the grass. It was different from our usual Leavers Final School Dinner, but it was a great chance to sit with friends and reminisce about their time at the Crescent School. And, as a leaver, we made sure Mr Phillips took part as well!

Then on Thursday the children and staff had a special treat - a water fight, it was great fun and everyone got very wet.

There was a lot going on in the final few days of term, culminating in the Leavers' Service on Friday. We were determined to make sure Year 6 had an extra special few days and to send them all off to their new schools in style.

Crescent School

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ISA Arts ABC Handprint Competition

The ISA (Independent Schools Association) Arts team are running a competion to create the alphabet with hand prints including all the letters of the alphabet.  I set this as an activity for Reception to Year 5 Art lessons last week and the results were simply wonderful.  Each school were allowed to submit three entries to the competiton and Crescent chose:

Sophia 1E - P is for Peacock

Oliver 2W - P is for Pig

Stephanie 4M -  B is for Butterfly

Congratulations to Sophia, Oliver and Stephanie we look forward to seeing how we do in the national competition. Well done to everyone who took part there were some simply super entries, I was impressed by the creative and different approaches the children took.

Mrs Byrne
Head of Art
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ABC Handprints Photos

Please click on the photos to see the wonderful handprints pictures that were produced as part of the ISA Handprint Competition.

Mrs Byrne
Head of Art
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Current Year 5 Pre-Season Brain Training

Please see below a copy of the letter which went out via ISAMS this afternoon:

Dear Year 5 Parents

As you will no doubt be aware, the local authority 11+ exam are scheduled to take place this year on the weekend of 12 and 13 September 2020.

With this in mind, we would like to invite this year’s Year Five children in for three Pre-Season Brain Training Sessions on 25, 26 and 27 August. These will run from 9.00am until 12.45pm each day.

The children will spend each morning with their familiar Crescent teachers, including Mrs Forth, Mrs Webb and me, getting them back into gear and ready for their exams. Each day there will be taught sessions focusing on the four strands of the 11+; verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, maths and English comprehension. Needless to say, these skills will also be useful for their Princethorpe exams later in the year (these have been moved to January 23), as well as any other independent school exams they may be entered for.

Children will be expected to arrive in school smartly dressed with a mid-morning snack. They do not need to wear school uniform.

These sessions will be in addition to the revision packs that we send home at the end of the Summer Term. I am pleased to say that there will be no charge for attendance.

Please indicate if you would like to sign up by completing the form link.

Best wishes


Joe Thackway


Pastoral Message From Mr Webb

Dear Parents

We regularly talk to children in school about their personal qualities.  They will often, very accurately, tell us that they are kind, hard working, happy or funny.  Some will occasionally say that they are brave to which I always reply "how do you know you are brave".  It's one of those where you don't really know for sure until you are in a situation where you find out!

In a similar kind of way we also talk to parents and children about the sense of community and family at Crescent.  It's one of those words which is always used to describe the school.  Like with bravery it's probably best proved when things become unusual or difficult.  As such we've taken enormous pride in the many messages we've had over the past few months about how the whole school community has pulled together and strived to work in one direction during this crisis.  I hope that you and your children have felt this strongly and that it is something that will bond us all further as we look towards September and beyond.

With very best wishes to you all for a safe and family filled summer. 

Mr Webb
Crescent Safeguarding Lead
Head of Pastoral Care

CLANG Of The Week

Well, we made it!  It's been a term that started with uncertainty and worry and thankfully, has finished with positivity, laughter and a chance to be together. I don't know about you but I am emotionally exhausted as well as physically tired but to see so many of you back in school and having the 'buzz' this brings has been worth every Teams meeting, every risk assessment, every lesson planned and every piece of work completed. You should all feel very proud of the way you have engaged with the changes and the progress you have made in such different circumstances. If any of you have been affected by this term and are not sure how to manage the feelings and emotions you may have, please make sure you speak with a trusted adult or form teacher so we can help you work things through.

Anyway, here's my last CLANG of the term:

To be able to have the opportunity to have most of having my class back in school and enjoying being with each other;
I am busy learning how to draw 'zentangle' patterns by following tutorials and joining in with online workshops;
It was good to see my class make use of the short running track painted on the field for their 'alternative' sports day;
I love noticing the twinkle of the solar lights that come on later in the evening and it makes me feel happy and relaxed.

Wishing you all a restful summer break and remember - keep mindful of what is around you to keep you grounded. Also, look after your emotional wellbeing as well as finding physical activities to do!

Mrs Stapleton
Head of Wellbeing


Accelerated Reading Badges

Any badges that have been awarded since Lockdown are being distributed to the children as best we can. Any that have siblings in school or who have been in school have been given them. The rest have been allocated and ready to be awarded when we return to school.

We are so lucky to have so many children with a good reading ethic.

Look how many words have been read in each year group:

  • 3S they have read over 3 million words
  • 4M have read over 24 million words
  • 5F have read over 17 million words
  • 6W have read over 28 million words
  • 6Y have read over 19 million words

30 children have read over 1 million words this year.

Keep reading this summer.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Accelerated Reader Achievements

Well done to the following pupils who have been awarded certificates this week:

  • 9 Million
  • 6 Million
  • 4 Million
  • 3 Million
  • 2 Million
    James W
  • 500k
    Harry M

Keep reading and quizzing!

