Around The Classes

Fire Brigade Visit For Classes 1E and 2W

On Monday morning, four firefighters came to meet Class 1 and 2 to talk about fire safety. It was a really interactive session where the children first considered the different parts of the firefighters uniform and discussed how it keeps them safe in a fire. They then learned the difference between a safe and unsafe fire and some good fire prevention tips focussing on the dangers of matches and the importance of checking your smoke alarm weekly.

The class finished with by learning about the Stop, Drop and Roll technique that you should use if your clothes catch fire and how to safely get yourself out of a house fire should one start.

Looking at the fire truck was a special highlight for the children. So much discussion and learning took place that will hopefully keep the children fire safe for life.

Mrs Emery
Class 1E Teacher
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Class 1E  Explore The Qu’ran

Class 1E have spent some time enjoying a carousel of activities to boost their understanding of the Qu’ran as part of their learning about the religion of Islam. The children followed the custom of washing their hands before touching the Qu’ran then looking inside to see the Arabic and English writing. In groups they worked on the beliefs within the Qu’ran and created their own set of rules to make the world a better place. The children practised writing their name in Arabic and worked as a team on the interactive whiteboard to complete an online jigsaw of the Qu’ran. A great exercise in respecting different cultures.

Mrs Emery
Class 1E Form Teacher
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Class 1E - Scientists

Class 1E scientists explored their sense of smell this week: recognising and rating a whole range of smells (some of which they liked, some they really didn't!)  We gathered our thoughts and recorded our results as a simple pictogram.

Mr Webb
Class 1E Science Teacher

Class 3S Up Up and Away

Class 3S have been understanding the importance of following instructions as they continue to develop their coding skills this term.  By following them to create a fantastic paper airplane, we related it back to the algorithms we write which produces the desired output on the screen.

Great fun!

Mrs Stapleton
Class 3S Form Teacher
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Co-Curricular Pre-Prep Story Club

Pre-Prep story club on Tuesday lunchtime enables children from Reception to Year 2 to simply enjoy books in a relaxed and informal way. 

Sometimes we listen to or watch stories, sometimes we read alone, sometimes we share with a friend.

What we do hope is that all children are developing a lifelong passion for reading.

Mr Webb
Head of Pre-Prep

All Welcome At The Library Club

Library club runs on Monday and Friday lunchtimes. All children are welcome to come and help themselves to a book and read or join in with our group reading sessions.

As the term goes on we are hoping that our older children will be able to lead group reading for Pre-Prep children.

If you are looking for reading inspiration our Year 6 librarians will be more than happy to give you some advice.

Don't forget children are welcome to come and quiz at these times as well.

As you can see from the photos, the Library has been very much enjoyed over the last few weeks.

Mrs Calder
Teaching Assistant


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