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Class 3S Go Wild

We are studying The Tiger Child by Joanna Troughton, the children have loved researching these amazing creatures and have appreciated their beauty by completing a project of their choice:

For example, some children have made

  • A picture, painting or collage
  • A fact file: poster or PowerPoint
  • A model making activity: clay or other medium
  • A cake or even biscuits! 

We have created a fantastic display which you will be able to see at the next Open Corridors!

Mrs Stapleton
Class 3S Form Teacher
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Class 1E Measurement In Maths

How big is a squid’s eye? How small is a dwarf goby? How long is an anteater's tongue?  

Class 1E discovered answers to lots of these questions about the size of some of the largest and smallest animals in the world as part of an introduction to measuring using centimetres and metres.

Great investigation skills, comparative discussion and understanding of the importance of accuracy when measuring.

In case you are interested, the answers are:

  • Squid eye = 30cm
  • Dwarf goby = 1 cm
  • Anteater's tongue = 60cm
Mrs Emery
Class 1E Form Teacher
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Class 2W Science – Material Choices

This week in Science Class 2W have been investigating different materials to find out which would be best for making a tent.  They looked at creating and building structures which would be strong, flexible, secure and stopping the tent from falling over or blowing away.  They also looked at which materials would be strong, waterproof and flexible for the cover so that they would have a safe and secure shelter where they would stay warm and dry.

Mrs McCollin
Class 2W Science Teacher
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Class 5F Egyptian Homework Projects

For their history homework last half term, Class 5F worked on an Egyptian project of their choice. This open learning activity really allows the children's creativity to flow and lets them explore aspects of the topic which they are particularly interested in. There were some wonderful creations which the children enjoyed sharing with their class mates.

Mrs Yates
Head of History
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Class 5F Art

Class 5F have started their 3D cardboard and papier-mache 3D instruments. They have designed them to be in the style of Braque.

Mrs Byrne
Head of Art, Science and DT
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Year 6 Classic Author Study Of Phillip Pullman

As you may have seen the Dark Materials, written by Phillip Pullman has been dramatised into a BBC series. I would recommend that Year 6 watch this as it will support the work we are doing in class.

Mrs Webb
Head of English

It's That Time Of Year Again

Rehearsals have started for the Nativity productions.  Classes 1E and 2W had their first run through this week.

Crescent School

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Co-Curricular Times Table Challenge

Stephanie was helping Ms Forth with the Times Table Challenge this week.  Grace achieved her 11 times tables.

Ms Forth
Head of Maths


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