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head
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Accelerated Reader Certificates

The following children have been awarded (virtually) certificates for Accelerated Reader this week:

3S 4M 5F














George C





Well done to you all.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head

Times Table Rockstars

Weekly battle 25 June - 1 July results:

Boys Girls
2,742 points 3,726 points

Boys are the winners with Sam B in 2W and Fifi in 6W for contributing the most points to their teams. 

In the Class 4M and 5F battle:

Class 4M Class 5F
1,339 points 1,176 points
With Sahana in 5F and Faris in 4M being most valuable players. Well done 4M!

Each class can have the speediest TT Rock Star and that gets you up the status board on the poster. To get on this board you have to tackle the single-player games - Garage, Studio & Soundcheck, multi-player games do not count for these. The single-player games also earn more coins than the multi-player games too.

In the last weeks, most improved speedsters in each class are:

  • 1E - Matthew - Gigger!

  • 2W - Sam B - Breakthrough Artist!

  • 3S - Charlie - Rock Legend! Esme B- Headliner!

  • 4M - Evie - Gigger! Faris A - Rock Star!

  • 5F - Jack - Breakthrough Artist

I have also set up a 'Battle' Friday 3 July - Friday 28 August , 'Girls Vs Boys' for the whole school. 

Battles add up any points at all as you play! I will let you know who wins next term.

Stay Calm and Keep Rocking!

Art Frizzmeister aka Ms Forth
Deputy Head

Virtual Accelerated Reading Board

It great to see so many of you accessing reading from home.  Here are the final readers for this term:

Word Wizards of the week:

  • Alyssa
  • Drew
  • Harry B
  • Matthew
  • Zara E

Children who have read the most books this week:

  • Alyssa
  • Ava
  • Chloe B
  • Drew
  • Harry B
  • Matthew

Keep up the excellent reading work.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head


Virtual Sports Day A Super Sporty Treat

Sports Day is one of the highlights of the Crescent School year. The children always take it seriously but compete with good humour, encouraging each other to do their very best.

Not wanting to miss out on this important annual event, the Year 6 children put together a series of five activities for the children to take part in.  Points were awarded for participation and for how well the children performed with the House earning the most points claiming the coveted House Sports Trophy.

There were lots of enthusiastic entries to the Virtual House Sports Day competition but after reviewing the entries, the results are as follows: 

1st - St. David's: 513 points

2nd - St. George's: 492 points

3rd - St. Andrew's: 486 points

In terms of individual results placings were as follows:

Pre-Prep - 1st Alex Thomas, 2nd Alex Grove, 3rd Shiv Patel and 4th Matthew Lee/Akaal Ra

Years 3 and 4 - 1st Aryan Satsangi/Rohan Somerset, 2nd Grace Crowfoot 3rd Liana Fairle and 4th Charlie Millward/Esme Barlow

Years 5 and 6 - 1st Sam Sheffield (full marks!), 2nd George Bell, 3rd Keshav Gupta/Sienna Moran and 4th Issy Thompson

Well done to everyone who took part.

Sports Day is always a popular event and it was good to see that our outstanding young athletes, have kept up the tradition and made this year’s Virtual Sports Day another super sporty success.


The Princethorpe Foundation Employment Opportunities

Please find below a link to the current vacancies available across the Foundation:

  • Administrator/Receptionist (Maternity Cover)
  • Learning Support Teacher - Part Time
  • Uniform and Shop Manager

Full details of the roles and how to apply are available via the following link https://www.princethorpe.co.uk/employment-opportunities

Term Dates For 2021-22

Please find below the term dates for 2021-22:

Michaelmas Term
Term starts Wednesday 1 September 2021
Half Term Saturday 16 October to Sunday 31 October 2021
Term ends Tuesday 14 December 2021

Lent Term
Term starts Wednesday 5 January 2022
Half Term Saturday 19 February to Sunday 27 February 2022
Term ends Tuesday 5 April 2022

Trinity Term
Term starts Monday 25 April 2022
May Bank Holiday Monday 2 May 2022 (no school)
Half Term Saturday 28 May to Sunday 5 June 2022
Term ends Tuesday 6 July 2022

Useful School Contact Information

Please see below for useful school contact information:

Crescent School Office
01788 521595
Postal address: Crescent School, Bawnmore Road, Bilton, Rugby CV22 7QH
After School Club
01788 523850
Bills, Fees and Online Payment
01926 634273
01788 523851
School Shop and Uniform
01926 634272
Princethorpe College General Office
01926 634200
Pathfinders Nursery
01788 813666
twitter:    @CrescentSchRug
facebook: @cres.school

Term Dates 2020-21

Please find below term dates for 2020/21:

Michaelmas Term
Term starts Tuesday 1 September 2020
Half Term Saturday 17 October to Sunday 1 November 2020
Term ends Tuesday 15 December 2020

Lent Term
Term starts Tuesday 5 January 2021
Half Term Saturday 13 February to Sunday 21 February 2021
Term ends Friday 26 March 2021

Trinity Term
Term starts Monday 19 April 2021
May Bank holiday - Monday 3 May 2021 (no school)
Half Term Saturday 29 May to Sunday 6 June 2021
Term ends Tuesday 6 July 2021