FoC Changes

After five wonderful years for me as Chair of the FoC and for Amy Sarkies as Secretary, the time has come, with both our children nearly leaving the school, to resign our positions on the committee. We both feel that now would be a great time for a new team to come together to take the Friends of Crescent forward. 

To provide continuity Nick Brosnan will remain on the committee and will be looking for individuals to put themselves forward as either Chair, Secretary or in any other capacity to work alongside him.

So if you would like to get involved or would like further information please email Nick at by Friday 27 November 2020.

We have pulled together lists of what’s involved so even if you’re limited on time and can’t necessarily attend the meetings they will be ways to get involved. 

Both Amy and I will continue in our positions until Christmas and will be on hand to help work with the new team as they transition forward. 

So, please contact Nick if you feel you can help with this amazing committee.

Kind regards

Zara Corbin
FoC Chair

FoC Xmas4schools Cards And Gifts

Thank you to everyone who ordered items from Xmas4Schools. The portal closes at midnight on Friday 6 November so if you haven't already ordered yet, you still have time if you're reading this on Friday.

We currently have raised over £175 for the school which is fantastic. The items should be back at school by the end of November.

Ms Forth
Deputy Head teacher

FoC Active October Sponsorship Money

Thank you to everyone who took part in Active October. I hope you all enjoyed the challenge of getting out especially during the Half Term holidays.

I received some lovely messages from families whose children cycled Draycote for the first time and other children who walked up Mam Tor in the Peak District without complaining.

Please could we request that all sponsorship is sent by bank transfer into the FoC bank account using the following details:

Account Name: Friends of Crescent
Account Number: 01174774
Sort Code: 309717
Reference: Name & Year Group
Zara Corbin
FoC Chair

FoC Active October Activity Update

Thank you for sending in the lovely pictures of pupils enjoying Active October. Here's what some pupils got up to:

  • Kai, Shayla, Grace, Leela and Nimeeta all live near each other they took part in a run on a wet day in half term.  They had a fabulous time.
  • Emily chose to run laps of her Grandad's allotment, which is just less than a mile all the way round. She successfully managed to run 49 laps throughout the month and has raised £95. Excellent work Emily 🤩
  • Esme and Elliott cycled all the way around Draycote Water in 1 hour and 40 minutes. They both slept very well that night!
  • Isla's Active October challenge was to do 100 one-handed pogo stick jumps every day for a week!
  • Annalise, Roisin and Finn got active with lots of outdoor activities in Cornwall: coastal walks, body boarding and cycling among other activities.
  • Sophia D expressed a wish to cycle round Draycote water. So after the rain she set off with her parents on their bicycles in the glorious Autumn sunshine and returned home after 4 hours cycling, coffee and cake in the Draycote café, we clocked 16 miles of cycling and arrived home just as it was turning dark.  Sophia also baked scones and decorated cupcakes to sell at a cake sale in our garden to raise money for Macmillan Cancer support, we managed to raise £200.

  • Harry and Theo decided to challenge themselves for Active October by trying out new activities such as a very high climbing wall and archery.
  • Mya and Kiran completed their Active October challenge by walking around Draycote water. They were very tired by the end!
What a busy half term you had!  Please click through the gallery to view the photos. 

Crescent School

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FoC Fast Facts

Inez (Alex and Lucas' Mum) has kindly pulled together some information to inform parents what the FoC does and what the FoC has purchased from money raised. 

Please click on the photo to see the FoC Fast Facts!

Thank you Inez.

Zara Corbin
FoC Chair

FoC - Contact Information

Below are the details of the FoC Year Group Representatives. These reps will communicate with you on all our events via email, whatsapp or facebook. 

Year Group 1st Rep 2nd Rep
Reception RE Hannah Gowney-Hedges  
Reception RP Zainab Remi-Omosowon  
Year 1 Vicky Morley Lisa Millward
Year 2 Sanda Mocanu Fatima Masood
Year 3 Inez de Koning Karen Williams
Year 4 Emilie Crowfoot Claire Brosnan
Year 5 Semma King Anita Somerset
Year 6 Kal Mistry Amy Sarkies


Chairpnerson Zara Corbin
Treasurer  Nick Brosnan
Secretary Amy Sarkies
Staff Reps
Ms Forth and
Mrs Webb
FoC  Facebook:
Zara Corbin
FoC Chair