Around The Classes

Class 1SS What Makes A Good Friend

As part of our PSHE Jigsaw objectives, we were prompted to think about what we look for in a good friend. We drew around Elliott and filled his outline with all our ideas about what makes a good friend. We then completed a sorting game so we could discuss what are good friendship behaviours and those that aren't. 

Mrs Stapleton
Class 1SS Class Teacher


Class 2W Art

What a beautiful view!

Continuing our learning about how to create landscape art, 2W used aqua pencils to create blending colours to show the depth of a countryside or awesome sunsets. 

Mrs Stapleton
Class 1SS Art Teacher

Year 4 Thinking Skills

Part of thinking skills is about spatial awareness. To help Year 4 visualise, it was important for them to experience so we got the blocks out to rotate 3D shapes and also draw 2D plans from above.

Mrs Webb
Assistant Head


Class 6W Computing – Physical Programming

In Computing this week Year 6 began a brand new unit looking at physical programming and engineering, designing and coding computer programs to operate real-life outputs, such as lights and motors. They had great fun using tiny microprocessors called Crumbles to program algorithms to make LEDs or ‘sparkles’ flash in particular colours and sequences. In future weeks they will be designing, building and programming their own motor-powered vehicles to complete a range of challenges.

Mr Adkins
Head of Digital Learning