End of Term Awards

Congratulations to the following children who were awarded the following:

Barrett English Prize:

  • Year 5 - Zahra
  • Year 4 - Maisie
  • Year 3 - Patrick

Crescent Maths Prize:

  • Year 5 - Harry
  • Year 4 - Alex T
  • Year 3 - Matthew

Morley-Boys Pre-Prep Cup for Resilience

  • Isabella 

Clayton Star for Outstanding Behaviour in Reception

  • Iris

Noyce Trophy for Most Promising Girl Sports Player (Y5)

  • Ellie

Phillips Trophy for Most Promising Boy Sports Player (Y5)

  • Sam

Well done to you all.

Joe Thackway

Promise Badge Awards Trinity Term

We were delighted, in our final celebration assembly of the term, to award our Promise Badges.  

They are very special and are awarded at the end of each term to one child in Pre-Prep (PP) and one child in the Upper School (US) for each of the three promise strands: Good Friends, Good Learners, Good Citizens.

The children listed below have embodied the qualities of the promise this term and can wear their new badges with pride.


  • Good Friend: Lily for embracing her relationships with others in school with enthusiasm and growing confidence.
  • Good Learner: Emily for her love of learning and always trying her best.
  • Good Citizen: Aria for her relentless dedication to the School Promise.

Upper School

  • Good Friend: Grace M for her support of others.
  • Good Learner: Sachin for increased confidence and progress made.
  • Good Citizen: Ava for her kind and caring approach to others across the school community.
Mr Webb
Assistant Head

School Promise Certificates Trinity Term

In our Good News Assembly this morning we awarded School Promise certificates to recognise the children’s excellent behaviour as Good Friends, Good Learners or Good Citizens. 

Well done to:

Tilly  – Good Learner – showing great resilience in her learning.
Daniel  – Good Friend – showing good cooperation in group games.
Hazel - Good Learner - An independent approach to learning supporting great progress.
Ire  - Good Friend - A kind friend who always thinks of others before herself. 
Felicity  – Good Citizen - Always being kind to her friends, a role model for younger and older pupils in everything she does and embodies the School Promise.
Katie  – Good Learner. Always doing her best and challenging herself to move forward with her learning to the best of her ability.
Sophia -  Good Learner - For remembering her class learning and independently applying it in her work, consistently.
Hermione - Good Citizen - For helping to keep our classroom safe and being responsible in looking after her friends when they are playing outside.
Everly - Good Friend for her kind and gentle approach to others.
Amber - Good Learner for her increased independence and resilience leading to high attainment.
Sophie - Good Learner - She tries her best in all that she does and has show resilience in al her learning this term. Well done!
Toni - Good Citizen - She is polite and respectful, follows the school promise and has had a great first year at Crescent. 
Alice - Good Learner for always showing a positive attitude to her learning and having a Growth Mindset.
Remi  - Good Citizen for following the School Promise, being honest, and showing resilience in all situations.
Tegan - Good Learner- For always working hard and trying her very best.
Grace - Good Friend- For being gentle and caring to all whom she meets.
Rory - Good Friend, Good Learner and Good Citizen, for all round effort.
Sophie - Good Citizen for attitude to the environment.

Keep up the good work.

Joe Thackway
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House Point Winners Trinity Term

In the Celebration Assembly on Tuesday 6 July, the housepoint winners for each class were awarded with a book token.  

Congratulations to the following children:

Class  First Place Second place
1LS Alice Penelope
1SS Joshua Uma
2W Kiran Kian
3Y Sophia Herbie
Grace (joint)
Harry (joint)
5F Charlie Tegan
6W Stephanie Aryan

Blue House won the Housepoint Trophy for this term.  

The overall winners of the House trophy for the year were Yellow House, House Captains Grace and Sachin are pictured here with the trophy:

St David 
St George
St Andrew
6,951 points
6,918 points
6,667 points

Well done to all.

Joe Thackway

Accelerated Reader Achievements

This week's reading superstars are:

  • Double Millionaire: Matthew

  • 500,000: Emily

Mrs Nelson
Teaching Assistant

Accelerated Reader Top Quizzers And Word Wizards

Here are the Yearly Accelerated Reader Champions:

Top Quizzers are:

  • 3Y  Lewis who successfully quizzed on 113 books
  • 4M Hattie who successfully quizzed on 56 books
  • 5F  Chloe who successfully quizzed on 52 books
  • 6W Grace who successfully quizzed on 37 books

Word Wizards are:

  • 3Y Matthew who read 2.1 million words
  • 4M Alex T who read 5.2 million words
  • 5F  Poppy who read 3.1 million words
  • 6W Drew who read 3.7 million words
Mrs Nelson
Teaching Assistant