Pastoral Message From Mr Webb

Dear Parents

We regularly talk to children in school about their personal qualities.  They will often, very accurately, tell us that they are kind, hard working, happy or funny.  Some will occasionally say that they are brave to which I always reply "how do you know you are brave".  It's one of those where you don't really know for sure until you are in a situation where you find out!

In a similar kind of way we also talk to parents and children about the sense of community and family at Crescent.  It's one of those words which is always used to describe the school.  Like with bravery it's probably best proved when things become unusual or difficult.  As such we've taken enormous pride in the many messages we've had over the past few months about how the whole school community has pulled together and strived to work in one direction during this crisis.  I hope that you and your children have felt this strongly and that it is something that will bond us all further as we look towards September and beyond.

With very best wishes to you all for a safe and family filled summer. 

Mr Webb
Crescent Safeguarding Lead
Head of Pastoral Care

CLANG Of The Week

Well, we made it!  It's been a term that started with uncertainty and worry and thankfully, has finished with positivity, laughter and a chance to be together. I don't know about you but I am emotionally exhausted as well as physically tired but to see so many of you back in school and having the 'buzz' this brings has been worth every Teams meeting, every risk assessment, every lesson planned and every piece of work completed. You should all feel very proud of the way you have engaged with the changes and the progress you have made in such different circumstances. If any of you have been affected by this term and are not sure how to manage the feelings and emotions you may have, please make sure you speak with a trusted adult or form teacher so we can help you work things through.

Anyway, here's my last CLANG of the term:

To be able to have the opportunity to have most of having my class back in school and enjoying being with each other;
I am busy learning how to draw 'zentangle' patterns by following tutorials and joining in with online workshops;
It was good to see my class make use of the short running track painted on the field for their 'alternative' sports day;
I love noticing the twinkle of the solar lights that come on later in the evening and it makes me feel happy and relaxed.

Wishing you all a restful summer break and remember - keep mindful of what is around you to keep you grounded. Also, look after your emotional wellbeing as well as finding physical activities to do!

Mrs Stapleton
Head of Wellbeing